Transitional Fuel Proposal

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Update posted by walt harper On Oct 23, 2019

See? I'm not the only one.

Ren21, IRENA, and all the others are in the bleachers but it must be obvious to anyone who has been interested since 1970 that they must remain in the bleachers for Conoco, BP, and all the others to realize their profit pinnacle.

My favorite is the second one.

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Update posted by walt harper On Oct 13, 2019

Bridges don't use fuels (well, drawbridges do but let's stay on the topic) so that nomenclature is whimsical.

We'll use transition fuel so we can stay on topic and not lose ourselves on semantics. If someone discovers a transition fuel and wants to call it a bridge fuel, well, that will be fine by me-I can change.

This link destroys time by discussing Natural Gas-A.K.A. LPG, same, same-as a transition fuel. How can that be?

We must transition from a finite, naturally occurring fuel to anything that is not natural, not finite, so we don't cross this bridge (!) again in the future. Elsewise, the transition is merely a temporary one.

I concede the transition fuel must be a liquid, possibly a plasma, and stable at 68 degrees Fahrenheit-waterish-but little else. I should draw up a list of concessions but it would be long and vague. There aren't restrictive rules meant to keep Big Oil in business; for the most part, the gloves are off.

May I be so arrogant as to state that only Hydrogen Peroxide will be considered? NO! Even deuterium is a better transition fuel except for that fusion problem. You know, cost of production, et al.

It's been a couple of weeks and I assume the masses are still captured under the hypnotic trance of Big Oil. There is no pill for that and it's Human Nature to stay on the boat until it's gone.

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Update posted by walt harper On Oct 11, 2019

They say I'm wrong. That's OK though because I say they're wrong The proof I offer is-

1. Energy Justice stated that transitional fuels will distract investors from clean energy-Ha! Investors have NOTHING to invest in for Transportation fuels. All the Solar and Wind talk stops on cloudy, windless days.

2. Dead ends got us Nuclear Energy. Let's all pray we never have to reimburse the Manhattan Project.

3. Transitions are what are needed to end the pig-headedness of the status quo. The naiveté of the Energy Justice masters proves typical Human Nature to sit tight until the perfect solution shows up in a perfect package.

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Update posted by walt harper On Oct 08, 2019

Admittedly, more than 90% of the World either believes we shall never run out of gasoline or they just don't want to think about it.

330,000,000 gallons of gasoline are sold in the USA daily (We are a very mobile society!).

I'm searching for a respectable partner with a background in Chemistry and a capacity to endure the nervous attacks of doubters. Said partner(s) need not have mechanical skills, presentation skills, or any of the expected skills. For right now, I would be delighted to have a partner who grasps the purpose of this Proposal. It's not simple or easy.

Failure of this Proposal will not guarantee future perpetuity of transportation fuel but, believe me!, the vast majority would like it that way.

So if you're looking for a chance to fail and don't mind being laughed at for actually doing something, give me a call. That "respectable" adjective is subjective or less.

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Update posted by walt harper On Oct 04, 2019

No time for pen names or intrigue.

Try "Walt Harper" on Facebook or use this link,

Refrain from sarcasm and adolescent dribble-there never has been time for that!

If you think I blurted out the formula in a Campaign Update, look again It's not that easy!

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Update posted by walt harper On Oct 03, 2019

So what information is missing? This campaign, like all the ones I've seen, are meant for professionals. I'm not a professional.

All the information I have is directed towards individuals that have foresight and can willingly discuss unpleasant topics, such as depletion of petroleum at 391.4 million gallons of gasoline per day. Google that.

I can say that and still declare myself to not be a fear mongering fanatic. Some facts are just unkind no matter who says them.

I'll keep trying to post this proposal. The century of programming we all have towards Big Oil is difficult to defy but it is necessary through devices not of my own making.

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