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YWAM - Casa do Bem (House of Goodness): A place to welcome and transform, to serve and to empower, to love and to discover yourself.

The YWAM Casa do Bem Project, is the result of building relationships with and involving young people and adolescents from the Borel Community, over the years.

YWAM has been at Borel for three decades and works with several social projects focussing on: art and creativity, education (music school); sport (soccer), early childhood education (day care); generating income (handicrafts); healthcare (medical emergencies, assistance and nursing outpatients); among others. Visit www.jocumborel.org.br to know more about our projects.

Frequently we are also sought out by other young people and teenagers from other communities in the greater Tijuca, our neighbourhood, wanting to participate in the projects offered and developed by us.

Because our institution works within a slum or shantytown community, our location often becomes a barrier to having these committed volunteers working with us. Some young people tell us that they live in communities governed by different factions, so they are unable attend our weekly projects, whereas some do not feel comfortable visiting another ´favela´ community.

Although we have many volunteers serving in our projects, some professionals are afraid to serve in a community like Borel. Some claim that they are afraid that serving in communities like these poses a threat to their life.

YWAM Borel will renovate a building in Rio de Janeiro - Brasil to do:

1) Training for young people and adolescents

2) Rehabilitation and care of drug addicts

3) Community development seminars

4) Homeless people

5) Volunteer work

The YWAM Casa do Bem Project finds its purpose in generating citizenship, transformation, and hope; through the actions offered to so many teenagers, young people and adults in the neighbourhoods of Greater Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.

Don´t you think we should renovate this space for the YWAM Casa do Bem Project?

As you can see, the property is in dire need of repair, and our plan is to raise funds for the total renovation of this space, which is where the activities will eventually be offered.

We will divide the reformation into three stages:

1) Structural reform: working with materials for the total renovation of the roof, renovation of the walls (plastering), tiling the floors, plumbing, gas, electricity, gates, railings and external walls;

2) Finishing touches: working with materials for the painting and aesthetic finishing;

3) Finally, furnishing the space with equipment: office desks, chairs, computers, printers, various appliances.

With your prayer, support and collaboration we can reform this space. Then hopefully in the second half of 2021, we can promote social justice by serving those who need it most! Thereby reducing inequality, guaranteeing rights and promoting inclusion of the least valued.

Thank you so much,

God bless you all!

Jovino Neto and Andréa,

Youth with a Mission - YWAM Borel


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raised of $40,000.00 goal
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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities