Help We The Future to regenerate a joyfully free and abundant future

Latest initiative WTF is working on: ‘The Path in Miracles’ The Path In Miracles is for young and old, with the purpose to align with nature. As nature is our free guide, everything in this path is miraculously free and made to encourage your senses to relax and experience ambition to recreate a heavenly existence. There are all kinds of elements that might remember you that we are one with nature and teaching us the gift of appreciating her as our comfortable home of limitless wisdom and regeneration. You may find abundance and diversity in like animals, insects, flowers, exercises/games, regenerative projects, information, signs, huts, sauna’s, meditation-spots, viewpoints, food-forests, food, seeds and more the Path in Miracles is a grassroots initiative of WeTheFuture & Starite Borove, is made with appreciation of nature and is depended on your goodwill for its extension and maintenance. If you like to support, participate and/or experience more of Paths in Miracles, feel free! Walk the earth in purpose Honor the soil and all lifeforms, Be steady in freedom and beauty Experience the wisdom of earth, Enjoy & Co-create We The Future (WTF) is a grassroots organisation that works on the faciliation of Heaven On Mother Earth Society (HOMES) with Solidarity Farming (SoFa) where Permaculture, Integrity, Love, Leissure, Omnipresence, (natural) Welfare and Synergy (PILLOWS) are its guiding principles. WTF HOMES is searching for properties of vacant buildings and land to become part of its domain where to co-steward those locations according to a win – … Continue reading Help We The Future to regenerate a joyfully free and abundant future