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Sonia-doris Andras
London, UK

Joined on Jul 24, 2015

Right now I am a PhD Student, which takes most of my time, but I'm dreaming and planning to do a lot of things in the future too. ^^

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Sonia-doris Andras
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Sonia-doris Andras
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University fees for america
I want to go to america to carry on my studies in hope to become a doctor. please can you
10 Donors
£4,622 raised
46% funded
Help me become a Sustainable Food Systems Educator!
Hello! I am Emily and I want to be a farmer and food systems educator. I have been offered an. . . . .
33 Donors
$2,953 raised
59% funded
Send Hikayat Morocco Storytellers to Scottish Int’l Storytelling Festival
Malika Ben Allal, Mehdi El Ghaly, and Jawad El Bied of Hikayat Morocco have been invited to perform at the. . . . .
30 Donors
$1,101 raised
50% funded
Books for Kids in Sierra Leone
My name is Tim Mansel and last year I worked for three months in Sierra Leone. While I was there. . . . .
29 Donors
£891 raised
111% funded