The Unknown Prophet Reflections Of My Visions

Update posted by randalb3 On Oct 10, 2013

10/09/13: Through the process of my project the relative issues directed too the facts that are taking place each day also too direct towards the larger scale of occurrences are the more destructive end result the volcanic movement that is as I described all taking form as I write I have also tried too express that what we have learned through the course I began my project each day forward the movement of volcanos floods earthquakes strong winds excessive rain hurricanes typhoons strange glows the beginning of large amounts of snow only too touch on the true picture if these occurrences continue with this pace and do add too this the things that happened with this almost exact pattern for one this should be alarming too the fact that truth is upon us and most important though you may have not believed me at the start but through only a little time and these issues are not about too stop for us but also understand that I see the biggest danger of all no one has real solutions and no course of action infarct the people in charge of many of these issues put through there findings talk about the year closer towards 2047 I guess the real question I should ask is can it Waite.

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Update posted by randalb3 On Oct 04, 2013

The changes in my project are too reflect with the changes needed too evolve with reflextion of our quickly changing world also that this project is my initiation towards my learning prosses too be able too create new projects as needed and too also expand upon some facts that what I have is a gift for only one reason too prevail the things that I already know and too alow the present ones and on too only be used for the reason it was given our understanding of what too do too stop the direction too try too heal our world and all that exists on it .

 The important thing that I also need too reflect is about the next two weeks with the area that I described early in my project through the other parts of the world there are some relitive parts that also hve great importance such as the bermuda triangle between Asia and Canada the also ripple effects that will also reach every other part of the world have connection too these parts of main origens .

Too further try too reach a point in the weeks through three weeks on the areas hit with cold weathers are going too have some weather patterns with the possibility of storms greater than some in the 60s too be more precise ice storms snow amounts but also understand that for the rest of the world there will be a continual pattern of catastrofic perportions in through all the world.

With all this in mind let me try too reach the fact that even I can only explain a little at a time because this trend and the important points of origin come faster than we all can absorb it .

There are also many sighns through other things that have and will continually show through other means which in most cases I have most answers that can only reflect through the further growth of my project now and the ones that I will continue.

I would like too express my thanks for everyone who has taken the time too read my project the amount of people alone has given me better ground too direct the prosses needed too get through my own brick walls that I stumble upon.

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Update posted by randalb3 On Oct 01, 2013

Too further update the importance too the part of the world that may be hardest hit with these catastrophes are within the 60 degree north down towards the equator the possible impact greater within Asia through too Indonesia but through out the rest of the world at these points will also have effect  showing greater signs within the next two weeks.    

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Update posted by randalb3 On Oct 01, 2013

The hardest part of the project is trying too find the way too allow everyone who will read this but must understand that I can not claim too be accurate but have assurances that may allow me too be within close proximity's of these important occurrences that have began within the last two week and these will occur at greater and more powerful devastations and may show even greater impact than in the past  for the next two weeks  through hurricanes flooding earthquakes sink holes and volcanic movement most hardest hit within the western regions. With all this in mind understand that I am trying too help for us too slowly prepare this though it is always happening at alarming speed and rates for us too cope along the ways of these occurrences we need too think safer ahead within the waters and all over the world too prepare for the most inevitable thing too fix the problem that began this stage of disasters and heading towards extinction if we do not exept it and begin the reversal of its direction through the help of the entire world

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