Saving Home

Update posted by Rasa Jankauskaite On Apr 22, 2019

Right, I don't know what's going on, but apparently there's a wild virus going around. It's now been 12 days as both my parents are utterly incapacitated by it.

Mum's throat is bloody and raw, like it literally bleeds. Temperature shifts between 38C and 39C, cough is extreme too.

Father's throat is also very sore, and cough is worse, if that's even possible. He doesn't have as much fever though, luckily.

In these 12 days, I've spent over 80 euros on medication, and I'm just dumbfounded how expensive meds are. Please pray that I don't get sick, because if I can't work as much as I do - we're doomed.

Stay safe and healthy.

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Update posted by Rasa Jankauskaite On Feb 02, 2019

You ever been so close and yet so far away from a finish line? You probably have and thus can imagine.

Neither much time, nor much of the debts remain, meaning they're pressing in. Repossession would mean a loss of two jobs for me, and those two are the only thing that kept us above water, barely. Every month I am short to cover everything, all the bills, all the medical expenses. On top of that, it has been made worse: insulin for my father is no longer compensated. Electricity just got more expensive. Heating is wrecking havoc on the bills, and due to it being central and non-adjustable - there's nothing to be done but pay up.

Yet I write this with hope. Because they gave us an extra month of time. And because another debt we got still has until August. So all I need to do is make it through these two months, and that's the catch really.

I think stress has finally gotten the better of me. I am unable to eat, and when I do, I can't keep it down. My stomach feels like it's on fire. My muscles are cramping up badly too, even the ones in my arms. Insomnia is as bad as it was ten years prior, when I first faced what it's like to have medical debts no one can pay but you. When I first faced the need to give up myself so someone else has a chance at life.

Back then I gave all I had to help my mother survive cancer. And she only did due to your help, and that of my closest friends. Yet last week something happened again, she fell ill, got sick, and the pain intensified. Yes, she still lives without a hip joint, broken arm ligaments, and extreme pain in her back. On top of it, something in her heart is atrophying, I don't know the medical term in English, sorry. And she got asthma for which meds are also not compensated. Every time she gets sick - I worry out of my mind.

And if that wasn't good enough, my diabetic father fell ill too. He has heart problems, and requires a lot of different medications just to keep him feeling normal, functioning. His chest has been hurting to a point where he couldn't function though.

I've no plan right now. I rely on hope to not go mad, and on broth to keep functioning, working. Everything depends on my jobs, and my jobs depend on this damn debt. It's a strange sensation to be both mad and sad.

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Update posted by Rasa Jankauskaite On Jan 10, 2019

I apologize to bother anyone again. But next month we're at risk at repossession, which would leave me without two paychecks, and put us back to point zero, since me having three jobs is the only thing that BARELY keeps us afloat.

We've 700 euros to pay in January, and 700 eur in February, and I can't scrape that big of a sum. If anyone at all can help, please consider doing so. I'd be happy to paint you a commission, I got much better at those, and I make great jewelry.

I beg for your kindness



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Update posted by Rasa Jankauskaite On Dec 27, 2018

I apologize to bother anyone again. But next month we're at risk at repossession, which would leave me without two paychecks, and put us back to point zero, since me having three jobs is the only thing that BARELY keeps us afloat.

We've 700 euros to pay in January, and 700 eur in February, and I can't scrape that big of a sum. If anyone at all can help, please consider doing so. I'd be happy to paint you a commission, I got much better at those, and I make great jewelry.

I beg for your kindness

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Update posted by Rasa Jankauskaite On Nov 29, 2018

Health update: We don't know why, but mum's dizzy to a point where she falls, faints, drops things. At times she seems disoriented, like she's not sure what she was doing too. A couple days back she fell under the table, and since she obviously is hurting, but isn't telling us, knowing full well we can't really do much about it, other than get her to doctors. No, painkillers don't come into her compensated meds. Yes, it might be iron levels, her weight is otherwise normal.

Winter is always hard for us to get through, especially so with December. Heating bill piles up, and I barely get fam by cent to cent from paycheck to paycheck. If anyone has a dime to spare, we'd be grateful, especially knowing it's also a dark, depressive, and flu-filled season.

My mum's birthday is on December 8th. All she really needs is her painkillers that are 70e without compensation (nobody can explain or tell why they're not compensated). My own birthday is on 14th of December, and if anyone got the said dime to spare, I'd accept it towards her needs too.

Thank You. I hope beyond hope that someday I can get back to each and single one of you and give back what you gave me, and then some. We survived this far thanks to YOU, no matter if it was a dollar or a hundred, be sure I'm here today to type this, and here tomorrow to work more because of you.

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Update posted by Rasa Jankauskaite On Aug 10, 2018

So, alright. We fought and we got. 55% disability, which in Lithuania pays about 80 eur total. With me paying 72 eu for meds, you see how this will be fun for me, yes? But let me add another thing.

There's two debts in mum's name, one has her account frozen for 1500 euros, and another I pay 75 eu every month. The frozen one will now sue her for lack of payments, so we need to pay it off asap before this escalated, or we will simply not be able to afford the medication.

