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Xmas Fundraiser ❤
We need to pay rent end of this month please help 🙏
322 Donors
€5,015 raised
100% funded
Feed Bill Frenzy Fundraiser
We have accumulated the largest feed bill we have ever had In 3 months we have over 40k worth of
220 Donors
€4,614 raised
January Fundraiser ❤
Help us pay off our bills and continue to keep our doors open to new horses!! 🙏🙏
160 Donors
€3,470 raised
69% funded
June Fundraiser
Help us pay off our bills and take in more horses! ❤❤
167 Donors
€3,340 raised
111% funded
Help us get more horses home for Xmas! 🐴🎄
Help us get the last horses out of Malta and to their new homes abroad this year!
120 Donors
€2,901 raised
32% funded
PBG – Let’s Make it a Full Truck 🚚
We are going to get a head start and try make the next truck a success by getting 9 horses
118 Donors
€2,173 raised
24% funded
July Fundraiser
To help us pay off feed, vet and transport bills and most importantly make sure we don't have to close
87 Donors
€1,575 raised
78% funded
First trip Spain & Sweden 2021 🇪🇸🇸🇪
4 horses set to leave this Thursday!! Have yet to raise any funds but we need to make sure they
84 Donors
€1,498 raised
49% funded
Help us reach 5k 🙏❤
35 Donors
€545 raised
10% funded
Truck #4 Fundraiser
We have started planning Truck #4 for this year! We have a list of beautiful standardbreds retired from racing. These. . . . .
19 Donors
€400 raised
4% funded