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Update posted by Sarahanne Cody Karin Karner On Dec 28, 2017

Crisis hit two weeks ago when Karin my charity partner's house completely flooded waist high deep and she was stuck in a valley with 9 rescue dogs. She carried the dogs out one by one through overflowing gushing rivers. It became urgent to get our shelter up and running so Karin could find safety and also provide 24 hour care to our rescues. We secured a house which has 2 large buildings perfect for a shelter and living residence however this is only the beginning. We are still $500 short, we need to build kennels, fencing, buy supplies and make the house livable. The future plan is to allow people from all over the world to stay at The Sydney Project and do some charity work with the dogs. Step by step and with the help of funding we will get there. Karin is adopting at a fast rate and has a real knack for finding the perfect homes. This means we can keep our shelter dogs to a minimum and have a one out one in basis. Our focus will still remain on big dog breeds as we are experienced with handling them and there's very limited people on the island rescuing them.

If you have followed my story on other social media platforms you would be aware of Leo's story, a pitbull beaten badly by his owner, taken by someone else but chained on top of a trailer at a temple and left in pouring rain. 2 days had already past before I got the rescue message and Karin and I raced out there. He was found in enormous amounts of pain, huge scars to his head and a broken leg. Lucky for Leo he was taken to safety and not long into a foster after vet treatment who ended up adopting him. Rocky unfortunately hasn't been as lucky. He's been with the project for 2 months which includes time at Happy Paws boarding, then the vet and soon after Bamboo Pitfall training. Rocky spent his entire life in a cage, used for breeding and put on a pitfall treadmill which is horrible and cruel as they are forced to run at high speed for hours. We don't know his complete history but whatever it was he is traumatised. He needed to learn very basic dog behaviours. A couple met Rocky, fell in love but soon discovered his aggression towards other animals wasn't easy to manage and he killed a dog and chickens. I am currently in Bali and will arrange to extend my stay and spend time with him before he goes back to training. Funds are urgently needed for Rocky's training and its his only hope of being rehomed.

Mt Agung is still simmering which has seen more than 150,000 people evacuated from the surrounding village ordered to leave all their animals behind. It's crisis with animals stuck in cages, chained and running around the streets scared and starving. If you would like to arrange food to be sent to rescuers working on the area please private message me.

The dog meat trade has become worse than ever. Dog thief's have become so brazen they are even stealing pets from backyards and have no shame in releasing footage beating dogs to death whilst laughing. What I have seen is horrific and dog meat restaurants continue to open even in popular tourist locations like Kerobokan & Canggu. Karin recently pulled a dog out of a sack of a dog thief and it was only a puppy.

So I guess I can say if anything the situation is worse not better but with the opening of the shelter and the help of Australia we can keep chipping away at a large problem.

Your help is needed!

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Update posted by Sarahanne Cody Karin Karner On Oct 08, 2017

The Sydney Project recently helped a Bali Dog that was hit by a motorbike and left for 3 days. She sat outside a Warung waiting for a human to help her. Finally a local girl put out a call for help and with endless emails I accepted the rescue and arranged for her to get to the emergency vet at midnight. The whole thing was co-ordinated from Australia and the Vet administered pain killers immediately on arrival. X-rays confirmed she had a broken leg and was in excuricating pain. Pepe spent the week at the vet waiting for a plate to arrive for her leg. The big day arrived and she was sterilised at the same time, vaccinated and wormed upon waking. Surgery went well and she has been ordered 2 months cage rest so she's currently in boarding at Happy Paws while her leg heals and then we will work on an adoption campaign. All up Pepe's rescue has cost $1200 and we still face the huge problem of finding an adult Bali Dog a home. Rest up little Pepe.

Samantha the labrador who spent her life in a cage forced to breed has just gone to a loving family to live with a little maltese shitzu. Samantha was quite anxious when she arrived at Happy Paws after the vet so Johnsen, Happy Paws owner slowly introduced her to all the other dogs to build her confidence. She now lives a free life with a backyard and sterilised so her breeding days are over.

Lastly dear beautiful Bella, the pitbull covered from head to toe in a nasty skin condition finally found an incredible home. Bella spent two months under The Sydney Project and was lucky enough to have a month training at Bamboo with Marcel who is highly specialised with pitbulls. Bella had so many pitbull friends there and was known as the goofball. Huge thank you to Rhonda from Jet Set Petz who worked on this rescue with me and Karin Karner who found Bella's adopters.

Whats next for The Sydney Project? Pay off all the remaining bills and work towards building a shelter.

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Update posted by Sarahanne Cody Karin Karner On Sep 11, 2017

As you know I'm still rescuing dogs in Bali. In fact I got a dog out of a cage yesterday and we have another pitbull going into the vet today. I'm currently working on shutting down as many backyard puppy farms as I can!

I work with 2 rescues and between the 3 of us we all have huge bills for the vet, dog training and boarding.

One rescuers I work with still has $5000 outstanding. This stops us from rescuing more and when we do still rescue because we can't say no it stresses all of us.

We all get updates! All bloody day long of dogs needing help and we can't rescue them all due to funds.

If you hate seeing animal cruelty and want to support solo rescuers in Bali please donate to my project. I still have plans to set up a shelter but without funds it's impossible.

