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Update posted by Missy Rhinestone On Dec 01, 2013

12/1 Woody had a check up on 11/27....he's doing great...still has a lot healing to do...butt he's gettin there

he can't eat crunchy food till next year...butt he don't care...he finds crunchies EVERYWHERE!

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Update posted by Missy Rhinestone On Nov 24, 2013

11/24 well it seems that woody is feeling better....i was making my coffee this morning and there's woody in the kitchen with me wanting OUTSIDE!! (little bastard) hahaha

butt that is good news...he's been waggin his tail so that's in the clear...no blood in his shit and piss...sooo i think we're in the clear with him :D YAY!

the one thing that broke my heart...last night when i went to give roxy her treats...guess who was up and ready for his? yep woody (excellent sign) BUTT he's not aloud to "chew" anything right now...so i offered him is "slop" and he wanted nuttin to do with that :( poor kid

butt this morning i offered up his "slop" again...and he ate :)

thank you soooo much for helping my boy get on the road of recovery :D



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Update posted by Missy Rhinestone On Nov 21, 2013

11/21 Woodster is HOME!!! YAY!!

So this is the latest...his fractured jaw is now wired and in place...his front bottom wire is sticking through the bottom of his jaw and will be removed at a later date

The vet said that his tongue is bruised from the accident...right now woody is a droller LOL!

His right knee has a torn ligament and who knows how it's gonna heal...if he'll have a limp...or whatever...surgery to fix that would be outrageous (I didn't even ask)

His tail and organs we will have to wait and see...everything seems to be okay...butt his tail is so swollen it is too hard to tell right now...and as far as his organs are concerned...i have to watch him when he pisses and shits...i'll be looking for fresh blood...sooo i'm crossin me fingers

i tried to feed him once he got home...i can tell he's hungry butt he kinda freaked out with the wire in his mouth and such....i think he just needs to get use to the idea of it

so for now he's resting...only time will tell the rest of the story

thank you again for loving woody (little furry bastard) and i'm sure with all the love and attention he's getting...he'll be feeling better in no time :D

i love ya sooo much


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Update posted by Missy Rhinestone On Nov 20, 2013

I had to leave woody at the vet today (11/20) He needs another surgery :(

The vet explained that he was hit on his left side

His leg and pelvic area is okay...most likely bruised...butt his tail and a couple of organs (bladder and kidneys?) are still in question

In the end...I'll end up having to pay around $2,500!?!

I think I need to screen in the porch?


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Snow Blower

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You can't keep a good cat down! Hope you get better quickly, Woody! (Meanwhile the small birds, rodents and lizards get a reprieve.) And snuggle up to your mom!


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Poor Woody. Maybe he will learn from this. Anyway, I am relieved that he will be alright. Big hugs.


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