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Alaine Ammo
Paris, FR

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I am doing development

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It's been 1 year and I'm only one on this startup my budget has been finished
I am already starting my online project with a developer on 12/12/2022 I am created an email marketing program, I. . . . .
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Alex Besklubenko
Собираем денежку чтобы вернуть Сашу домой и оплатить услуги больницы в Мексике
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Support Williams Dog Shelter During the Owners Illness
Dear Animal Lovers, We are raising funds to compensate manual workers at Williams Dog Shelter, Pareklissia Village, Cyprus during the. . . . .
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Help Ricky Breathe
Father Ricky Gerena has been a staple of our community for decades. He has always shown how kindness and dedication. . . . .
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Help Me Investigate Court Corruption in Orange County and Southern California
In 2019, I wrote this article, In it, I described Donna McCracken's case from Orange County, "While little can. . . . .
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Notes on Motherhood Photoproject Exhibition
Hi there! My name is Alex Edwards and I'm a local freelance photographer on Hong Kong Island. I recently also. . . . .
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Help my Ukraine now
My name is Yana Elenkova, 35 years old. I was born in Ukraine to a Ukrainian mother and a Bulgarian. . . . .
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Help Mariana’s husband to walk again
Mariana is my colleague, she's my direct report from Bulgaria. But she's much more than that, she's a mother of. . . . .
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Supporting the D’Souza Family in Their Time of Loss
Dear Friends, Family, and Kind-hearted Strangers, We are reaching out to you today with heavy hearts and a plea for. . . . .
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Jess Volunteering in Tanzania
I am currently in Arusha, Tanzania, volunteering in a small child care centre. There are over 40 children within two. . . . .
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ATHENS MARATHON 2023 – Running for EUROPA DONNA Cyprus
Αγαπημένοι μου φίλοι, Όπως αρκετοί από εσάς γνωρίζετε, τα τελευταία 2 χρόνια συμμετέχω στον Radisson Blu Διεθνή Μαραθώνιο Λάρνακας, στη. . . . .
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Help Arielle pursue an exciting Education opportunity in Sweden!
Hello everyone! My name is Arielle Chibunga, aged 15. I am a Grade 10 learner currently schooling at Pretoria Technical. . . . .
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Help us end our homelessness. Home is where the Heart is.
David and I are currently residing in the Red Roof Inn in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We came to Indiana from. . . . .
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Monkey Run for a Cause
Take a tiny 50cc Monkey Bike and wobble forth into the Sahara Desert. Then force it up and over the. . . . .
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Scopa – A Student Short Film Project
Hi there! We are a group of students from the Northern Film School currently working on a short film project,. . . . .
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Refugee support activities through Japanese martial arts(Nippon Kempo日本拳法)
「Education Policy of the United hope refugee education center」“Young people need love, attention and care to know they are valuable;. . . . .
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Queer Design for Pride Peace & Justice
Hi I’ve been advocating for social justice, queer liberation and empathy & compassion between people for years via street art. . . . .
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2023-2024 Quake Server Donation
I have funded the quake servers and website myself for over 10 years. I was going to pull the plug. . . . .
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U12 Mpumalanga Rhinos Cricket Tour
My son, Trystan Watt, has been privileged enough to be selected to represent the U12 Mpumalanga Rhino's team. The provincial. . . . .
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Ο Βάσκα ο αδέσποτος γάτουλης έκανε την πρώτη του εμφάνιση στη γειτονιά μας πριν από δύο χρόνια, μετά από δύο. . . . .
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