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Buy a new vehicle for Nottingham Hunt Sabs
After many years of amazing service one of our trusty group vehicles has finally gone to the great scrapyard in
134 Donors
£2,039 raised
101% funded
Desperate need of funds due to loss of Vegan Camp Out
For the past two years the Vegan Camp Out has been our biggest single fundraiser, as well as a great. . . . .
108 Donors
£1,780 raised
356% funded
Help Us Buy a New Vehicle
Sadly one of our sab vehicles is heading to the great scrapyard in the sky. The repairs are no longer. . . . .
54 Donors
£1,440 raised
72% funded
Fuel Fund for the Badger Cull
With the announcement that cull licenses were issued on Friday we are once again preparing to go into battle to. . . . .
60 Donors
£1,050 raised
210% funded
New cull car for Notts sabs
Sadly our group cull car was scrapped today after suffering a broken drive shaft. It's done a sterling job over. . . . .
25 Donors
£691 raised
138% funded
Fuel Fund for Badger Cull
The badger cull is expected to start this coming week or soon after. We'll be operating in one of the. . . . .
47 Donors
£627 raised
209% funded
Window Repair Fund!
Last night in our part of the Gloucester cull zone we came upon six men with lurchers illegally hunting on. . . . .
42 Donors
£602 raised
Cull Fuel Fund
We're now halfway through the badger cull in Herefordshire and your ongoing support is vital. We've been clearing mountains of. . . . .
28 Donors
£525 raised
175% funded
Nottingham Sabs Vehicle Insurance
Nottingham hunt sabs are an active group of volunteers who fight against hunting with hounds and the badger cull wherever
41 Donors
£505 raised
101% funded
Notts sabs surveying fuel fund
Nottingham Hunt Sabs have just finished a busy season of fox hunt sabbing and are now busy sett checking and
9 Donors
£496 raised
197% funded
Nottingham Sabs Weekly Fuel Fund
We're into our first week of the Cull and across the zone we've encountered just what we were expecting, large. . . . .
40 Donors
£493 raised
Fuel Fund for 2017 Badger Cull
This year Nottingham Hunt Sabs will be operating in two cull zones. We'll be spending our second year in Herefordshire
19 Donors
£468 raised
156% funded
Final Push Fuel Fundraiser
We're more than halfway into the Cull and despite a few setbacks - broken windows and aggro from the other. . . . .
36 Donors
£425 raised
212% funded
Support us to Sab the Cull
It's that time of year where we're spending every spare moment surveying ahead of the imminent badger cull. We've got
27 Donors
£417 raised
151% funded
Fuel Funds for the Badger Cull
This year the badger cull is coming to Derbyshire. Although we won't have to travel as far we plan to
16 Donors
£390 raised
130% funded
Two tyres slashed by badger cullers
Whilst out sett checking in one of the Devon cull zones today we had two tyres on our car slashed
38 Donors
£383 raised
152% funded
Fighting Leicestershire police AND the cull
We're being harassed by Leicestershire police whilst trying to protect badgers from the evil cullers. They've been harrassing dedicated people. . . . .
19 Donors
£370 raised
74% funded
Support us to Smash the Cull
The badger cull in the Vale of Belvoir will be starting in the next few days. Last year we stopped
23 Donors
£362 raised
131% funded
One Last Week to Smash the Cull
Nottingham Sabs have been fighting the cruel and unscientific badger cull in two zones this year. We've had a constant
19 Donors
£331 raised
131% funded
Sett surveying fuel fund
Nottingham hunt sabs have been surveying in the badger cull zones every weekend since April. Each trip costs us approximately. . . . .
19 Donors
£231 raised
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