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Update posted by Sarahanne Cody Karin Karner On Jul 12, 2017

A new pitbull rescue is under my wing and here is her story.....

A post was put out in one of the dog community groups for urgent help with this 8 month old female pitbull.

Most rescuers will be tagged and a dog is not collected until someone agrees to take on the case and all the costs associated. Rescuers are completely stretched, shelters are full and there's not enough funds to help. A passionate pitbull lover and Bali rescuer Rhonda Lepsch acted quickly, accepted responsibility and had her collected and delivered straight to Sunset Vet where the majority of urgent rescues go but Rhonda already has 44 dogs in her care. AMAZING WOMAN!

I had Australia's funds sitting there waiting for an opportunity to reach out give with great love and told Rhonda that I would be at the clinic in the morning not only cover all the costs of the vet treatment but take over the case for her so she can continue with her current rescues. She thanked me and said I took a huge weight off her shoulders.

I was already prepared for what I was about to see and tears rolled down my face before I even stepped into the clinic. I needed to compose myself so I could talk to the staff and know exactly what we are dealing with. I knew the baby would be suffering and it was just the beginning of a long process.

The vets had diagnosed her with Demodex, a skin parasite that affects weakened dogs usually starting with being malnourished. She was covered in ticks, two blood parasites, infected wounds and I was told she won't look at a human. That's what hurt the most. Wounds are treatable but a dogs wounded heart takes a long time heal.

After spending a couple of hours with her you can see she now trusts a human hand and knows she has a second chance at life. So thankyou Australia. You provided this to her and I'm giving you all the opportunity to name her (please comment below) and I will select a special name.

Friends, family, clients, people who care please SHARE her story so everyone can see there's a lot of people making a huge difference to the suffering animals in Bali.

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Update posted by Sarahanne Cody Karin Karner On May 20, 2017

My kind hearted gypsy travelling friend Sarahanne recently moved from Australia to Bali and in just a short time has found herself heavily entrenched in Bali's animal welfare. It started off when an Indonesian lady saved 5 puppies that were being killed by being beaten with sticks. She was desperate for anyone to take the pups and provide treatment. Without being properly set up Sarah had two of the puppies dropped to her villa and that's where it all began.

Sarah cleaned the puppies, removing there ticks and fleas. She then paid for the vet to vaccinate, worm and check over the puppies. She bought supplies, food, treatments, medications, antiseptic and bedding for the pups when she had so many other set up costs in Bali associated with getting a villa.

The next day Sarah found a puppy caged in the direct harsh sun and asked the Indonesian why it was caged and they said covered in ticks and fleas. So once again Sarah offered her help and told the family she would take the dog, pay for all its treatment and return it on the basis it would never be caged again. She also donated money to the family for future vaccinations/care and organised the Pet Crusaders a Mobile Sterilisation Unit to sterilise the puppies mother to prevent further costs to the family from unwanted puppies.

The next day I returned home to the villa to find Sarah sitting on the bathroom floor with another terribly sick puppy that she found in rubbish on the street, malnourished, injured, covered in a skin parasite and scabbed from head to toe. She spent all night removing its ticks and treating its wounds and in the morning I found her sleeping outside with the puppy wrapped up in a towel to comfort it was clearly traumatised. Once again organised urgent vet treatment to the villa the next day.

The word is starting to creep out about Sarah and her kindness, willingness to help and day after day she was receiving emails, texts and calls needing help. Her villa was set up as a place for her to relax and her friends and family to visit but is now a puppy haven to pups that need urgent care.

As you can imagine the costs involved to provide care and treatment isn't cheap. I know her all to well, she would clean out her bank account caring for the helpless animals of Bali who would otherwise be dead until she is down to her last cent so I urgently set up this fundraising page for her.

I can see the pain in Sarah's eyes, she knows she can only help on a small scale but with time and a community behind her she has some huge plans to leave her footprint in Bali and chip away at an issue greater than we ever imagined. The puppies are just the beginning.
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I just learnt about your charity from a friend on Facebook. Thank you for being a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Animal cruelty breaks my heart & I struggle to know how to make a difference. Thank you for all you do ❤️💔❤️💔❤️💔❤️

Danielle Orchard

Backed with $40.00 On Apr 09, 2018


Juliette D'Angelo

Backed with $60.00 On Mar 20, 2018


Keep up the good work guys. I would love to help in any way. Xxx

Sarah Miller

Backed with $140.00 On Mar 17, 2018


Maria Stavris

Backed with $100.00 On Mar 15, 2018


Lovely to meet sarahanne out for dinner. Keep up the good work. Cathy and chris

Chris Ferguson

Backed with $100.00 On Mar 14, 2018


From my rescue babies and myself. It's not much but I hope it helps. Good up the good work 💗

Tegan Roberts

Backed with $20.00 On Mar 09, 2018


Every little bit counts!

Kylie Harry

Backed with $20.00 On Mar 08, 2018



Joshua Murtagh

Backed with $50.00 On Mar 08, 2018


I feel so sad for those doggies.. Lucky they got u, you're doing a great job!

Victoria Isaksson

Backed with $77.00 On Mar 08, 2018


Cheryl Davenport

Backed with $20.00 On Mar 05, 2018

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