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My creative vision was to produce a series of coffee mugs dedicated to true conservative patriots.

Printed ceramics with a portrait is a way of idolizing a hero and immortalizing them in a form that will last forever. No other medium will last this long, except perhaps cave paintings.

In daily use, seeing these mugs is a comforting reminder that our patriots are working hard to make our world a better place for all humanity. Particularly now in these times of chaos caused by globalists and the extreme left we need every method possible to fight against their evil.

My name is John Flynn. I come from Perth Western Australia. I am a retired dentist and a passionate conservative, 75 years of age. I'm in Thailand and have not been able to return to Australia for over a year due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, It could be another 9 months before I can get back. In the meantime I'm living alone in a small one-room apartment and I only have enough money for one more month. I have pleaded with the Australian government agencies for emergency funding but it was denied.

Early in 2020 I created a series of coffee mug designs dedicated to Conservative True Patriots. The designs were printed onto 15 Oz white coffee mugs, manufactured in China and shipped to Dallas Texas. One third of my inventory was placed for sale with The remainder are held in storage by the shipping company. In all 4,876 mugs were manufactured.

Each mug comes with a ceramic coaster.

The 14 coffee mug designs include President Trump, Melania Trump, Candace Owens, Benjamin Netanyahu, David Knight, Devin Nunes, Josh Bernstein, Mike Pence, Owen Shroyer, Sidney Powell, Alex Jones, Jeanine Pirro, Tucker Carlson, and Ezra Levant.

Details of the mugs can be seen on my website:

The following coffee mug designs are ready for production: Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Julian Assange, Katie Hopkins, Malcolm Roberts, Mark Latham, Fraser Anning, Paul Golding, Pauline Hanson, and Tommy Robinson.

The following coffee mug designs are planned: Mike Pompeo, Black Conservative Patriots (BCP), Ben Shapiro, Erin Marie Olzewski, Ron Paul, Millie Weaver, Greg Gutfield, Harrison Smith, Dr Steve Turley, Paul Joseph Watson, David Icke, Greg Reese, Darrin McBreen, Carpe Donktum, Andrew Torba, Kaitlin Bennett, Mike Adams, Robert Barnes, Clayton Kierns, Tom Fitton, David J Harris Jnr, Sheila Gunn Reid, David Menzies, Rush Limbaugh RIP, Lindsey Graham, Nick Begich, Charlie Kirk, Michael J. Matt, Jay Sekulow, John Rapaport, Alexander Mercouris, Alex Christoforou.

Please message me if you know of worthy patriots who should be added to this list (or any you feel are not worthy) [email protected]

To finance this project I used all of my own personal savings which was about $50,000.

I have established the brand-name TELEMIT and registered that in Australia and USA. I also designed a logo that is printed on the bottom of every mug.

My advertising campaign relied mostly on ads in the Facebook conservative user groups. Early in January Mr Zuckeberg deleted all of these groups and my account was deleted too.

As yet I have not made any profit. Amazon fees are simply too high. Mr. Bezos is not my friend. As you know he funds the extreme left Democrat party, BLM and Antifa. I didn't know this when I joined up with Amazon.

Future plans:

I would like to begin selling on other platforms such as eBay and Shopify. I think Americans would rather buy mugs made in America so I want to find a US company who can produce similar high quality mugs with high-res graphics but produce the mugs on demand or in smaller batches. That would solve the storage problem, but of course the price for each mug may be a lot higher. As with most goods, factories can only keep costs low for large production runs.

I am proud of our True Patriot Series of coffee mugs celebrating the lives of Conservative Patriots mainly in the USA but also in several other western countries.

I recommend you read my notes on the website under the heading "About Us"

Please consider helping me to fulfill my vision and continue my work. Even a small donation will be very much appreciated. It is urgent that I get some funding as my account has already been handed to a debt collector.

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Retired dentist and passionate conservative

Retired dentist and passionate conservative

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