Help to complete the Eskawatã Kayawai Film Project

A documentary film about the revival and expansion of Huni Kuin culture, spirituality and vision. OUR GOAL After visiting for the second year the Novo Futuro Village in the Humaita River, Brazil, we are entering the post production of the Eskawata Kayawai film, a documentary about the Huni Kuin culture, and the project needs your support for its completion. The funds will be used to edit the feature film and hire professional for all post production and distribution, sharing the film in film festivals and screenings all over the world. After a long process of rediscovering their roots and ancestrality, remembering their culture once forbidden and censored, the Huni Kuin finally enters a new era, the time of the indigenous right. In harmony with nature, they began sharing their healing culture around the world with their knowledge, culture and spirituality from the forest, their own cultural festivals where they gather the indigenous with the non indigenous, creating a great cultural apex. The idea of this project was to make a short film that eventually became something much larger than once imagined, a feature film, having many interviews with spiritual leaders and shamans, participating of ceremonies and cure practices with the forest medicines. So now, in co-production with Marcos Vinicius Romão (Co-Organizer of the Festival Eskawatã Kayawai) and Ninawa Pai da Mata (Spiritual leader of Novo Futuro Village) we have a really special feature film in hands and we need funds to finish it, so we can share their story and … Continue reading Help to complete the Eskawatã Kayawai Film Project