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  • My name is Othmane Moussaid, I’m 19 years old, and I'm a first-year physics student at a Moroccan university. I love physics and aspire to become a widely known theoretical physicist to answer the most difficult and important questions in physics, harness the power of nature, and improve world-changing technologies like quantum computing and nuclear fusion. I also excel in other things like project management (I have a research paper coming out soon about this), football (soccer), and strategic planning. I love watching Japanese anime and reading manga and my favorite series is Naruto. I am also an anime freelance writer who writes video scripts about One Piece for a YouTube channel, while also serving as the channel manager where I apply my project management skills to improve the performance of my client’s channel.
  • I applied last year to many UK universities and I was admitted by the University of Dundee. However, I could not find any relevant scholarships that could cover all of my study, accommodation, and living expenses. I have met all entry and registration requirement, but I failed to get into this university because I did not and I still don’t have the ability to fund my studies.
  • I come from a lower middle-class family that struggles to meet its monthly and daily needs in Morocco. My family’s yearly income is about $4500-$4800 and the required funds for all university expenses are at least six times that amount. This is a direct result of the high currency exchange rate between Moroccan dirhams and UK pounds.
  • I have also been admitted this year to a number of UK universities, and I will be very very grateful if you donate to help me meet some of the financial requirements, like tuition fees and accommodation fees. This will open the door for me to learn, thrive and become an elite theoretical physicist, which will directly benefit you in the future. How? Feel free to read my story below on how I will take this world to the next stage in scientific and technological evolution.

My Story

Scientists create manuals, physicists create encyclopedias, and I will create a cheat sheet.

When my 3rd grade teacher asked me about my future career, I said without hesitation that I want to become an inventor. I couldn’t remember what made me say this, but I lived the next three years with the same idea in mind. However, it all started to change in the winter of 2014 after watching episode 3 of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, which was hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. This was the supernova of my curiosity. I could not wait until I learn physics in middle school and high school, and I also didn’t have access to the internet at that time. So when I started creating my own theories by merely relying on my imagination and what I learned in the documentary.

At the age of 11, with pure intuition and little comprehension of the concepts presented in the documentary, I deduced that neutron stars and other celestial objects have what I called the “amount of gravity”. I only knew the basic math operation at that time, but I came up with an equation to describe this quantity: the amount of gravity is the product of two neutron stars’ “amount of gravity” divided by the time it takes to travel from one star to the other. Silly isn’t it! Three years later, I learned about Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation and the shock was that this famous equation is a carbon copy of my equation from an intuitive point of view. Of course, in physics, my equation doesn’t make any sense. While watching the biography of Albert Einstein in The Genius, I considered myself an elite physicist and said to myself that E=mc2 is wrong because it doesn’t include gravity like F=ma (I had learned a bit of physics at this point). Years later, I learn that there is special relativity and general relativity. The first is supposed to tell how things move in spacetime relative to the speed of light without gravity (acceleration), while the general theory tells you about the gravity of massive objects like black holes. I still have the papers of what the old me claimed to be theories, and whenever I look back at them, I can’t stop myself from laughing.

Right before the beginning of high school, and out of the blue, I realized that something is missing in physics. From what I learned in four years, there are a lot of laws and theories in physics and some of them contradict each other. In that case, we won’t know which law or theory we should use to describe nature completely. To solve this problem, I defined four physical quantities and named them the Four Elements of the Universe, but these elements for some reason can’t fit into my thought experiments. So, what if there was a law or an equation that could combine all these four elements and describe the entire universe? I called such equation “The Equation of the Universe (EOU)” (I like naming things lol). I was so excited because for the first time I came up with my original theory, only to discover a few months later when I watched a movie about Stephen Hawking’s life that physicists have already dreamed of such a thing and it’s called the Theory of Everything. Was I proud? Only a bit. I was frustrated because this is the third time I have come up with something original while physicists made the same discoveries decades ago. So my career ambition changed to becoming a theoretical physicist and my goal is to arrive at the ultimate theory, the Theory of Everything. Sounds epic but what does this have to do with you?

