Transformative Travel: Tour / Travel / Sojourn

In a span of less than two years, I have hosted at Hypercube @ SOHOland more than 150 couchsurfers or backpackers on short trips, gap-year journeys or round-the-world adventures. I have been fortune enough to get to know these people quite intimately regarding their motivations, perspectives, financing, methodologies, personal characteristics and world views etc. My interactions with them have been as much a life-journey for them as it is for me. I intend to continue hosting backpackers / couchsurfers at Hypercube @ SOHOland for the next 12 months (costing US$500 per month), planning to upgrade their trips to experience the differences as Tourists / Travelers / Sojourners (differences as experienced in Surface Culture / Deep Culture). There are wide varieties of Tourists, Travellers and Sojourners amongst them. Tourists are generally interested to visit touristic and non-touristic spots and possibly shopping etc., very much like people traveling in tour packages. Travelers are more interested in the cultural aspects , covering religions, languages, cuisines, arts and handicrafts , politics and economy etc… mostly Surface Culture stuff. Sojourners, on the other hand, are much more “advanced” in their perspective, often opt for “slow travel”, becoming “local residents” immersing themselves in the ways of living of the locals, very much into the “Deep Culture” aspects, covering the Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play (and the values systems behind these activities), even doing voluntary works as a contribution back to the local society. This would really be a life-changing experience. I feel that all adventurers should gradually upgrade themselves from … Continue reading Transformative Travel: Tour / Travel / Sojourn