I don't specialize in medical terms, so if you want to know exactly what my mum has on the case, let me know. In simple terms: It's her back, her torn ligaments, her asthma, her heart, blood pressure, and depression. And yet apparently the woman who some days can't get out of the bed due to pain is almost in full capacity to work, and should merely avoid loud/vibrating/high places with heavy lifting involved.

What I believe happened here was that we simply didn't grease the palms that needed greasing. Sad story is sad: people are very corrupt in medical fields here, and there were rumors directed at us that some doctors take up to 500 eu easily into the pocket. Money that we just didn't have. So we have what we have.

I myself work via three jobs to meet the utilities, bills, medical bills, and make sure there's food on the table, let alone the cost of emergencies that my sick father gets into every month easily (he's diabetic with such extreme stats of blood pressure, heart, and sugar, that normal levels to him feel like death, so everything has to be very controlled meds-wise). I am literally going insane under the pressure and strain, and am suicidal (I do want to live, I just don't see how I can, when we are pushed into debt every month, more, and more). And so with this news I know I simply need another job. Seeing how yesterday I fell asleep sitting straight in a chair, I'm not sure I have the time capacity for it.

So with that being said, I beg you for any help at all. I will paint for you, I will make jewelry for you, if you lived closer I'd sit there cracking jokes for you, while washing your dishes. I'm very afraid of what is to come. For it won't be good.

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Update posted by Rasa Jankauskaite On Jul 14, 2018

My mother lives in constant hellish pain. Her back hurts to a point where some days she can't get up. Her hip joint is pretty much non-existent, and we're still far in line for surgery. Her arm ligaments are broken due to falling down in winter after she slipped on the outside stair. Moving hurts. Being hurts. Meds are compensated to an extent only, and there's a limited amount of them too, meaning she'd have to choose days where she'd be in pain, or hope for days where it'd be more bearable.

And yet, they declined her disability plea locally with only one claim "for pain? no." Meaning we can't take it to medical jury in capital, where they'd finalize it and we'd be done with it. We're left to restart the case and find a different basis.

Bases of ligaments and joint don't work because you have to wait in line to get treated surgically. Somehow local doctors came to a conclusion: you're not getting treatment (meaning you wait in line instead of magically appearing at the front of it), so it doesn't hurt that bad, so you don't need treatment for it, and can't use it as a card for disability.

As for her back pain, they don't know what it originates from, meaning they don't even know how to treat it, other than give her 12 shots of painkillers that at best take pain off for 48 hours, AT BEST.

But option here is only one: restart the case. My mother can't work, there's no doubt of it. All kinds of asocial people get disabilities for less, so this was either spite of the doctor whose name I won't mention just yet, in case I can get someone from higher-up get at her first, or she was waiting for something to magically appear in her pocket, if you know what I mean.

Restarting the case means going through all the doctors and tests anew. With insurance you still have to pay for a lot of basics, like tubes, hospital gowns (yep), test cups, some of the blood tests, etc. Plus, a lot of these things can only be done in capital, which is 50km away from us. I work three damn jobs to a point of exhaustion, but we have a lot of debts still burdening us, mainly from all the previous incidents, for I tell you, this woman has suffered her due and then some. And with winter bills coming, I'm just really afraid I won't be able to pay for everything, especially if they cut her insurance at some point, as they did in the past. So I beg you, if anyone can spare a dime, I'm ready to work for it, for you. Even if it's just a ko-fi coffee, it'd mean the world to me and her, because it all adds up, I promise you.

Thank You for your understanding. And most of all, Thank You for your kindness.

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Update posted by Rasa Jankauskaite On May 22, 2018

I apologize for having to beg again, but we're on short notice with bills, and when it comes to getting meds it's not really a choice. We've about a week to get about 150 eu, if anyone could help, it'd be appreciated greatly. Feel free to commission me for it, I want to repay with anything I can

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Update posted by Rasa Jankauskaite On Apr 24, 2018

We're only about 1300e short to deal with one of the currently most pressing matters. I say "only" like it's a no big deal to get over a grand, but that's because through the years we've paid off so much more, with your help, and a lot of help from friends who gave, gifted, and lent wherever and whatever they could.

No, this will not mean my mum will be well again if we can just pay this. It'll merely mean we'll have means to enter what we need better, easier, faster even.

Thanks a bunch for doing so much for us. I'm alive today thanks to You, no matter if you gave a dollar or a hundred <3

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Update posted by Rasa Jankauskaite On Feb 27, 2017

Due to doctors here in our little town being unable to figure out why my mother is wasting away, what's causing anemia, how to prevent it or even fight it, they're terminating her paid leave. Due to her job being physically very demanding (hospital cafeteria, pots needing to be washed are bigger and heavier than she is), she will have to quit. Our small town is known for lack of jobs, so for her to quickly find a new one is not likely. Which thus means she is now going to officially have no insurance at all.

I'm already as is giving up all of what I make to make even a dent in this horror show, but there's just no damn way we can make it without help.

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