The Theory of Everything is some super theory or equation that combines all the laws of physics and can describe any phenomenon in the universe. Think of it as a Swiss army knife for physicists. If you were to compare physics to a picture, many spots would be blurry or even missing, but the Theory of Everything is a 4K picture that you can’t complain about its quality. The Theory of Everything is a Unified Field Theory which means that it can unify at least two major theories, or fields of physics, together to give another ultimate theory. These are quantum mechanics, which tells you how things work on the subatomic level, and general relativity. The problem is that gravity can’t fit into quantum mechanics’ laws and equations and vice versa. It can only fit if we can discover an elementary particle for gravity, like photons for electromagnetism and gluons for strong nuclear force. So if I can afford my university’s tuition fees and other expenses, my job will be to reach a quantization of gravity, solve some paradoxes in physics, and mix everything into the Theory of Everything.

Physics has the biggest impact on humans more than any other science. Did you know that the computer or smartphone you use right now to read this exists thanks to a property of electrons (and other elementary particles) called spin? Bits of 1s and 0s are just the spin of electrons, and discussing spin takes only 3-4 lectures in a quantum mechanics module inside a large physics course! I feel indebted and committed to this world like every other human who seeks knowledge, and if I could reach the Theory of Everything, humans will get on a rocket called progress (we are on a train right now). A better understanding of gravity and spacetime will enable improvements in space travel, we will understand the Earth’s full range of physical properties and more importantly its climate system. Then we would be able to generate countless solutions for climate change and renewable energy. We can also improve medical imaging with a better understanding of electromagnetism and radiation for better resolution and accuracy, which would lead to faster diagnosis. We could tackle any emerging challenges in nature or technology because we have a full understanding of the physical laws that govern them.

We should also be able to improve energy storage by increasing the efficiency of batteries, and by understanding the subatomic properties of matter, we can generate energy in a variety of ways. I’m sure you heard about this one: you will have quantum computers on your desk instead of ordinary computers because with our current understanding and technology we can’t make practical quantum computers. We will witness a revolution in chemistry with a full understanding of matter physics which will lead to improvements in many industries. It’s true that we succeeded in making a nuclear fusion reaction, but with the Theory of Everything we will be able to make nuclear fusion energy accessible to all people. The list of benefits doesn’t have an end and all humans should view the Theory of Everything as their ultimate and common goal. I’m not exaggerating since it would be a one-for-all solution to humanity’s biggest problems. Humans who do not realize its significance or at least appreciate such ambition do not have the right to call themselves humans, since we call ourselves humans thanks to our strive for knowledge by observing, asking questions, imagining, experimenting, solving problems, and making laws to improve our lives. This is not just my dream or most physicists’ dream; this is humanity’s dream.

This is my third and final attempt to get into a university in the United Kingdom to study physics. I was admitted last year by the University of Dundee and met all the requirements. All requirements except money. I asked the university to increase my scholarship, which didn’t cover even half of my tuition fees, but my request was refused, and I couldn’t start my journey to become a theoretical physicist. For the meantime, I joined a public university here in Morocco while preparing for another attempt. I was admitted this year by universities like the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and the University of Central Lancashire, but again I do not have the ability to finance my studies. I believe that I have searched almost the entire internet over the past three years for scholarships and I am eligible for only a few. Even if I won them all, they wouldn’t be enough to cover the accommodation fees let alone the tuition fees. After becoming a freelance scriptwriter last year, my monthly income ($350) surpassed my father’s which demonstrates our difficult financial situation. So my parents and even my relatives are not viable options to support my studies. There is also the currency factor, where 1 pound is about 12 Moroccan dirhams. The money that I would pay my tuition fees with and use for living expenses can get you a house, a car, and you would end up with a lot to spare on furniture and other things in Morocco. We neither own a house nor a car.

In addition, physicists who graduate from universities in Morocco have almost one career path, which is becoming a physics teacher, unless they get another degree in engineering for example. Not to mention the horrible teaching and curriculum. Not a single experiment is performed until the 3rd year. The only government scholarships available are for students who have been admitted at some French universities and for postgraduate students who will study in the US. It is not just that I can’t afford studying at my chosen university, I can’t even afford studying at a pirate university in Morocco. I also applied to a private university in Morocco last year as a backup because they have a merit-based scholarship, but after taking an admission test in another city and paying its fees, I was left devastated by hearing about the most stupid scholarship in the world. They didn’t even mention on their website and documents that their scholarship is just a reimbursement that can take place only after you pay the tuition fees. If I could afford the fees in the first place, I’d rather use it to pay University of Dundee fees. The university officer on the phone tried her best to make it seem as if they didn’t mislead me and other people. This is the number one private university in Morocco by the way.

