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Thank you Renee for your donation last night xx . Sadly that was the only donation we had in , which meant Tony's account went down by another $50 yesterday and he only has enough to cover tonight and tomorrow left in there now . IT IS VERY IMPORTANT T THAT WE COVER HIS ROOM EACH NIGHT AS THE HOTEL HAS SOLD OUT AND HE HAS HAD TO RESERVE HIS ROOM RIGHT THROUGH TO NEXT MONDAY .. this means they will take the money out of his account every day . Please anything you can donate , even just $10 will help us to do this and make sure Tony and Rocky stay safe .

Tony is really struggling at the moment , his mobility is very bad , he fell in his room whist using the bathroom yesterday . Tony has run out of food for Rocky and I was able to find someone to order some chicken and rice in for Tony and Rocky to share last night . Tony is really worried about falling again but is going to try and walk to where he buys Rocky's food today . I know that whilst Tony himself will miss eating , he always makes sure Rocky eats twice every day and is very worried that he has no food for him at the moment .Tony has a reservation for his room right up until next Monday as the rooms were almost sold out . This means he will be charged $75 every day for his room though and at the moment he only has enough to cover 2 more nights . PLEASE THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT WE GET DONATIONS IN AND KEEP HIS ROOM COVERED .. anything at all that you can donate , even just $5 or $10 . will help him to do that and is very desperately needed this week . Please can we try and get another night ,, $75 covered tonight ?

Please can you all consider helping in any way you can tonight ... if you really can't donate anything ,sharing is always appreciated . if anyone can post on any Facebook pages that would be great as I have a permanent ban from interacting with pages , posting in groups is always a help too but donating any amount you can afford is always the best way to help . We know many seeing this are struggling themselves and not able to donate so we do appreciate shares too ...


Tony just messaged to say he managed to get Rocky more food and made it there and back safely . It does mean with the room as well that hes had to pay out $85 already this morning .. so please can we try and get this in today in donations .. thank you xx

If you are able to donate anything at all tonight to help us get this $60 in please send it using [email protected] on Pay Pal and use the family and friends option so no fees will be taken off what you send before Tony gets it . This way you can also donate a smaller amount than on the fund raiser too and every dollar we get will help and could make a real difference if enough donate at least something .

There is also this fund raiser https://goget.fund/2AT4ILx and you can use that to donate too . If you donate this way both the fund raiser and Pay Pal will take fees off your donation before Tony gets it . For this reason there is also a minimum donation of $10 on there too .


Update posted by Jill Ashmore On Oct 16, 2018

Nope its not wanting to update the main fund raiser again .. they were having problems last night so maybe its to do with that .UPDATE. here are the updates




Hi all ... thank you to Britta and Mimi for your donations last night . We only managed to cover a third of what Tony paid for his room yesterday though so his money has gone down . Tony is really struggling today too , he fell using the bathroom and has been unable to do his laundry or get to buy food for himself and Rocky . Thank you Katherine for stepping up and helping with that tonight , you were an absolute angel and when you were not feeling well too , Thank you so much xx .

Rocky ate this morning and can share Tony's chicken and rice tonight and Tony will hopefully eat tonight and tomorrow too . Does anyone know how to get some small tins of wet food for Rocky to Tony's hotel room tomorrow if Tony is still not able to get any ?

Tony really is not at all well and I really need to find him some help as I truly don't know how long he can keep doing this . I tried to get him to call the 211 number tonight and told him if he needed to go in hospital then we will all help make sure Rocky and all his belongings stay safe whilst he is in there . He is so worried about losing everything and losing little Rocky though that he just panicked even more saying that if he loses little Rocky then he would best just die rather than be without him and that he would try and get him some food and that he wasn't worried about eating but he would make sure Rocky ate . He said he was just too dizzy to walk and get Rocky food tonight though so that's when I reached out to get something delivered they could both share so they are at least sorted out for today . Hopefully Tony will be well enough to make it tomorrow or we can find a way to get some food delivered .

What is important is that Tony holds onto his room . He was hoping to pick up my parcels and some other things from his post office tomorrow but it depends if he can get up there and if he is well enough . He was also wanting to try and go back to the other hotel on Wednesday too but he really isn't up to it and can stay where he is for another 12 days yet . I think that might be what he has to do because it really does take so much to move hotels .

Doing his laundry is also something he is trying to do but that again will be when he is well enough to do it . Please if there is anyone in Thousand Oaks / Newbury Park area that can help with any of these things let me know asap .Please help with a donation tonight so Tony and Rocky at least stay safe in their room and pray we can find some help for them . I think a group of us maybe could get together in chat or something and see what we can come up with ?

