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Geoffrey Miles Mercado

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I am the father of Yana, the main recipient of this account.

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Yana’s Medical Costs
Our daughter, Yana Heima, was born this year on April 23rd. After a routine check-up, our doctor's observations about her. . . . .
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₱93,200 raised
46% funded
For Yana’s Cranial Surgery
The story (in short): When we thought that we can now focus on Yana's recovery and development, we found that. . . . .
20 Donors
₱55,415 raised
7% funded
Baby Ellie Pascual needs open heart surgery as soon as possible. In the middle of Chie Pascual’s battle with breast. . . . .
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₱23,500 raised
4% funded
Geoffrey Miles Mercado
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