Update posted by Mark Eyre On Aug 20, 2019

8/20/2019: A veteran of our armed forces who is currently homeless posted an ad for a cheap or free sailboat to live-aboard and you jerks flagged his posting and got it taken down in less than 24 hours? WTF is wrong with you people? And I say, "You people" because it takes more than one person flagging an ad to get it pulled.

Brother (whose ad got flagged and taken down yesterday), if you are seeing this ad, hit me up and we'll try to get you something. We're creating a sailboat therapy program for combat vets called WARRIOR WEEKENDS and we're funding it by creating a vehicle donation program called WHEELS4WARRIORS that is going to outfit some donated vehicles for wounded vets (wait, didn't that ad that these punks flagged mention you were partially disabled? How low can people go?) and some of the donated RVs and campers are going to go to vets such as yourself.

We are creating a template and blueprint on how to put this set of programs together and if anyone reading wants to donate or get involved or start a program of their own up in Southern Maryland (or anywhere else in the US because it can be duplicated using RVs and campers instead of sailboats), contact us and we'll help as best we can--we just got started but know what we're doing and are already making progress; we've already gotten one, maybe two donated 26 foot sailboats.

As for you who flagged this vet's ad yesterday: Way to follow the rules like an NPC tool and help evil win another one over good. I hope ya'll are proud of yourselves


Editor's Note: Everyday 100s of sailboats that would make livable homes for single vets struggling against homelessness and the ravages of war are scrapped for the few dollars of lead in their keels. This wastefulness and thoughtlessness and selfishness needs to stop. Stay tuned for the WARRIOR WEEKENDSWHEELS4WARRIORS eBay vehicle donation site that is not only going to support our WarriorWeekends sailboat therapy program for vets but is also going to outfit (with hand controls and ramps, etc.) donated RVs and vans and campervans and campers for vets that still carry their scars in the form of lost limbs or confinement to a wheelchair--while also refurbishing and gifting donated sailboats, RVs and vans and campervans and campers to vets who need the security of their own place to live but as well, the freedom to pull-out and go somewhere else when it all gets too deep and too burdensome.

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A draftee who got over big time & now wants this program to go nationwide as his legacy!

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