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Update posted by Zixiu Liaw On May 22, 2018


Crazy how time flies and a year has gone past just like that.

A year ago this time, I’m with new people - a new team/family, that I have to journey with for the next 2months .

Still very awestruck by how it all happened and how I made this decision~!

It was true ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’~ *1 of my all time fav Edith Piaf Song!

Looking back, I thought why not let’s get that writing going again. What spur me to be writing now again is realizing how I enjoyed expressing what I learnt, my thoughts, experiences, feelings, God spoken/given revelations, into words - like I’ve always said, ‘I’m not good verbalizing/ piecing into words what’s on my mind...’ - which I stopped saying mostly... *very sound advice by my South African bestie~

In writing(or typing for that matter), it flows... So... I’M BACK~!

Life in Singapore can be so mundane that we can almost go on auto-pilot, letting life happen and roll out on it’s own, doing nothing much really. But we know that even so, we face daily challenges, struggles, temptations and lots more!

So how is it that all this still happen to us(people who have the so called “privileged” life)..?

Simply because the devil is here is kill, steal and destroy... and we must not let him win...

We must not loose sight of the very purpose and stay focus on His ways! He’s our ultimate GPS, we MUST listen and submit to, even when we sometimes like to ‘shout/talk back at or even blame’, He is still our “device” - that leads the direction with wisdom.

For this is the hope of our salvation. But hope means that we must trust and wait for what is still unseen. For why would we need to hope for something we already have?

Romans 8:24 TPT

He never fails. We are in His hands, He is faithful and just. And He’ll do it again and again, just like how the GPS would say ‘make a u-turn’, have that patience to that which is unseen and follow Him, have that confidence, hope and believe in Him.


I realised I haven’t posted here some of the videos we did (there are some videos meant for internal circulation only due to security reasons). So here, enjoy, share and help in anyway you can~:-

The Village https://youtu.be/1qzBmb7Qi3s

Perla https://youtu.be/83SpC7qGYME

Life in Androy https://youtu.be/XvOmiZ6NvCU

OM Madagascar https://youtu.be/-eC3yDvJ2g4

Butterfly Change for Children https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1163736573729348&id=324809867622027&__tn__=%2AW-R

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Update posted by Zixiu Liaw On Aug 18, 2017


During the Trek, we had team devotions by using a bible study method used by OMers - reading a chapter of the Bible, discuss about God, Man & Jesus and then making an 'I Will' statement for the day/forward.

I remembered our last Media Trek Devotions we were on 1 Peter 1, and my 'I Will' statement was to set great expectations. I realized I hadn't really expect anything from God throughout the trek.

And boy, what a lesson it was for me.

Great Expectations = Great Achievements, Accomplishments & Results

God doesn't disappoint, He is Impeccable - which takes me back to the Word I started my Trek with.

I was expecting God for GREAT things - 1 especially was for my game in Kruger.

The BIG 5 they say, "1 must not be too disappointed if you do not see any", the words of Lize ringing in my ears.

I still chose to expect to see ALL 5! That's MY 'great expectations' from God. So not letting my expectation drop this time!

God IS Impeccable, Awesome & GOOD!



We saw ALL 5 and more in 1 game hunt, it's almost a miracle to even the Africans!

Humans are greedy and have the "not enough" mentally, and so do I.

We did see a lion family of 3, however we were too low to get a good shot on Camera. I did see the lion's face, shaking his head and flipping his tail as he sat down in the tall grasses. But I just keep wanting more... to see it standing up again, or maybe another lion elsewhere. Haha... that's me being greedy.

Gratitude. A lesson I've learnt throughout this Trek, and must continue in this life I live.

Now, I Choose and Will myself to give thanks for ALL that I already seen & have! It is enough already luh!

I am VERY Grateful.

All Thanks and Praises and Glory to Him alone!

‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭1:3‬ ‭NLT‬‬

P.S. Pictures to be added soon...


Ostriches @ Dinokeng Game Reserve right beside Butterfly Change For Children is in Hammanskraal, my first game.

Saw 5 Cheetahs @ Pilanesberg National Park, North West, South Africa!!! - Only had my iphone5 camera.

1 Giraffe up-close @ Pilanesberg

Elephants on route to Zambia via Bostwana, almost thought they were statues/sculptures!

Rhino & Baby @ Kruger National Park, South Africa.


Zebra, I think this is a teen!

Lots of Umpala!


Leopard! Most amazing that we got to see it climb up the tree!

Lions - family of 3! Sorry for the shot, we saw it but couldn't get it on camera!


Leopard again on 1 of the night drive!

Question: Do you know which are the Big 5 game animals?!?!

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Update posted by Zixiu Liaw On Aug 09, 2017


It's National Day for Singapore and Surprisingly it's also PH for South Africa's Women's Day!

Yay for celebrations!

I'm all alone now in Johannesburg, and can I say it is just so WEIRD!!! After having the Trek family for almost 3months, and now ALONE.

I walked back to the hotel alone after saying goodbye to Drew(the baby brother) that was with me. Tried to do some shopping @ the mall. BUT I just couldn't get through it feeling off, can you believe me not enjoying shopping ya know?!?!

Maybe I'm just tired... but even back @ the hotel being alone feels SO different! I miss my Trek family!

Taking the train alone now!

I'm trying to recall what God spoke to me when I woke up half asleep earlier this morning.

To wake up every morning, to be able to tell God "Good Morning", knowing that He is with me. Just that alone is enough to be grateful for. Being alone but not lonely.

To anyone who's feeling a little lonely, despair not, you are NOT alone. God is with you and He is for you! I want to encourage you to give your day to God and walk everything step and talk anytime with Him. Place your life in His hands & be secured in His love.

Throughout the trek, I've picked up writing letters/notes for others. I would usually say that I'm not very good with words. So as to what Kotie told me on the last day we've got to spent together, I will try not to say that "I'm not good with words", but to say, "I will verbalize my thoughts better", this is one of the things I've gain from this trip, to always encourage and be thankful and grateful. Being an encourager, that is how God can and will use me.

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Update posted by Zixiu Liaw On Aug 06, 2017

3 August 2017

So… The Media Trek is done 1 week back… Media Trek family is officially OFF. “Daddy” - Kauya (Co-leader) & “Mommy” - Rebecca (Leader) are now “divorced” (Just some funny stuff the family made up). The siblings are all kinda separated now, with Lindsey back in the states.

It got me thinking about the past 2months+ how we had lived together, how we have grown as a family. The dynamics can be crazy sometimes, but all is well, cause we are still a family.

We’ve also transit into different families quite abit:-

OM base in Pretoria, SA, with the MDT people

Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar, with Yant and Miora

Ambovembe, south of Madagascar, with Aliseh, Farah and Herimanina

Mahajanga, north of Madagascar, with the larger OM Madagascar team

Pretoria, SA, with Dusty the crazy dog

Hammanskraal, SA, with Lize and the huge Butterfly family

OM base in Zambia, Africa, with the Agenbag (Kotie’s Family) and the larger OM Zambia Media Team

I started to feel all jumbled and messed up, but in a good way.

Somehow, we are all connected and related (in Christ). This is how heaven will be like, everyone living together as a Big family.

Today at morning devotion, John spoke at the end that Christian Relationships is about Loving and Forgiving each other. I kind of think forgiveness will not happen when we are in heaven, as we will all live in peace and harmony with each other.

So what does that means for now?

To me,

All forgiveness, ALL, has to be settled here on earth, right now.

Is there someone we need to forgive today? A friend? A man? A colleague? A cell member? A fellow christian? Mom? Dad? Sister? Brother?

What was meant to be bad, God meant it for good.

Find the good in every situations.

Great reminder during my QT this morning of a verse that is similar to my verse of the year:-

Jeremiah 17:10

But I, the LORD, search all hearts and examine secret motives. I give all people their due rewards, according to what their actions deserve.”

In the earlier verse, it talks about how deceitful and bad the human heart is.

Constantly, God is reminding me about how He will look at my heart.

I pray that I will walk right with God in my actions, but most importantly, in my heart. We need to constantly connect to Him, His word.

To be ALWAYS grateful and know He meant good for us.

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Update posted by Zixiu Liaw On Jul 24, 2017

21 July 1:30am

Just lay down on bed and I was hearing gunshots being fired somewhere nearby.

Living in this uncertainty of safety is what is unknown to me. I never know if it is ok or not. It might be the rifle being fired from the Safari nearby? Or the guy, criminal, that was hunted down by the crowds protesting @ the township we experience earlier this morning.

I was just editing and adding music into the video we're doing here for Butterfly, a non-profit org, taking care of orphans below 6yrs old, plus she is doing so much MORE! - Look out for updates on where to watch the video when it's up!

*UPDATE Video up on my Vimeo*

You can check out Butterfly Change For Children Facebook page to support and help them in anyway you can!

So much ministry work I see and experience over the past few months that goes almost unnoticed in a big country like Africa. It is really hard and tough.

Labourers are indeed few.

And how many would lay down their upscale life for a simple and almost scavenging life?

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Update posted by Zixiu Liaw On Jul 19, 2017

13 July 9pm

This is the face that I remembered; when we were told to share our favorite/best moment on the island.

This little girl from Antanantsoa village, in the region of Androy, left an impression in my heart. It amazing to me that there is this connection through our eyes.

"Our eyes are the windows to our soul.", they say, and for me, I agree very much.

Clothe in dust and dirt on clothes that must have been worn for days, loose, untamed and not braided hair unlike the rest. I recalled the moment when we got to this village, she caught my attention.

As time passes while we film and all, I notice she looks at me too, like secretly looking from her side. Even though we never spoke, it felt like she was speaking right into my heart with her eyes.

We had a special connection.

Somehow while we were all walking to the baobab tree, it felt natural that we held hands. Her hands felt like a layer of dust was on it too.

The whole time she held on to my hands tightly, till at one point she was hugging unto my legs coz I had to use my hands for the camera.

This is my special moment, it touched my heart.

She is very special to me.

And at this very moment, I know that she is also very special to God.

Just like how she is very special to me, that is how we, everyone of us, are very special to God.

We might feel so insignificant, unnoticed or even unknown.

God know us and loves us.

No matter where we are or where we come from, or what we've been through, what mess we're in, wherever we are at good or bad.

He knows and still loves us.

“You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know everything I do. You know what I am going to say even before I say it, Lord. You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭139:2-5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

What a timely reminder of my verses for 2017.

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Update posted by Zixiu Liaw On Jul 14, 2017

21 June 2017 7:45am

It's our 3rd day in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar, it's our flight day = leaving. 😢

There's barely much tourist here, a hard place to get to with the road conditions.

As I watch the 3(Drew, Rebecca & Kotie) ran out into the ocean, I remember the song Oceans. So I started playing it on my phone as I'm typing this. They have already pass the break of waves(where it crashes). I managed to did it yesterday too! Out of breath and almost drowned is how I would call it. Thank God I'm still alive to experienced AND see all of His creations. I have my coffee with me.

The sound of the oceans is drowning the "Oceans". I can barely hear the lyrics. How can I stand in the deep oceans? Thinking back about how tough it was to get pass the breaking waves and to be floating somehow in fear of more crashing waves. I managed to hold out for awhile without the crazy waves and just float and catch my breath. But once that's done, it seems like the waves are coming in again, and we need to go deeper into the oceans. I was fearful.

How can 1 have faith at such difficult times like these?

