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Update posted by Sarah Bradbury On Mar 31, 2018

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is quite an appropriate saying right now, considering it's Easter and all that :)

Due to other efforts not working quite as well as they could have been, I've branched out in another direction.

As that awful supermarket says "Every little helps"

Update posted by Sarah Bradbury On Jan 10, 2018

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year - a bit late in the month, I know, but things have been all over the place, as those of you who have ever lost a beloved pet will understand.

My Mum is still struggling to deal with her loss (it's not helped that this week would also have been my Dad's birthday). We are still without gas, so no heating, hot water or hob to cook on (someone has told me this week not to complain about such things as they are luxury items and not a necessity - on this they are correct, however my Mum is a pensioner and I think heating and being able to cook should never be a luxury for someone of her age). As you can imagine, she is feeling very down. Because of her sadness, sorrow and struggle, I am even more determined than ever to make this page work.

Those of you who follow me on my social media, or who have read my previous updates will know I started this page for my own purpose; it was all about me and a road trip I desperately want to do, taking along my best friends youngest 2 children - my best friend died 6 years ago and her kids have been through hell and back during this time. Since starting it though, I have realised they are still young and we have plenty of time to go travelling together. My Mum however is not a youngling anymore, she is a older lady, so I have changed everything to make it about her, and getting her over to the East Coast of the USA so she can finally meet the family she is always dreamed of, yet never knew existed until a few years ago. Her time on this earth is limited now and it would be lovely to get her out there while she is still able to travel.

I cannot afford to send her out there myself; if I could I would be making donations to other people's fund raising pages, rather than asking random strangers to show me (and now, her) kindness. I do buy a lottery ticket each week (someone has to win) but until such time as my numbers do come up, I shall be on here as often as I can, hassling you all to see if you might be able to dig deep and help me, help my Mum.

It would mean the world to both of us, not that she will ever know anything about it until such time as it is all booked and organised for her.

Update posted by Sarah Bradbury On Oct 13, 2017

As some of you may know on the 18th last month my dog was taken poorly so I put everything to do with this on hold (thank you to those of you who have been kind enough to message me to see how she is doing; it means the world to me - it is still on hold for she is still undergoing treatment. Any money raised via here so far for the trip has been placed into a holding account - no matter how big the bill continue to rise with my dog's vet charges, the money donated on here was for a trip and will not be used for anything but a trip. In the meantime you are still welcome to make donations (once my dog is sorted I will still be doing all I can to get myself stateside) or if you would rather help with the vet bills (which are running deeply into the thousands, and my insurance are being arses about paying out) then I have set up a page for help with that too,

Clicking Here should take you to the page where you could help.

Update posted by Sarah Bradbury On Aug 13, 2017

Rather than sitting back, hoping (always hoping) someone is going to come across this and be kind enough to donate the whole amount in one go (you've no idea how amazing that would be) I've also been doing my bit and have been selling off stuff I no longer need (I used to have my own place that was full of stuff - when I moved back into the family home that stuff all went up into the attic where it's stayed for way too many years). I figured as I am likely to be here for many years to come, it was time to sell some bits and bobs.

This morning I had a total up and am so chuffed to discover if I do this trip as a foursome (that's taking both kids as I would love to) then I am 10.05% of the way to raising the total amount needed; if, for some reason, there ends up just being 2 of us, then I am 13.93% of the way (I have a feeling my nephew will pull out at which point the friend who may (may not) be joining us would also be a no-show as he doesn't like to travel in threes - however, if he did decide he wanted to come he'd need to then only find his flight money as the rest is accounted for in the fundraising).

I always knew this would happen.

Update posted by Sarah Bradbury On Aug 05, 2017

I finally got the results of my mammogram back today - after hearing the last words the radiographer said to me about being "definitely called back" where she proceeded to make out there was a problem (and because I'd found the lump earlier in the year) I can't tell you how relieved I was to finally get a letter saying everything was "normal". It arrived 5 days later than it should but I'll take that any day. I know how lucky I am to have received the "all-clear" today (there will be women up and down the country who have not as lucky).