Tonight though lets try and get at least another night $75 in for them so it gives us more time to find help . Please anything you can send will help and a donation no matter how small is always the very best way to help make sure Tony and Rocky stay safe . Thank you so much for any help you can give tonight xxx

If you are able to donate anything at all tonight to help us please send it using [email protected] on Pay Pal and use the family and friends option so no fees will be taken off what you send before Tony gets it . This way you can also donate a smaller amount than on the fund raiser too and every dollar we get will help and could make a real difference if enough donate at least something .

Hmmm looks like the fund raiser site is having problems at the moment .. the information can also be found on here https://jillash1.wixsite.com/mysitewhilst its not working . Please see the about tab and the gallery tab too , that can be found by clicking on services . Hopefully the fund raiser site will be back up soon .


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The trouble is people see the fund raiser and knowing very little about myself or Tony start jumping to conclusions and forming their own opinions . I try and explain to them they are wrong about things but they've already made up their minds and don't want to hear or consider anything else .

I met Tony totally by chance because we both like the same UK ban from back in the 70's . I picked his name totally randomly from a mailing list for news on this band because he was on AOL too and we could chat on there about the band . Which is what it was to start with .. we started chatting on line with more fans and discovered sites online where we also got to know more fans as well as chatting together on our own too .
After wed been chatting like this for maybe a year Tony said something about having a lot going on at home .. and I just said I was there for him if he wanted to talk about it . He said it wasn't something he found easy to talk about and I said OK but if he needed someone I was a good listener . He's like that doesn't find it easy to open up to people .. likes to keep himself to himself and feels ashamed of what's happened to him . For some reason though he was able to tell me about having problems at work and falling behind with the rent and the house being in receivership .. never asking for anything other than what I was .. a friend that would listen and be there for him without judging him or expecting anything from him .. just someone he could offload to and trust .
They lost their home and for 6 years lived part of each month in their car on the streets and part in a hotel when they had enough to cover a room . Through this time I was there for him and we were in touch via the Internet or phone calls or texts almost every day . He cared for his father and learning disabled brother on his own in these circumstances even after his father had bowel cancer which left him with a colostomy bag . So many times he would beg me to pray they all just died because it was a living hell they were going through .. and so many times I managed to help him hold it together and face another day . Never did he ask me for anything more than that though .
It was after they spent Christmas and new year out in their car one year with no food to eat and I was here having our usual family Christmas it was horrible because I was so very worried about them at the same time . I vowed never would they have another Christmas like that . The following Christmas I asked Tony if he'd let me do him a fund raiser to make sure they had a room over Christmas . IT WAS ME THAT ASKED HIM TO LET ME DO IT FOR HIM .. MY IDEA NOT HIS . He was dead against it saying no way did he want people knowing his business and about his private life . I want going to be put off though .. I wanted them safe this time and never wanted to have a Christmas like the previous one again . I eventually persuaded him to let me do them one .. so long as no names or addresses or other information about them was used and so long as I ran it for him so it didn't cause him extra stress and hassle .Which is why at first they were just done as being for a friend .. no names were used ... why no addresses of hotels were given out .. and why it was only photos of the dogs because I respected his wishes . It took a lot of persuading to let me use photos of him and his brother on there and use his name .. its only recently hes allowed this . That is when the first one was done and up till his dads death it was just the odd one done to make sure they had a room over holidays .
When his dad died all his brothers benefits were recalculated and he never knew what money they would get when for about 4 months . This is when I did the fund raisers more often to make sure they had something coming in when they had nothing . They were both extremely distraught about his dads death and because of all the worry were never really given time to grieve properly . At this time they were still having to live part of each month in their car .. but the car was getting very old and when it became unusable I started doing fund raisers for them so they could hold onto their hotel room because they no longer had the car to use .