It is clear that unless I study at a world-class university and build relationships with the most talented students and most distinguished faculty, I will never be able to achieve my goal of formulating the Theory of Everything. At this point, you know that I am not a patient guy when it comes to physics, so during the last year of high school, I began exploring quantum mechanics, which is just another word for violating logic with logic. I delved into many of its counterintuitive concepts and the beauty of its formulation starting from Plank’s constant and arriving at the wave function and its various forms. If you ever read a book or watched a video about quantum mechanics, you already know how difficult it is to understand its concepts. But I succeeded in disregarding my classical intuition the whole time, not until I started studying quantum entanglement, or what Einstein called spooky action at a distance. That’s where my disbelief in the Copenhagen interpretations began, which eventually grew to become an opposition to the modern interpretation of quantum mechanics.

There are dozens of reasons why I don’t agree with it despite its agreement with experimental data. The most obvious reason is the century-long contradiction with General Relativity which is the main roadblock in the face of a Unified Field Theory. To tackle this, I spent many months during my last year of high school studying two opposite scientific papers that deal with quantum entanglement, and I learned more about quantum mechanics during the process than I originally planned. The first was written by Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen and the second is Bell’s falsification of their theory. Climbing a 100-meter-long ladder in only two steps now seems easier to me than analyzing these papers and trying to come up with a new interpretation of quantum mechanics. My first paper, titled On The Quantum Description Of Reality, stopped at page six and I could no longer make any progress towards reaching a new interpretation. It’s not a good feeling at all when someone realizes that they’ve reached their limits. I simply reached my limits at self-learning.

I took a gap year in which I learned most project management concepts and skills in only two months because I had naturally used them in my life prior to this. I also found that most project management frameworks and methodologies can be greatly improved. Project management can become a science. Thus, I went on to create my own frameworks that are more complex than the existing ones and some of them, like my Scenario Planning Framework, require the use of computers with high processing capacities to produce their outputs within a reasonable timeframe. I also integrated the scientific method into some workflows and frameworks because I view project management as a science rather than as a simple toolset. My greatest achievement is the Time Management Framework. I completely revolutionized this field of project management and turned it into a new field of science that relies on my theory, DTM Logic, which defines key principles and theorems to create a project schedule following an established mathematical model. With all due respect to project managers and the ones who contributed to its development, if I had to compare DTM Logic to existing practices, it would be like comparing an old computer to NASA’s supercomputer in terms of complexity. The paper is being written right now and I will include a link to it on this page once I finish it. Perhaps these improvements I made and the frameworks I created stem from the same desire to reach the Theory of Everything. Without being able to pinpoint the flaws and inconsistencies in our current theories, we will never be able to achieve this, and I am confident about my ability to do this.

Your donation will help me at least pay the advanced tuition fee deposit and the advanced accommodation fee deposit to obtain a document called the CAS that I can use for my UK Student Visa application. I will also use the donations to pay many other types of fees concerning the visa application. Without meeting such requirements by June my dreams, my hopes, and probably your future hopes will turn into ashes. I will continue to search for other solutions to pay the rest of the fees and cover my living expenses, and if you are willing to support me in this regard, please contact me on social media or by email: [email protected]. Finally, thank you so much for taking the time to read this super long story and donating to our project (yup it’s not just mine). I’m very grateful .

Fun fact: the more you approach the speed of light the fatter you get thanks to special relativity (relativistic mass) and the Lorentz factor!


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Answering Your Questions About The Cosmos!

I will do my best to answer any kind of questions you have in mind about the wonders of this universe.

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A Seat In My Future Noble Prize Lecture!

If I win the Nobel Prize in physics in the future (hopefully), I will insist on giving you a seat in the lecture hall. Don't worry, I won't forget about you.

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I'm Othmane Moussaid and I study physics at a Moroccan university. I love physics and aspire to become a widely known theoretical physicist.

I'm Othmane Moussaid and I study physics at a Moroccan university. I love physics and aspire to become a widely known theoretical physicist.


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  • Good luck with your university and scientific journey!


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