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Hello good day to all. Let me introduce myself. I am Nova from the Philippines. A regular employee, earning $8 per day, with a 6-days work in a week. My greatest dream is to rescue all the strays I will encounter, if only I would have or have the resources and finances to do that.

There are 4, sometimes 5 stray cats outside our office and 1 dog. Me and 1 of my colleagues always make sure to give them food and water. One of the cats is special to us both. As much as it makes me happy to see her everyday, to know that every time we will come to work she will be there, but it also breaks our heart. It is because she is hurt, and I cannot do anything to help her heal, because I know it will require a large amount of money, which I do not have. She has this open wound on her right ear. Me and my colleague tried to put some wound medicine from time to time, but she always run away from us. Just this morning I tried to give her a bath to clean her wound, but it was unsuccessful. Cats in the Philippines are not used to having baths.🙂 What breaks my heart more was, I realized that she is very skinny, her stomach is softly bloated (before I thought she is pregnant) and she has a big soft lump just under her wounded ear. I am only guessing, but I think the swelling/lump is an abscess.

Having said the above, I am humbly asking for your financial help in order for me to take her to the vet. I know this may sound and look strange, but this is indeed a desperate move on my part, to ask total stranger for financial help for me to help my stray cat.

Below are details on how you can lend a hand and donate.

Thank you.



Clostilianova Mayot



Clostilianova Mayot



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