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Update posted by James Yuenger On Feb 25, 2016

Heads up to any visitors I am planning on making my video and also putting a more accurate less on the fly description. Now in the video please forgive my shy nature I can stand in front of huge crowds and play music give speeches, but I hate being on camera beyond pictures. I'm gonna have to get used to it I suppose so best time to start.

My main focus is to create a business that proves you can overcome disabilities, and that your passions can be your new beginning. But there is so much more to it than making money (although gotta make money to live and make this a success) but alsoto provide a volunteer community building resource. A resource severely Absent from northern Minnesota. Yeah I can DJ to help raise money for community causes and look forward to it. I also want to be a platform for musically talented individuals in the region to get access to the world. We live in a harsh area of snow, cold, and major economic ups and downs, but I am Centered at one ofbthe fastest growing regions of Minnesota. From here I can make an impact and resource for the entire region from Duluth to the Dakotas and up.

I can turn dreams to reality both mine and others. Symbiotic relationships that grow a business and artistic community.

See I know there is risk to any business I've spent years practicing on the minimal equipment, and I've studied the consumer need for what I do, and overall benefit profitable and Voluntary that I can provIde. I learned from talented musicians how to beat utilize my skills. But in the end I want to show that no disability has to shut us down completely, we are strong and survive blizzards and more. Thick skinned miners and the hard working mentality they give their children.

I can't guarantee success only my drive to not give up, because I can show the world that disability is needed, and it's great to have if needed. But we as individuals must make a stand to pick outselves up, and try with every skill we have to give our all. I want success, for me, for artists, for my Region, and for a legacy. To show we do not give up because life didn't hand us everything but we pushed forward until we know we gave it our all And then more. If I can spread that and reach successful means I want to fund others in this spot, where they are low on choices due to an ailment they had no control over, and keep rising in the shadow of that devastating medical blow!

We owe it to ourselves to never stop trying! To do things to better ourselves and ignite a spirit of endurance that doesn't submit without giving it everything!


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Update posted by James Yuenger On Feb 24, 2016

I will be making a video soon to tell my story, so my fundraiser details are shorter and to the point. Just waiting for someone to film it this weekend.

Just know I have rewards that I'm organizing for tiers and that I will keep you all in touch

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Update posted by James Yuenger On Feb 24, 2016

Although he didn't have much he assisted in 125.00 by purchasing me a MIDI fx, lighting, and sampler controller. It's a basic but mobile piece I can use for live shows or for recording.

Also received contributor status to shutterstock meaning if I create any tracks I want to sell for a simple price without royalty fees, they buy the license for the music straight out. So hopefully gain momentum on their. I will also be submitting remixes and demos on soundcloud and my website when finished links to come. Thanks Tony for the first help.

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