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Uzuri The Experience is a food services startup specializing in fast food and African cuisine, served with flare and flavour. It was officially launched in November 2019 by founders Mpho Mapatsi (self-taught cook and passionate heart of Uzuri) and Nwabisa Mackleyn (adventurous foodie and self proclaimed Mother of Uzuri.) We had started preparing and selling food from our home kitchen in March of the same year following an interest from colleagues and friends whose mouths watered at seeing posts of our home-cooked meals on social media. We then mustered up the courage to purchase a food trailer and resign from our jobs to follow our passion and love for cooking.

Our social media marketing efforts across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have resulted in us amassing a following of more than 2000 Uzuri family members.

We started our food business on the foundation of love (for food, people and each other) and that has been evident in the quality of our product offering and service. It is for this reason that we expanded our name from just Uzuri, which means Beauty in Swahili, to Uzuri The Experience because for us this journey has been more than just that of selling burgers and chips but rather one of creating a beautiful experience through our food and uncompromised commitment to quality.

We were however met with the misfortune of having started right at the start of the current global Coronavirus pandemic which led to a snowball of challenges subsequently leading to us having sold our food trailer and halting our operations. As a result of the economic effect of Covid19 and lockdown regulations we have also had to release two of our staff members. We managed to help one of our employees secure a temporary contract at another establishment, which has now come to an end.

We still believe in ourselves and our dream so much so that we have remained patient and hopeful in the face of our challenges. As a reflection of our resilience to our struggles we have recently re-opened our business from the very kitchen it started from after nearly a year of not operating. Our hope is that we will be able to purchase another food trailer for outdoor services and trading, as well as purchase equipment to open our restaurant.

The amount we are campaigning to raise is $10 000 and we are going to use the funds as follows:

* To purchase a new food trailer.

* To purchase stock and equipment to open a sit-in and takeaway outlet.

* Settle financial costs and obligations incurred as a result Covid19.

* Reemploy our previous staff and create more job opportunities.

With this campaign we are appealing to you to not only invest in our dream but also in US. We are two extremely passionate and ambitious women with great talent and even bigger hearts. All that we are ask for is an opportunity to realize our dreams and the permission to live our lives as best we can.

Thank you for taking the time out to read our campaign and we hope that our dream is compelling enough to open your hearts and heed our call.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

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raised of R150,000.00 goal
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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities