The Stairwell Music Video/Film Project

Update posted by Tim Yusuf On Apr 30, 2014

My name is Tim Yusuf and I’m a film director/writer/editor. I’m currently based in Toronto but from NYC. I’m trying to fund a long form music video on 16 mm Kodak film. This is to achieve a very specific contrast and look.


The short music/video film, “The Stairwell” is a horror/thriller, which will have a running time of 25 – 30 minutes. You can watch the original 3-minute music video I shot of the concept on a digital camera - 60D Canon right here:


I also shot a 6 minute short film called “One’s Good Deed” that’s in the mystery/horror genre. I’ve included that here so you can see an example of past work if you choose. You can watch that here:  


As you can see in the “Stairwell” video, we have a really good concept that we’d like to expand with more story and plot using various songs. If you like what you see and hear, I would LOVE your support! I’m an independent artist and I created this concept with a small team/crew. We’re in this for the love of the craft., and are eager to put our time, heart and souls into creating this new project.


As you can hear on the original we used Portishead’s “We Carry On.” Just to note, we will absolutely obtain permission to use the tracks selected and we already know exactly how much we’ll need to pay for that.


This is what we need and what you’ll get. As we don’t have a film production company or record label funding the project, we’ll need your support in achieving our goal!


I know that I can make this film for a total of $7,500. We still need $2,000 to meet our fundraising goal. This goes to the film crew who make this a smooth shoot, plus equipment fees, film stock and film lab processing.


I had indicated an error on my part earlier this week in not having funds raised from friends and family done through crowdsourcing. This would most likely have helped generate far more interest. However to reverse that would now be far too complicated.


With your kind donations, you’ll be a part of fulfilling the dream of a handful of passionate independent artists create something incredible. You’ll make our dream a reality, while supporting an incredible project!


To show our appreciation for your donations, we believe you should be rewarded for supporting us. We very recently revised the Rewards Section. You can receive an autographed DVD, Facebook shout outs; free digital downloads of both the new music video project/film and my first short “One’s Good Deed.” Please check out the new Rewards section!


Although I’ve only done very small budget a short film (for $200) and a music video ($150) I’m still just beginning my career. Therefore this upcoming project means the world to me as it will allow more people to see my work and get my name out there! I’m really hoping in these final few days of the campaign that I can still get people excited about this film project and attract new followers in the making! I truly believe you’ll all enjoy the finished film!



Thank you for taking the time to see more of what this is all about. There are also other ways you can help too. I know that times are tough for many, but any donations are greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps! Whether you can donate or not, you can still SPREAD THE WORD! Please tell your friends, friends of friends, siblings, half siblings, stepsiblings, parent, stepparents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, second cousins twice removed, EVERYONE! You can spread the love on Twitter and Facebook using the tools listed here on the   site!



Thank you again!


Tim Yusuf + Crew

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Update posted by Tim Yusuf On Apr 29, 2014


You can also check out one of my short films on the link below if this helps. 

It was shot on a 7D for all of $200. Although this was done on a virtually nonexistent  budget, you can see something I've previously written and directed if you're on the fence about contributing to this project. Plus by default it would help with this current campaign. 

Happy viewing and thanks for your support! 

Tim Yusuf - Writer, Director 




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Update posted by Tim Yusuf On Apr 27, 2014

Hi, please help out our campaign as it's winding down.

I should point out that as I'm new to crowdsourcing,  I have made a campaign error. I had first asked family & friends to contribute funds to our project, which they did. However it was not through crowdsourcing. It seems that I should have asked for them to contribute directly to the site(s) to generate interest after launching the crowdsouring campaign on the site. It would be far too complicated to go back on that now, but if you can still help, it will greatly appreciated. In addition to what we've already obtained from friends and family, we still urgently need to raise at least $2,000 to carry out this film project. ?This is amount is roughly 30% of the total budget needed. 

As always, if you have any questions before doanting or contributing, please do not hesitate to ask. 


Tim Yusuf and Crew for 

"The Stairwell" 

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Update posted by Tim Yusuf On Apr 25, 2014

Hello again everyone,

???I know that these are hard times and a film project does seem a little frivolous given the economic anxiety everyone is currently experiencing. However please be assured I have no intent of delivering a product that is not worthy of yours, plus a general audiences 25 plus minutes of running time.


??Imagine the feeling you’ll have either seeing your name, whether it be on the official Facebook page, Certificate of Completion, or a an official DVD release in the rolling credits. Basically the feeling of knowing this film/music project would not exist if not for your participation.


??This is why we are asking for small amounts, even though I’m aware that every penny counts these days. I feel a duty to complete a project that is of the highest quality if I'm asking members of the crowdsourcing community to part with hard earned cash. And this will mostly be due to the fact that you made this possible.


??With just a few days left for funding, please join me in making this project by contributing whatever you can. Everything adds up and brings us closer to our goal of shooting this project. ??Also feel free to ask me any questions or present any concerns you might have regarding your participation/contribution.


There is a contact link here on the site. ??Thank you again, and I look forward to delivering a fantastic final cut of this project.


???Yours truly,??

Tim Yusuf – Director + Script and Concept. Plus the Stairwell Crew.

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