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Szikszai Marcella
Budapest, HU

Joined on Jun 6, 2022

I am Syáma-mohita dasi from Hungary. In 2005 I became an initiated disciple of HH Srila Bhakti Tirtha swami. As a single mother we are facing financi

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HH Sivaráma swami's gift books to HH Bhakti Dhira swami
My dear God family! Please accept my respectful obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada param Gurudev and Srila Gurudev. I. . . . .
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New life in Mayapur
For many years I wanted to go to Mayapur with my children to improve our spiritual life and be able. . . . .
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New life in Mayapur – Új élet Mayapurban
My dear Friends and God family! I am Syáma-mohita dasi from Hungary. Disciple of HH Bhakti Tirta swami. My son. . . . .
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Szikszai Marcella
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Szikszai Marcella
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