Please help Kenyan talented unprivileged orphans by establishing small bedroom studio to grow, record and promote their music for FREE

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  1. PurePomp Records fund raising

[email protected] CLINTON OTIENO

Hi, am Clinton Otieno. I am a Kenyan by Birth and a Music lover by nature.

I’m the representative of Pure Pomp Records and Representative of this Fund.



  • About this fund.
  • Breakdown of specific usage of the fund.
  • What is a PurePomp Records (PPR)?
  • About Clinton Otieno



The fund will be used to launch and operate PurePomp Records (PPR), with 3 main goals:

Creating international music from Kenya that has elements of surprise and stimulate your senses. and Our music will bring people to another space and next world through “real edgy things from local”

Conduct a music project for children staying in Orphanages in Kenya.

Start an entertainment business domestically then globally within 12 months and "Establish a foundation for continuous profits".


Buying Studio Equipment for the Bedroom Studio.

-Drumpad controller $200
-Piano Keyboard $350

-Focusrite sound card @$140
-Isolation shield soundproof @$160

-condenser microphone set @$160

-M-Audio Bx5 Studio monitor speaker @$800
-monitor for editing video@$150

-HD Video Camera @ $600.
-HP Laptop (PC) @ $700,

(Total for the studio equipment=$3260)

a) Secure a place to live and run PUREPOMP RECORDS

12 months living expenses / activity expenses. We will do our best to make further social contributions based on the funds obtained from the fund.

-House rent per month @$80

-Food @ $35

-Electricity @ $15

-Internet @ $20

-Daily necessities@ $10

(Total for home=$160*12month=$1920)

Total Running Cost for PurePomp Records (12 months)+studio equipment

$1920 + $3260 =$5180


PurePomp Records” is a group of creators in Kenya focusing on art, music and video production.


Pure: With no Spot/Unmixed

Pomp: Ceremoniously/Passion/interests


There are countless trans-tribal cultures in Kenya, with traditional Rhythms and musical instruments in each region.

PPR creates and disseminates unprecedented music by sampling those traditional beats and timbres and fusing them with the new generation of music scenes. The music is fused with "lyrics that mix English and Swahili", which we plan to portray and disseminate.

” Edgy things from real local”, “What do young African artists think about every day?” or “The current state of Kenya, which continues to accelerate and develop day by day” and so on. And those activities lead to providing opportunities in education of citizens through music.

In line with the vision, we will carry out music projects for children staying in children homes in Kenya.

Specifically, we will provide them with beats and produce their music for free while the children write their own lyrics enabling them to grow their artistic talent.

There will be counselors to work with the children, checking on their progress therefore ensuring a positive impact on their lives.

Not limited to music, we will support youth so that they can grow healthy or soundly.

②Our MISSION During 12month.

We are probably targeting to create 5 songs per month ×12month = 60 songs

→Post on SMS every time when we create the beats and songs.

Music project for the kids in a children's home

(We visit several children’s home and operate the music project with children)

→Cheer up, support the children with music.

→Share their talent to the society.

We are probably going to produce 15 music videos during 12month.

I will be promoting, marketing, or branding The PurePomp Records and We become a good group to the society.

→Featuring local artists OR international artists.

→Making a YouTube Channel and trying to have 10,000 subscribers in the world.

→Posting every progress on Internet platforms everyday

→Going to have live showcases.

I want to acquire more knowledge and skills targeting an international level.

→I want to work closely with the local artist and grow my hometown Thika.


I’m Clinton Otieno, 24 years of age.

(My pictures as a kid at a children’s home)

@Nairobi Children’s Home

<2005-2016years >@Thika Children’s Rescue Center.

Primary and Secondary school Education sponsored by Organization called Friends Vision.

※I moved out from the children's center to secure spaces for other kids after education.

Thank God I finished my primary and high school education well.

<2019 >Music Production 8month course through a Government sponsorship.

I worked at BIG TUNE production (music and video production) for 5month as an intern.

※I'm experienced with projects like Making Beats, Music Production, and Mixing & Mastering. I would like to continue and enhance this journey by meeting and working with new and more people all over the Universe. To be honest, Since I left children’s home, I tried to run a Business or working somewhere by myself and I have been

struggling and hustling hard to pay for my Home rent”, and I kept moving from a friend place to the other friend’s place, sometimes I miss meals so that I can save for my rent at least I get a place to sleep and Actually the situation around me, it has been getting worse Since Covid-19 came. It's a crisis but I really want to take this as chance to have

a small Bedroom and have my own producer system to achieve our vision and our plans for the next stage.


I have been managing a Youth Volunteer group called “Kindness Is For Free” (KIFF) since Oct 30, 2018.

I am the Chairman of Kindness Is For Free, the one with a white shot and a t-shirt 3rd from left

Team kindness is For Free preparing food
Team kindness is For Free preparing food

Cooking Together With the kids
Cooking Together With the kids

Me inspecting the team progress.

Most of our members are University students.

With me we have


Brenda- Ass chairlady
Grace- Secretary
Denis- Member
Ken - Member
Ian - Member
Ivy- Member
Lydia - Treasurer

Since am in love with music, I want to become a great producer, and make good music for my brothers in Children’s Rescue Centre (TCRC) who have talent in Music. We always contribute small money by ourselves and it runs well so far. We visit various children's homes in Kenya and we try to encourage kids and have fun with

Kids and education activities including music.


-We bring food staff, clothes and Playing toys.

-Interact with the children play games and Sing together

-We do cleaning together with the kids

-We eat together.


We also plan to have a list of gifts that we can offer to our donors as token of appreciation for participating in PurePom records fund raising. The gifts include Digital drawing arts, converse hand drawings.

Contribution of $100 and above will gifted Digital art portrait of your favorite picture.

Contribution of $1000 and above will gifted convrse hand drawings of your favorite below img.

Thank you for visiting my page. I can’t make it without you

Fundraising Team

  • Sotaro Okuda
  • Fund Captain


  • Clinton Otieno
  • Donated on May 21, 2021
  • Thelp Us Achieve Our Goals through Your Donations.Each Dollar will be a blessing to purepomp records. Your Donations will be highly appreciated.


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  • Clinton Otieno
  • Donated on May 21, 2021
  • Thelp Us Achieve Our Goals through Your Donations.Each Dollar will be a blessing to purepomp records. Your Donations will be highly appreciated.



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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities