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To utilize the economy of gratitude, enabling my ability to assist and support the spiritual evolution of my community.


My name is Sebastian Furdal (Poland). I am here to share my unique gifts and the process I have created to locate, observe and heal disturbances within my mind, body and spirit. This process involves self-assessment, self-perception, your interactions with others and how those interactions influence shifting within your mind and body.

For almost three decades, 27 years, I had lived in a deepening state of depression. My grief was primarily a result of allowing other people to abuse me. Surviving these experiences left me in a catatonic state. My entire body lived in constant pain, neither physical activity nor meditation helped. One fate-filled day, a massage therapist/healer arrived into my life offering assistance. After 3 hours, I found myself magically relieved of all pain and burden. It took me over 6 months to realize that I was beginning to sink into a state of suffering once again. I refused to be stuck in it anymore. Taking a pro-active approach, I began attending spiritual festivals. Intuitively, I opened myself up to meeting new people and diving into new experiences. One evening, while sitting by the fire with my friend, I realized then that I was simply addicted to depression. I called myself by my name - junkie.

For the next 2+ years, I leaned heavily into the intricacies of trauma and pain. I began utilizing social media to share my observations on the subject matter, including my views on the world of spiritual people that I had encountered. In time, I realized that what I see in others..also resides within myself. This encouraged me to dive even further into my inner workings. Throughout this process, I did not meditate or take the advice of psychologists.

Going deeper into myself, I discovered why my life was not going well for me. As a small child, I often dreamt about great waves of water overcoming the forests, often engulfing all of the trees. I also saw bright flashes of light over the cities. Most of my life, I repeated to myself, like a mantra, I could live under a bridge like a homeless person. I understood that these visions meant that every opportunity the universe was presenting to me, i.e. becoming a psychologist, IT specialist or the owner of a construction company, I would reject automatically. I held a constant fear, those paths did not make sense, they would fall apart regardless of my effort.

Now, looking back, I had experienced visions of what would happen in Indonesia, where tens of thousands of lives were absorbed by the ocean at once. The flashes of light..planes hitting the World Trade Center, and looking at Africa and its economic crises, I might be tempted to say that I have embraced the concept of living in poverty.

My gift has never been discovered or refined. I was born into a family that was typically closed to my spirituality and beliefs. In my youth, I often fell asleep with a blue ball in my heart. In adulthood, I discovered that this is a practice of Tibetan monks, it is the energy of a healer.

Unfortunately, as I have risen from the depths of my depression, a substantial amount of personal debt has accrued ($25-30k). Due to the crippling nature of depression, I didn't have the strength or ability to pay it back. This truth inspired me to began my journey of self-discovery and the self-healing of my trauma, patterns of thought and self-limiting beliefs.

You may ask, why $2 million?? I intend to supply financial assistance to those who need it most. Also, I have a dream to begin a settlement of people who will be free to accept each other in unconditional love, learning how to accept themselves fully as they support one another. I intend to pay off my debts to banks and friends who have supported me. Also, I will transfer a portion to those who are in need of instruments of healing, such as workshops, training, etc. I would also like to begin attending workshops where I may further develop my gifts in a safe space among inspirational people.

That is why I am here, to build my future…to awaken something in you that draws you to sites like this. I have witnessed how important it is to speak the truth openly, speak about your desires and become a conscious channel to receive your gifts.

Wherever this path leads me, I wish to follow it consciously. I desire to fine tune my gifts so that I may help and support others on the path toward further discovery of myself. My process is to share yourself, listen to yourself, dig yourself out of yourself…all while remaining present within your surroundings. I plan to write about my process of healing, talk about it..share it with the world. You can heal yourself, even through simply entering into a kind conversation with a cashier or a homeless person or a policeman standing over you. Within a relationship, the most important thing to remember is to fully accept yourself and to get to know deeply where everything is as it is in the other. Thanks to this, welcoming another person becomes our daily bread. If you feel a vibration in these words, if you are touched by something I have shared and if you feel inspired to offer a gift of abundance to me, I will accept it with great gratitude and openness of heart.

You can find me on Facebook as: Aho Akai

and on youtube:

Many Thanks to Andrea for helping me with translations.

Thank you for being what you were, what you are and what you will be. May all our life be perceived as a gift.

Sebastian Furdal


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