Rather than rest on my laurels though and think about how very lucky I have been, it's actually made me even more determined to push forward with the fund raising efforts. Just because I got lucky this time, doesn't mean I will do next time. Life is short; we have to do all we can to make it what we want it to be, when we can.

My heart goes out to all those ladies (and gents) who have not received such good news this week.

Update posted by Sarah Bradbury On Jul 19, 2017

Yesterday I had my first mammogram - I got called in as they are now triailing women under 50 and because I went to my doctors earlier in the year with a lump I was put forward for the early screening. It's not nice, it's extremely painful, but if it could save a life (any life) then it's worth it.

All was fine and I wasn't concerned in the slightest, right up to the point I was just about to leave and the radiographer said to me "As it's your first you'll be called back, because they have nothing previous to compare to". It wasn't until I got into my car to come home, that her words actually registered with me. "Nothing to compare to"!! If she could see what was going on inside the tiny fleshy mounds she had just sandwiched to within an inch of their life, that would mean she could see anything that may be a potential "issue" at which point she should either have said "you might find as it's your first you get a recall" or just a "you'll get a letter one way or the other in the next few weeks". Her words have now got me thinking that she could actually see something, which is why she mentioned not having any thing previous to compare to. If there was nothing there (that she could see) then having nothing to compare to would not even be an issue.

All I can do is wait now; wait for the letter that arrives, which I am now almost certain will see me called back for more tests. I have to wait, and hope, because being called back may not mean there is anything sinister and that is what I am clinging on to.

I started this campaign with no real expiration date in mind because I didn't believe there was an urgency. Her words, however, have genuinely put the fear-of-god into me and once again reminded me how little time we have on this planet to do all we wish to do.

I don't mind admitting I am a little bit scared at the thought; not only that there may be something "not-quite-right" but also at the thought that I may never reach my goal on making this trip.

Here's hoping I am wrong on both points.

Update posted by Sarah Bradbury On Jun 19, 2017

Someone asked me over the weekend if I find it discouraging that I'm not raising the funds as quickly as they seem to believe I should be. My answer was a simple "no". I don't have many friends (I choose to have fewer proper friends than hundreds of acquaintances" and like myself, most of my friends work hard but struggle most months to make the ends meet, so while you (me, everyone) is encouraged to actively share our fund raising pages and efforts on our social media pages, those of us without thousands of friends who could help, or will share, are obviously going to struggle more than others. That's where we have to adapt to our situation and find other ways to get our pages out there. I have blogs - several of them.

Now, while they are relatively new and therefore not getting as much as attention as someone whose been blogging for a while, they are starting to get picked up more and last week a couple of them were shared, which means more people will be reading them. All it takes is just one person, hence why I could never be discouraged. So far I have been blessed with 3 people making a donation (I am so grateful to them). Tomorrow I could be blessed with 300.

There is no time limit when it comes to other people's kindness and generosity. It will take as long as it takes.

Update posted by Sarah Bradbury On Jun 09, 2017

When I planned my route and worked out my budget I did so remembering that the exchange rate can fluctuate on a daily basis (by quite a bit at times) so when working on my figures I bore this in mind and worked everything out on a worst-case-scenario exchange rate.

I set mine to £1 = $1.20 (when I've been stateside in the past I've got $1.46 and $1.64). Because of this I thought $1.20 might be really low but today (after the UK election) we currently stand at $1.26 and there's talk of it dropping further so it would appear my planning may not have been far off.

Of course by the time I get to go it could have jumped to $2.00 (a few years back this did happen). In that case I'd get everything a bit cheaper which would give us a few more $ to spend whilst out there; anything not spent would be donated to a local cancer charity upon our return; for their sake I hope it rises.

