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Due to the corona pandemic 450 children of 600 have dropped out of the AMSAI school. The financial crisis has left their parents without a job and they have no money to pay for the school fees.


With this raffle you help the children with online education and you can win yoga lectures, yoga trainings and more. One ticket of 20 USD provides one month online education for one child. The more tickets you buy the more children can go back to school and the more chances you have to win a prize!


AMSAI schools offers a neo-humanistic programme where next to the classical courses (languages,maths, science, ,...) also yoga, meditation and morality are taught to the children. The AMSAI schools have proven their positive impact in the communities in the Philippines and around the world.

AMSAI schools are related to the ANANDA MARGA YOGA & MEDITATION CENTRES. The centre in Davao is experienced in detox camps and are certified organizers of a ... hours Yoga Teacher Training to an international audience. Dada Mantra has more than 40 years experience in yoga teaching and regularly is invited for lectures on ayurvedic food and medicine.

*Ananda Marga Special Academic Institution is Short for AMSAI.


Every ticket of 20$ (one month of education) gives you a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • 100 x Online lecture from Dada Mantra on YOGA FOR HEALTH.

Dada Mantra will elaborate on the topics of yoga to be physically fit, mentally strong and spiritually elevated. A guide to a complete life style from waking up in the moring till going to bed.

  • 25 x Live online Health consultation (3 sessions of 45’)

Based on a questionnaire Dada Mantra will advice you on your personal health issue. Through proper food, fasting and herbal medicine and yoga he is experienced in helping people with diverse ailments.

  • 2 x YOGA DETOX CAMP 7 days in Davao (value 700 $)
  • # Relax and rejuvenate with yoga meditation fresh juice, detox cuisine and naturopathic therapies such as mud pack, hot foot bath, steam bath, infrared sauna, spinal bath etc…
  • 1 x certified YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 10 days 100 hours (value 1100 $)
  • # we provide profound knowledge on ancient modern yoga philosophy as well as practical aspects of Yoga. After graduation you will receive the Rajadhiraja certificate which is recognized world wide. During training, we also train how to prepare vegetarian healthy meals, detoxification, yoga excercise for treatment. The yoga instructor will be confident in giving advice for student's physical and mental health. THe venue is Ananda Marga Napalico training center in Davao the Philippines, where you wil feel totally detach from the noisy world outside so that you can fully concentrate during the training. Moreover, blissful atmosphere brings a calm mind at once, deep meditation for a higher consciousness. You will experience the holistic lifestyle with the real Yogis.

  • You are also welcome to make a free donation via this platform or to subscribe directly for the detox camp or Yoga Teacher Training in Davao, Philippines. A minimum of 2 people is required to organize this on your desired dates.
  • Please contact via :
  • (Ananda Margar Yoga in Davao)
  • Facebook page : Ananda Marga Yoga in davao.
  • Wechat Official account: GBTC瑜伽中心
  • Youtube: Ananda Marga Yoga in davao.

Winners will be announced via email in the second week of September.


During the covid lockdown the teachers have worked hard to prepare an online education system.

We wish to help enrol with this raffle 100 students for the first three months and hope the situation will be different after 3 months.

In total we wish to collect 3 x months x 100 students x 20 $ = 6000 USD


Please help sharing this campaign on your FB, and other social media, in your yoga circles and around the world! Spread the love and make the world a better place!


One Raffle ticket USD 20 for one child one month school

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Two Raffle tickets USD 40 for one child two months school

0 Backers

Three Raffle tickets USD 60 for one child three months school

0 Backers

Four Raffle tickets USD 80 for one child four months school

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Five Raffle tickets USD 100 for one child five months school

Six Raffle tickets USD 120 for one child six months school

Seven Raffle tickets USD 140 for one child seven months school

Eight Raffle tickets USD 160 for one child eight months school

Ten Raffle tickets USD 200 for one child one year school

Twenty Raffle tickets USD 400 for two children one year school

Thirty Raffle tickets USD 600 three children one year school


I am a missionary worker

I am a missionary worker


  • Isabel Corthier
  • Donated on Aug 28, 2020
  • Happy to support a child for a full year of schooling, making this world a better place! Namaskar :-)


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1 donors
  • Isabel Corthier
  • Donated on Aug 28, 2020
  • Happy to support a child for a full year of schooling, making this world a better place! Namaskar :-)



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raised of $6,000.00 goal
3% Funded
1 Donors

Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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