We have to go deeper. Yes. Deeper. I need to search up the science of how the waves start forming into crashes, to know more about His creation. But from where I'm seated and looking at the waves, the shallower you're at, the more crashes(challenges). Is that why people always says "dig deeper"?

The deeper you go, you will not be standing on solid ground, but on solid faith! "My faith will stand", I will rest in the "embrace" of Your waves so my faith will rise. "I'll keep my eyes above the waves" from Your vantage point, so I will not fear.

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭121:1-8‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


Lord, I will lift up my eyes to You.

Even when tough times come, I will trust in You. Take me deeper so my faith will grow. Let me not loose sight of you and of what You want to do in my life. I will fix my eyes on you. There's so many times I fail, I can't do it on my own, but You lead me please. Not let my pride or self-sufficiency ever take control. I do have fears, but let faith(even as small as a mustard seed) rule over it.

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Update posted by Zixiu Liaw On Jul 09, 2017

27 June

It's a crazy "loza be" (dangerous in Malagasy) but stunning ride in the kombi.

The narrow and windy road passing small towns, hills and mountains. On 1 side I see the sunlight lit up the beautiful and gorgeous sceneries, on the other, the light breaking through the whispery and mystical clouds.

We started our journey @ 5:30am, and it's 7:30am now. 6hrs more to go.

I saw a house seating in the middle of nowhere and it reminds me of my road trips in the west side of the world. It's the same beauty, same nature, same God. The Same Love. 😌

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Update posted by Zixiu Liaw On Jul 02, 2017

My Testimony was on OM Africa Facebook - Media Trek Testimony

Here's my full write up:-

Ambovombe: there's dust, dirt, and a different kind of culture and mindset that I am not used to. I wonder where is God in all of this. Coming from clean and green Singapore, where we have everything we need with no lack, I struggled to find the answer.

Experiencing and capturing missions work through my lens was what I came here for, and yes I can say now that I've seen the works in this part of the world. It is in the hands of the people of God, and we really have to put our faith in action.

I utterly respect and admire two particular ladies, Farah and Herimanina, plus other workers and even the villagers. They are His hands and His feet, bringing His glory wherever they go. We all need to do likewise.

1 Cor 10:31

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it for the glory of God.

Follow OM Africa Facebook or @OM_Africa Instagram for more of our updates! ❤️

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Update posted by Zixiu Liaw On Jun 27, 2017

We are currently two-third our journey to Mahajanga, in the town of Maevatanana.

I had the time and I had this riding on my mind, so I'll do this FOOD post (also specially dedicated to my baby sister, Wing wing), as a true Singaporean! I MISS home cooked food the most! Other than AL the hawker food we have.

Well, I've ate so much since the start of my trip, I began to wonder if I will ever loose weight. Well, before I started, I had thoughts about myself either loosing weight or gaining weight. Just the usual regular weight cautious Singaporean girl, who is a foodie!

But boy, the verdict... I guess/hope I'm the same - You tell me when I'm back in Singapore?!?!

In South Africa, where we started @ the base camp, we are basically FED! With international food that the MDT(Mission Discipleship Training - 6 months) teams there cook. We also did our share of kitchen rotation duties.

Then when we had training, all the MDT teams are gone for outreach. So we prepared and cooked our own meals. Early mornings and long days = Lotsa Coffee!

We then started with our 1st few projects @ Meetse. That's when we were also FED, ate out once and again self cooked.


They are not kidding when they say that rice is a must in their meals. We had so much rice...

Rice = Carbs = Fat

So in the south, Ambovembe, they fed us!

It's not just rice rice, but also rice cake, bread, fried dough, cassava and Lots of BANANAS!

So now you see how? How can I loose weight?!?! Gosh...

Back in the capital, Antananarivo. We "try" to be healthier, check out our lovely breakfast SPREAD. 😅

Oh wells... What can I say...

I'm a true Foodie! 😍

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