That answers how I know him I hope . As for have I found ways to verify what hes saying yes I've phoned him via the hotel number before , I've sent packages direct to his hotel for him , I've spoken to him on Skype and spoken to his dad and brother many times too . When his brother died I was very very worried about him .. very scared he might not be able to get through it and he was talking a lot about finding a way to kill himself . I called the hotel where he was staying and asked if they could keep a close eye on him because I was very worried about him . They must of got in touch with some crisis centre because a policeman came and checked he was OK and asked if he was likely to harm himself . I have lots of photos of him and his brother and one he sent of his dad taken whilst his dad was in hospital and ones of his brother seriously ill in hospital with cancer .
When we had that Amanda Bradie causing trouble I made a chat room on Facebook for all of those who had become loyal supporters and donated regularly and posted the fund raiser out on Facebook when they saw my posts .. those I knew we could trust and invited Tony too .. it also came in useful when I went away on holiday for a week and my Internet was a bit hit and miss .. I added him in and told him to pop in there if he needed to talk , that those in there were our supporters and he could trust them .. I was surprised to see he had been in there to be honest as like I say he likes to keep himself to himself .. and it was one of that band of supporters who took him the food . She did this even though she was and in fact still is battling a kidney infection herself . Some times people doubting the validity of things have asked for proof of what hes paid for the hotel and on several occasions when he was at the other hotel hes asked them to do a full print off for the month and photographed it and e mailed it to me so I can add it to the gallery on the fund raiser . Now they are at the new hotel its a bit different .. but when asked for proof and receipts for the hotel .. he took a photograph of the 2 most recent receipts he had and sent them me for me to add to the gallery .. which I did ..... he can prove what has been spent on the room because hes doing what he says he is and is in need ... he is so stressed a lot of the time that its all he can do to survive another day .. I know this because I have spoken to him on these days and heard him sobbing down the phone .. other times getting so angry and frustrated with things and other times saying he doesn't care any more and just wants to get off this world because he doesn't belong .. and begs me to pray he dies so he doesn't have to go on like this any more . There's days where a horrible black depression gets a hold of him and even I cant make much difference to him .
I hope from the above you can see I have lots of ways of knowing Tony is who he says he is and verifying everything is true ... HE IS IN NO WAY SCAMMING ME OR ANYONE ELSE .. everything is exactly as it says on the fund raiser and this guy has truly been through so much .. I doubt many could of got through even half what he has . So many times its been me that's given him the strength to go on and got him through yet another day , week , month in hell . Me that's been the gaffer tape holding him together when hes breaking into a million pieces . For years that's all I was .. someone to just BE THERE FOR HIM WITHOUT JUDGING .. and it was ME that persuaded him to let ME do the fund raisers ...... The problem is there are some who do scam others out there ...... and we all get tarred with the same brush . I appreciate people are trying to look out for me ... and worry that things aren't what he makes out .. BUT I KNOW 1000% they are ...... and have been with him holding him together every step of the way for a long long time and for much of that time that's all it was .. me being a friend he could talk to ...... he asked for nothing more . You try and explain this to them but without knowing the full facts they have already made up their mind and start shouting about how its a scam and don't want to hear or believe anything else and those in genuine need suffer for it .. If they don't feel comfortable donating that's fine .. just skip over it ... and I understand people being concerned and that its hard to know who is genuine and who is not .. but I have no doubts or concerns when it comes to Tony as over the years , and its been many more than the ones I've done fund raisers , I have had proof of things so very many times and been able to verify everything so many times .

I hope this explains things to you and that you see that those people are wrong this is me wanting to help a friend in genuine need .. nothing more and nothing less .. and no one is scamming anyone at all . Thanks again for contacting me and I do appreciate all that you and others from the site do .. Thank You .. Jill xxx

Maybe if I use the photos below to show you what the last 12 years have donr to Tony's physical appearance it might help

this is Tony before he lost his home , when I first started chatting with him on the internet

This is Tony at the end of last year

This is Tony now

Yes he wants to get rid of that messy beard too ... but he feels so shaky and dizzy all the time that he daren't risk trying to shave it off and cutting himself to shreds . He is not well at all and maybe seeing how the last 11 years have altered him and aged him you can see that now .

Update posted by Jill Ashmore On Sep 10, 2018

I have been contacted today and told someone is being contacted by people concerned as to why Tony stays in a hotel room and couldn't a more permanent housing option be found rather than Tony throwing away $70 on a room every night . ... So here's my reply for those people

Firstly no one wishes more than Tony that there was a more permanent housing option . It is not how he would choose to live , it is not like someone staying in a hotel for a week or two or whatever on vacation being able to go eat out and visit places and have a life outside that hotel room . Tony only has that hotel room and is not able to venture far from it or spend money on anything hardly other than the room itself . He has no cooking facilities and a food card that only allows him to buy uncooked food for starters . All he has is what is in that one room with him nothing else apart from what is in his small storage unit that he can't get to . It is not a life of luxury .. it is the cheapest hotel he can find and his hotel room feels like his prison he has lived this way and in a car on the streets for a long long time . There is no one wishes more than Tony that there was some other way to survive .. because that is all it is .. surviving .. its not living any kind of life worth living .

