Zday 2019 – Main Event – Buenos Aires

Hi there! We are MZ Argentina; we want to tell you that on March 23rd 2019 we will host the ZDay Main Global Event in Buenos Aires City – Argentina.For the first time in the history of TZM The Event will happen in South America, reinforcing the true global nature of The Movement. To make this a great success we need your help, big or small it doesn’t matter, as long as you contribute. We take the organization of this important international event very seriously, for this occasion we are planning a celebration worthy of the excellent international speakers we will feature – Peter Joseph will suffice as an example- to achieve this ambitious goal it is necessary we raise some funds to cover expenses like: simultaneous translation, venue rent and fitting up, professional audio and video equipment provisioning, internet uplink, promotion and publicity and the like. The Z Day is an annual global event that occurs in mid-March in various cities around the world, one of those cities is chosen as the venue for the central event. Please contribute, make a difference and join us in building a better world for everyone. https://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/https://www.facebook.com/MZArgentina/https://www.facebook.com/events/168064074096472/ The Zeitgeist Movement The Zeitgeist Movement was founded in 2008. It’s an organization that defends sustainability and puts in practice sensibility and active communitarian actions by means of a global and regional net and different project teams, annual events, media and benefic works. This Movement is focused in the knowledge that nowadays many of the social … Continue reading Zday 2019 – Main Event – Buenos Aires