The reason I point this out is because to some of you the figures I need to raise may seem exceptionally high; in reality they may be just about right - or could even be higher.

Update posted by Sarah Bradbury On Jun 03, 2017

Being organised and preparing for the trip (I know we will find our way

there - hopefully thanks to some of you lovely/kind people :) ) I've

written a guidebook for the kids to take along/use when we travel. I've

just been asked "Why?" Here's my answer.....

At the time of doing it I did so because I wanted them to learn

something and I know what they are like. They would have visited these

places but not really taken in what they were seeing/doing. By making a

guidebook for them and then putting questions at the end of every day I

know they will have to read the information at the places we visit, they

will have to take notice of things. Anyone can go to Old Faithful, sit

on the benches, watch it blow, take a photo or video and walk away. In a

year of 2's time they may remember back to their visit and what a good

experience. We can all do that. I want the kids to look back and smile

when they remember that part but I also want them to understand what

makes it blow. I believe knowing what's going on with the earth at that

point can only add to the whole experience. Last year when camping with

my nephew we wandered into a field to talk about the constellations in

the night sky because someone had mentioned something and he didn't

understand what we were talking about. This time around (just last

weekend at the same camp site) my niece also let on she doesn't know a

thing about our solar system or constellations (she's also never been

taught to read a map!!! WTF are schools teaching kids these days? Surely

all kids in a geography lesson should know how to read a map? - as for

orienteering she didn't have a clue what I was talking about; shocking).

Anyway, while sitting there on the Friday night we watched Jupiter

rise, saw the international space station fly overhead twice, saw a

small shooting star followed 4 or 5 minutes later by an amazing comet -

it was a huge white ball of light with a massive tail to it; almost the

best I've ever seen (nothing will ever top the bright green one I saw

during the Orionids meteor shower 6 years ago - that was mind blowing).

My niece didn't understand anything about these things. She'd heard of

them but knew nothing. I went to point something out and told her it was

"just north east of the plough". She had no idea what I was talking

about. Not knowing which was North East was is bad enough; to not know

what I meant by 'the plough' was more than shocking. Can you imagine

their faces when I show them a night sky in Yellowstone National Park? I

doubt they even know so many stars exist. Education doesn't have to be

boring. To them the things I'll teach them will just be a part of the

trip, yet they will come home with a knowledge of things they could only

ever dream about before. I have lists of things they need to be looking

out for also; it's not just about the thermals. I want them to learn

about the wildlife - their habitats, hibernation, foods. I want them to

look out for certain plants and trees. I want them to come away with so

much more than a few photo's. This trip will be about so much more than


When I take them to Little Bighorn National Park I will pay for a guide

to take us (them) around. I know this is more expense but I want them to

hear from someone who know's the history; someone whose people were

involved. They need to experience a different culture not just by what

they've read in a text book at school, or seen in the movies. Little

Bighorn is on the Crow reservation. From there we will head into South

Dakota where they'll meet and speak to people from Rose Bud and Pine

Ridge - people from the Sioux nation. To the kids the crow and sioux are

'all the same'. Yes, to look at they probably do all fit the same

mould, but their stories and history could not be more different. Their

lives and culture are different to each other and most definintely

different to ours. Embarking on this trip is about so much more than a

middle-aged woman, her old man friend (and designated driver!!!) and 2 teenagers hitting the open road in a car.

Memories will be made, experiences will be shared.

Update posted by Sarah Bradbury On May 19, 2017

Having just experienced the most mentally and emotionally draining 19 days I've had in over 24 years I am back on track and ready to get down to some serious fund raising; not just for me but for the kids too for they have also suffered a devastating loss in their lives just 15 days ago.

Whether you agree with my reasons for this fundraiser (or not) I will not quit until I achieve my goal.

If you wish to know anything about me please feel free to message me; I will (do) reply to each and every message I recieve personally. [email protected]


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