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I am a high school student, suffering with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic disorder, which are managed with medicine and therapy, and I have 3 guinea pigs, who help me so much and they make my panic attacks less severe and frequent. I am able to cope with my anxiety a lot better because of them. So it's really hard for me because my guinea pig, Tini, has an ongoing health problems with her bladder and urethra and she's often in pain because of that. As I am a high school student and my family is also low income, it is often hard for me to manage to get the money to take her to the vet, I am constantly nervous when the problems would arise with Tini or any of my other piggies as I don't know if I'd have money to pay for the costs, my parents can't help me much.

So, here is Tini's battle with health and pain problems: In January 2020, she started squealing in pain while peeing, there was blood in her urine. I didn't have enough money for the vet, but my mother, who works minimum wage, offered to pay for the visit, so I was able to take her to the vet, where they took an x-ray and discovered she had an urethra stone. We first tried to help her with medicine - pain killers and antibiotics, but Tini was still in pain. A week later I took her to the vet again, my mother paying for the visit also, where Tini had another x-ray done and the stone moved only a little bit, but the medicine could not help much as the stone was too big and she needed to have it surgically removed, which's cost was about 200€ ($241.75). I was really scared that she won't be able to have the surgery because I didn't have the money and would die eventually, but my mom was so kind and managed to get the money and we could help Tini. She had the surgery and it was a success, she recovered well and seemed to be in less pain as the days have gone by and she was happier. But the squealing returned the month later and I took her to the vet again, I managed to save some money until then and payed for the visit myself. The x-ray showed there were no new stones, so it was probably an UTI and Tini needed medicine again, which helped her. The months have gone by with her squealing on and off, but she seemed happy and was acting normal other than that, I could not take her to the vet for some time because I didn't have enough money and my mom already spent around 500€ for vet costs, she couldn't help anymore. I was searching for a part time job during a school year, which I was unsuccessful at. Gladly, because I had a summer break and no classes, I was able to find a summer job to make some money and save most of it for the unexpected costs. About two months ago, Tini started getting worse, squealing a lot in pain, hiding in her house most of the time, so I took her to the vet again, having money saved up. She had an x-ray done, which showed that the bladder wall was thickened, she got painkillers because of that and was scheduled for an ultrasound, because the vet wanted to see what was going on exactly. A week later she had an ultrasound done, which showed a lot of problems. Her bladder is slightly damaged, her uterus is uneven, the bladder wall thickened because of a chronic infection and it is causing her a lot of pain, there is also a new urethra stone forming and there are cysts forming on her ovaries. The vet told me that Tini is going to have constant relapses (she will have frequent bladder infections) and would need medical therapy often throughout her life to help her. She is currently on pain killers and Rowatinex - medicine that prevents stones from forming and she will need it for the rest of her life. The pain killers seem to not be helping and she will most likely need another vet checkup very soon. She will also need her ovaries removed eventually because of her cysts.

My other two guinea pigs had some health problems too and needed to go to the vet - Marti had teeth problems and needed procedure to fix them 3 times, Lusi got bladder infection 3 times. I have visited the vet quite a lot and each visit was between 60 - 200 € ($60.47 - $241.88). I have already spent all the money I have saved. I am looking for a part time job again, I am a last year student with quite a lot of school responsibilities and at the end of the year I have finishing exams and I have to also prepare for that. It is a little hard for me to manage school and stress that comes with it and anxiety I deal with every day which is making it even harder for me.

I would really appreciate any help financially, as Tini is going to need often vet visits and medicine, there could also be unexpected health problems with my other two guinea pigs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would still be looking for ways to make money myself, but I am scared as I don't know what health problems could Tini or any of my piggies have throughout their life and how much money I would need each time.


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