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My name is Rose. I am 67 years of age (a pensioner). I live on the Southcoast KZN South Africa in a small town called Umtentweni with my two sons. I am a divorcee. My ex-husband passed away in 1994 and left nothing in his will to our two sons. I am a single parent and have raised my two sons by myself with assistance from late mom who passed away in 2010.

In 2002 I was a lecturer at a local technical college. Whilst taking students on a field trip, the bus in which we were travelling was involved in an accident and I was badly injured. After numerous operations including a C4/C5 fusion, I was left disabled with CRPS/RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). I was then medically boarded and placed on a worker’s compensation pension, and I still suffer from this disability.

In 2001 before my accident I took out a mortgage bond and purchased my mom’s house from her in which we were living to secure a home for myself and my two children, unfortunately after owning a business where the seller/previous owner cooked the books in 2012, I was operating at a financial loss and therefore I had no option but to get business loans to try to keep the business afloat, unfortunately I had no option but to sell the business and suffer a financial loss. I had to go under debt review. I was misinformed by the corrupt debt administration company who arranged for my car to be repossessed and my brother took over the bond of my house which was totally unnecessary since I was paying the bond for 13 years and was later told by an attorney that they had misled me as under South African law your house cannot be taken from you to pay for debts when under debt review. He did not compensate me for the years I was paying the bond and got the house for next to nothing.

My eldest son suffers from Bipolar Disorder. He is a qualified IT technician and struggling to make ends meet because there are not many job opportunities on the South Coast. My youngest son has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) with severe depression and anxiety, he has been declared unfit for work with a psychological disability.

In 2018 we made a cash purchase for a second-hand car privately but unfortunately the seller lied about the condition of the vehicle as it was involved in a major accident, and we had to take him to court as a result we have an ongoing legal matter which is being delayed in court system and we are still waiting for the outcome. This vehicle is our families only means of transportation and we use it as a family, and my eldest son also uses it for work but the vehicle is not safe as a result of the major suspension problems it has, unfortunately we have no choice but to use it until a decision has been made in court. This has also left us with very little finances.

My brother will be retiring in 2020 and will be moving into the house we live in (now his house) and we will be homeless.

There are many job opportunities for my eldest son in the IT field in Durban with decent salaries and fixed incomes and other benefits. Unfortunately, we lack the funds to relocate to Durban and afford a deposit to rent a house. We urgently require financial assistance to be able to move (ourselves, furniture, etc.) and secure rent when my eldest son can find work. We do not have anybody to turn to for help and due to my financial status (debt review) I cannot apply for a loan. I am currently only receiving a very small workman’s compensation pension which has been keeping us afloat with my eldest son’s small income.

Any help will be greatly appreciated to enable us to have a roof over our heads and a better life than we have presently and to make ends meet.

Thanks in advance.



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Dec 18

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Update posted by Roselle Theron at 01:40 pm

Thank you anonymous for your kindness. Let's keep this going, this gives me hope.

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raised of $6,000.00 goal
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Raised offline: $2.00
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