To start a secondary school to impart quality education for poor

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Submitting RFP on School Project for funding.

  • Name of the individual : Shaik Chand Basha .
  • Type of Organisation : Individual Educational Project . Starting a Secondary model School- A Unsolicited Proposal for funding. 4.Name and Telephone Number for Contact for Evaluation Purpose: 1. Shaik Chand Basha - +918639136796.

2. Address : Door No – 3/302/12, Maruthi Nagar Near Anganwadi Centre Moda Road,

Kodigenahalli -515212 (Posts Village),Parigi Mandal, Ananthapuramu (Dt),AndhraPradesh (State),India(Country).

Email Address : [email protected]

5. Identification of Proprietary Data for Evaluation purpose : 1.Name of the Project – Educational Project Secondary Model School starting to run in

the rural area seeking fund to establish the school .

6. Proprieter of the Project : Shaik Chand Basha M.A.B.ed

The proprieter of the project is Shaik Chand Basha.

7. Names of the Individuals receiving proposal are funding for the proposed project : Shaik Chand Basha M.A.B.ed

8. Date of Submission of the Project : 28-09-2020.

  • The School runs on 4 basic points : 1.Devotion to god. (2) Devotion to nature and Agriculture.(3) Devotion to love mankind. (4) Universal Citizenship
    • Technical information of the project : The brief report of proposal effort is starting a Secondary model school in rural India. A different school to mould the behavior of the students as per the emotions. students can learn in presence of the nature and creating a chance to students to learn under the nature and develop the positive exposure towards nature. The school basically framed to teach human values moral values non-voilence peace and
    • Concise Title and abstract : Our dream project starting of the Secondary Model school gives importance to the
    • Where the Project will be delivered : Rural area Ananthaur District AndhraPradesh India .
    • Why the school project is needed : Poor students can gain highquality of education on free of cost.The poor students cannot pay the high
  • a)Results of the Project : 1.Education is the most basic need of a nation, we can achieve it.

promotes the quality education along with curriculum making the child to be a responsible citizen of our nation.The type of the school is a day school and education is free for poor.

I am a teacher and well experienced to maintain the school. The school gives importance to the students learning by doining learning by

project method and group study. The school cultivates good habits, friendly manner, co-operative, helpful, confident and reliable. we submit you budget copy. the budget copy is prepared as per the local rate of price. We request you to sanction and consider our dream school project.

(200 words of the proposed effort) child centred education. Education brings change in human life. The project gives

importance to the fine arts like singing, classical dance, playing and doing. We are trying the students to learn folk dance , self defence trainings and fit for physically a sound body. students can learn many things in presence of the nature. Nature is the mother it can teach manythings . learning in the nature is nothing but studying the spiritual sciences. Primary education leads a nation prosperous and wealthy. A nation can achieve peace cooperation global brotherhood and economical growth. It promotes health benefits personal hygiene and habits. We train the students to take care towards the nature and agricultural practices.

| fees for quality education

F)Need of the project Poverty drives to start this Secondary school for poor orphaned children initially I wish to join 200 students many poormen and women were working for very low wages in the local garment factories,spinning mills,Iron factories etc., some women have no husband and some men have no wifes I wish to join 200 poor students as per the case study of poverty orphanage and diassabled.The project continues forever . we create faith in god among the students and train the students in the universal citizenship and its need.

10.Aims and Objectives of the project : The School provides high quality of Secondary education which leads a competitive success of the

student in future. Primary and secondary education is the most basic need of modern world . The quality of secondary education broadened the range of reasonal,religious and cultural diversity . The quality of Secondary education leads the young minds to understand the value of democracy and equality.

Education encourage the moral social values which lead economical success in the world. education sets the good behavior of the student.The subject content of Secondary education especially in science and technology need to reflect the contemporary knowledge and day to day research . The aim of Primary education is making the child good democratic citizen and improvement of professional efficiency. Secondary education is for leadership.. Education should give the opportunity to develop independent judgement and all kinds of complicated social economic and political issues to decide his own course of action .The education should generate sense of responsibility to tackle the social situations in the community . Secondary education should develop new scientific attitude among the students and appreciate the dignity of labour .Education should enable the student to join in higher studies. Secondary education brings allround development global good citizen, intellectuals skills among the learners.The main objective is national reconstruction through the quality education and promoting the productivity and national integration.The Secondary education develops social moral and spiritual values among the students.It develops the learner to streghten the theme of whole world as one family and promotes the values of peace across the globe and manage the emotions among the students. Education leads

to goodphysical health and mental growth.

2.Education is a very important development step for the child . 3.Education eliminates the poverty,Ignorance and improves the Knowledge. 4.It gives chance to achieve to develop personality.

5. The child becomes a skilled man.

6. The child becomes a useful man to a nation in different services.

7.A step to achieve higher quality education.

8.Transforming a child from unknown to known as an intellectual. 9.Environmental,quality of life benefits can be achieved.

  • Education can achieve a nations economical growth.
  • Education reduces violence and promotes peace and non-voilence. 12.Gradually education makes the falling rate of crime.
  • The concept of the school Project : This School prefers to teach nature and its value comparing to human life and the important role of the nature for human existence.Save the nature and save the globe.The young minds once they enjoy the nature they never forget to save the nature. The relation between the Teacher and student should be pious devotion discipline, love and affection, bring the child harmoniously to develop in the leader ship and allround develoment. The school connects the classrooms in one side nature as the classes will run in the shade of the trees on bright sunny days and in another side connects the digital
  • The achievement of the project : I have a well planned school project a model design to implement the project. There is no physical and mental punishment to the students and they are free like a bird but never leave to cross the boundaries of education.Learning is a lifes goal but it is one of the

classrooms to compete with timely modern education. children should learn moral ,ethical, Agricultural and Nature’s Values to understand the environment and his community.

Nature is the mother and she can show the answer for many problems for humans. The school teaches along with the academics as love to a plant , love to a bird and animal,love to a river,

a mountain,a cloud, the water and gradually learns love to the mankind.The School enables the student life skills , emotional balance understanding the society and making a perfect and responsible citizen of the globe .

important part of the life. The school provides the education by playing working and doing. Intially I want to join 200 students in our school.

14.Total estimated cost for the project for meaningful evaluation : Utilization of Funds.

Cost of the School Project- Budget copy

A)School Establishment Expenditure ( School recognition,furniture and record)………………….= 5,00,000/INR

B) Land required to purchase = 5 acres = 1,20,00,000/INR

C)Class rooms 5 + 1 office room, Construction cost = 90,00,000/INR

TOTAL = 2,15,00,000/INR

( $ 285720.00)

The Budget proposed may differ from time to time. We will strictly follow your instructions to purchase land and construction of building and spending the fund properly. We may discuss with you from time to time to complete the project and to spend the fund as per your guidance.We strictly follow you in a democratic way to spend the fund step by step to complete the project.I will invite one of your delegate to Visit my Project.

17.Proposal duration of the effort : 2 months to complete the project and to start the school.

Thanking you,


Date:28-09-2020 With Regards,

Yours Faithfully, . Shaik Chand Basha.

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