A Life Worth Saving: Kat’s Battle Against Cancer

Please continue to send help through our updated campaign. https://gogetfunding.com/katrinas-pink-ribbon-of-hope/ We created this campaign for our cousin, Katrina Pangilinan-Tamayao (30 yrs old from Manila, Philippines) who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Lung, Bone and Liver Metastasis (Primary Breast CA Stage II-B (HER2+)). 2011: Kat fought breast cancer at a young age of 26. She went through mastectomy, 6 cycles of chemotherapy, radiation and Herceptin. It was long and painful treatment process for such a young girl. But all through her treatments, Kat has never lost her positive spirit and hope. 2015: By God’s grace, after the long and financially draining process, her cancer went on remission after 4 years. January 2014 : She got married. It was such an inspiring story of true love in the middle of trials. While we all thought her boyfriend Mark would choose to leave her because of her situation, he stayed, took care of our Kat, and promised to take care of her, for better or for worse. Everyone in our family were happy to see their love flourish amidst what we thought was their life’s biggest storm. December 2015: A few days before Christmas, Kat’s mother, our Tita Tess ( 52 years old) suddenly fell ill. We were shocked when we learned that she has Breast CA Stage IV and Liver, Bone and Blood Metastasis. It was a heartbreaking 2015 holiday season for Kat as she witnessed her mom’s painful and quick death—passing on just 2 weeks after they discovered her sickness. She … Continue reading A Life Worth Saving: Kat’s Battle Against Cancer