Winter Blanket Drive

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Hi everyone and thank you for visiting my Campaign page.

My name is Moegsien and I live in Cape Town (South Africa).

Reason for me starting this campaign is on the back of someone (living on the streets) knocking on my door over the weekend looking for any old blanket to cover himself and his family with. This is someone that is regularly in our area doing small little odd jobs when and where he can find work to do to make anything that can help him provide for his family. He is also someone I have become drawn to as he is the most humble and respectful person who always have a smile on his face not matter how hard life can be for him.

After I managed to get him some blankets I got thinking about how horrible it must for all people that do not have the privilege of a house to sleep outside in the cold while we are currently in Winter here in Cape Town.

What I would like to achieve through this campaign is to collect some funds, buy as many blankets I can and drive around in Cape Town to where people are living on the streets like under bridges, near train stations and any other places I can find or are aware of and also link up with some charity organisations who I can donate some blankets to in order to hand those out to the areas they service. BUT I do not just want to collect the money, buy the blankets and give to a charity to hand out, I want to hand these out myself as I believe doing charity work is not just about throwing money at social ills but getting involved and putting in some time and effort.

For your contribution there is not much I can offer in return but I will commit to spending 1 hour doing charity work for the homeless for every R1000 (currently about $72) I manage to raise.

Showing to the world on social media the charity work you do is not really something I am keen to do as I do but I will sort something out in that regard because I would like to show the supporters where their good heartedness have gone to.

I know there are many charities in my city that does wonderful work but to be honest many charity organisations are unable to reach everyone on need and that is largely because there are more and more people that is needing help from others and I feel that is not only up to charity organisations to help where help is needed but that help can and should also come from communities that are able to be of any kind of help.

Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to read my campaign info and may God bless you for the support.



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Moegsien Ariefdien

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Donated So Far
Raised offline: R1,000.00
Total: R1,030.00

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