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Hiran Lasidu
Ahungalla, LK

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"We should want to help people because it's part of being human. Empathy, kindness, and compassion are values that make societies better and more."

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i need buy a book table
I am Hiran.I am 22 years old.I am studying technology.These times are not very good for our people. We have. . . . .
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leukemia condition called B-ALL
My brother K.P.C Sandeepa was examined at the Ratnapura Base Hospital due to a back injury on 24/05/2019. Later on. . . . .
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Help me recover from my unidentified rare disease
Hello everyone! My name is Dora,Im from Hungary. Well,it is not easy to start...I have never thought I was gonna. . . . .
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From Lessons to Lifelines: Supporting Mama Lyn/Merly’s Healing Journey
Mama's Journey Right now, our family is facing one of the toughest battles alongside the person who has always been. . . . .
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Please help disabled man to go to Paralympics
ONE MAN’S JOURNEY ON CONQUERING HIS MOUNT OLYMPUS How would Ancient Greek gods see me? As someone who is crippled,. . . . .
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Marko’s AMDA scholarship fund: Be a part of his remarkable journey
Life isn't just what one sometimes expects and it can surprise you in all segments. This is a story about. . . . .
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Support for WGM Adriana Nikolova and her two daughters
Dear chess friends, I create this fundraising page with great sadness as a petition for your help. Our friend and. . . . .
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Fight for Charity - Robert Mackay
Put something at the start about you’re participating in the 2nd annual Fight for Charity event. The 2018 event will. . . . .
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Speeches at High Schools about making a difference
Hello everyone. David here.. the crazy Czech runner who has run from Prague to London, biked from Prague to Morocco,. . . . .
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2024 Under500 festival
Az U500 egy állásfoglalás a független kultúra mellett 2024-ben ötödik alkalommal fognak össze a független kulturális szféra tagjai, hogy létrehozzák. . . . .
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Friends Of Colene
Colene suffers from multiple rare auto immune disorders which the doctors have yet to diagnose. Growing up she was raised. . . . .
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Supporting Maria in her journey to Reconstruction Surgery
Hello, I am Maria Roussaki and this is my healing process! After facing some tumors last year, I am now. . . . .
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Help provide a Sensory Pod for the pupils at the Garth School
Friends of The Garth School (FOGS) is a non profit organisation that was set up by staff and parents to. . . . .
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Climbing Gear Donation (Badami, India)
The Story In 2019 our amazing Singapore climbing community came together to provide climbing shoes to youth climbers in Cambodia.. . . . .
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Giggle Gang | 24 Hour Race SF 2024
We are a generation informed, motivated, mentored, and equipped to lead the movement to end modern slavery We are a. . . . .
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Chiang Mai Disc Golf Needs Your Help!
Since 2021, Chiang Mai Disc Golf and Gymkhana Sports Club (founded 1898) have forged a strong relationship which has proved. . . . .
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Gwyn Pine – World Champs 2016 – Fundraiser
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Fried Rice | 24 Hour Race SF 2024
We are a generation informed, motivated, mentored, and equipped to lead the movement to end modern slavery We are a. . . . .
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Crossing Guards | 24 Hour Race SF 2024
We are a generation informed, motivated, mentored, and equipped to lead the movement to end modern slavery We are a. . . . .
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Paraclimbing World Cup USA, Utah, 8.5.2024
Hejhej, ponovno naprošam za pomoč za nastop na tekmah in zastopanje Slovenije. Letošnja IFSC sezona tekmovanj se začenja v Ameriki. . . . .
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Tables and chairs for kids Patmos Island School Arusha
Become part of this amazing opportunity to support PATMOS ISLAND SCHOOL with me so we can purchase chairs and tables
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Football Training Equipment – Under 11’s Youth football team
Who are we? Longfleet Youth Under 11’s Tigers We are a Dorset based youth football team consisting of a great. . . . .
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