OK so why does Tony have to live this way ? Well do you know anyone who would rent somewhere to someone with no income at all other than what they might be given on a fund raiser ? He has tried to apply for disability but they need him to go for an examination that is not local to Tony to continue with his claim . This is in spite of his doctor sending them all his information and saying he doesn't see that he will ever be fit enough to work again . Tony has persistent dangerously high blood pressure that they can't get under control in spite of him being on several medications for it , He has curvature of his spine and other issues with it when it was x rayed , a scan showed he has a large abdominal hernia and prostrate issues , he has stress ulcers in his stomach , every time he tries to do anything he gets so dizzy he feels like hes going to be sick or fall down and has had several falls , even using the bathroom in his room and uses a stick to mobilise outside and given how little he eats I'm sure suffering from malnutrition too . Then he gets so very depressed that all he wants is to be with his family again , he cant see any point in going on and has no hope of ever being able to be happy again and just can't look at the future because in his mind he is not going to be alive for much longer and doesn't want to be alive for much longer .. this is how he feels a lot of the time . He gets very confused and for much of the time finds it hard to think straight and know which way to turn , often having very bad panic attacks and it takes everything he has to just get through each day . This isn't me or you , it isn't someone that is well and able .. its someone that is physically , mentally and emotionally exhausted and debilitated beyond what we can even imagine being . People have said he needs to get an attorney to peruse his claim with disability or get a taxi there but how can he do that when every time he moves he feels like hes going to throw up or fall and even going to the front desk or to the shop a few doors down the road is nearly impossible for him and he is so dizzy and exhausted mentally that he cant cope with typing or chatting to me on here these days and even me asking how much he has left in his account to cover his room stresses him out how on earth is he supposed to cope with getting an attorney and all they are going to have to ask him about his case ?

We have tried to find help for him ... here's just one of many examples of how that went ... I found him a number to call for the emergency mental health crisis team when he was having one of his really bad depressions . He called it but as soon as he mentioned being homeless .. they didn't want to know and said oh its housing you need not us . So then I found him the relevant number for the rapid rehousing people .. and he rang it . He spoke to a social worker there who told him .. oh we only help those who have homes they are about to loose or some income that they can put towards housing . They said the only place for him was to go to a homeless shelter . We have to remember though this is Tony we are trying to find a solution for , not something that would work for me or you but for Tony , and that is certainly not a homeless shelter . For one thing he has little Rocky and no shelters where he is take pets . Even without Rocky though because of all hes gone through and having been let down so much by other people Tony can't cope with being among strangers or lots of other people . He is stressed to his limit at the best of times without that extra stress . He would just not cope at all in the crowded homeless shelters with no privacy and no where to feel safe or keep what he has managed to hold onto safe either . Most people there would be very stressed as well and it wouldn't take anything in those conditions for arguments and fights etc to start and it just is not the place for him to be . He has filled in the paperwork for section 8 housing and others who have applied at the same time have got housing because of having disability already and some income but Tony has no help from them . He has tried calling all sorts of places but gets told no we cant help you or doesn't even get called back , or has to go to some office he cant get to before he can be helped .. and then most likely will be turned down .

Its not just Tony that cant find a better option .. there are thousands on the streets that cant find help , A lot of the time people doing what Tony does and staying in hotel rooms don't even count as being homeless . There are all kinds of people who are homeless and can't get help , families with babies and young children , pregnant women giving birth on the streets , elderly people , a friend who helped Tony had to have open heart surgery and was put in a rehab centre till his medical insurance ran out then he was back on the streets again and the last time he went to the hospital they told him he probably had a year to live and there was no more they could do for him so no point in him going back again , there are disabled people on the streets .. people in wheel chairs and with walking frames and who have had limbs amputated all on the streets because they can't get help . I follow a guy on Facebook who runs a site called Invisible People . He has been homeless himself , worked in homeless services , advocates in a big way for homeless people all over the USA and has been asked to speak at conferences all over the world . One thing he often posts about is how very very impossible it is for anyone who is homeless to find help . How they are given numbers that aren't even in service to ring , how no one ever calls them back and how when they do speak to anyone they are just given one dead end after another , being passed from one place that cant help top another p[lace that cant help and how this can go on for years . He says he gets very very frustrated when families with small children or people in very bad circumstances reach out in his support group .. we are visible and even he cant find any help for them . Even in his support group its the other ordinary people who help most not those who supposedly are there to help . Now if he cant find help for families living on the streets ... how on earth is Tony supposed to find help when he probably isn't even classed as being homeless by them ?

Very often Tony only has funds to cover one more night .. and if he doesn't keep covering that one more night the only alternative is being in the streets . So with no help out there and in his state of health . If you were Tony in that situation not you in your situation . Would you regard that $70 on a hotel room as being wasted ? When that is what you are forced to pay because there aren't any cheaper ones and you'd be in the streets otherwise because no one is there to help you ? Or would you consider it as a life line that keeps you safe , gives you a bed to lie in when your head is spinning and just wont stop , gives you bathroom facilities to use , gives you running water to drink , gives you somewhere to keep what few belongings you have left safe . Most importantly to Tony gives you somewhere to make sure your precious little dog who is your only companion and the only family you have left can stay with you and stay safe . Its not throwing that $70 away its using it to save a life and keep someone and their little dog safe and together when they need each other so much and have lost so much already ... THAT IS NOT THROWING ANYTHING AWAY



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God bless you.

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It's not much but hope it will help. I commend him for being sick and still trying to take care of Rocky.

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May God bless and keep you.

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