Support Huni Kuin indigenous Amazon film project

A documentary film about the resistence, revival and expansion of Huni Kuin culture, spirituality and vision.*check our updates to get to know the last news of our project ATTENTION – Paypal IS NOT working properly and we can’t solve the issue for now, please help by making donations using payment by card directly, or even better, use ZELLE ([email protected]). If you need to get in touch with us or send us your receipt, leave a comment or send an email to [email protected] Thank you! ABOUT The Huni Kuin had a hard time living in their homeland, they were once forbidden to live their life, their culture and speak their own language, after many years living as white people, they have awakened to go back to their roots, rediscovering their ancestrality, remembering their culture once forbidden and censored. This film is about a region where they stood for themselves and changed their lives forever, entering a new era, the time of the indigenous right. In this new era, the Huni Kuin now live in harmony with nature and their sacred knowledge, also sharing their healing culture around the world with their knowledge, culture and spirituality from the forest, their own cultural festivals where they gather the indigenous with the non indigenous, creating a great cultural apex. We hope this film can help other indigenous land and society as a whole to go back to their roots and be in harmony with themselves and planet Earth. OUR GOAL The idea of this … Continue reading Support Huni Kuin indigenous Amazon film project