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Update posted by Danielle LaRose On Mar 30, 2013

Hello again everyone. Just wanted to quickly remind you that Sherry's 50th birthday is tomorrow!! We will be celebrating here with the family for her big day and Easter as well. We will be presenting her with her Adventure Book tomorrow and telling her about the fundraiser. I will NOT be revealing the amount we have raised until the fundraiser closes on April 5th just in case we have some stragglers wanting to make it in on the project. I have written all the names of our wonderful contributors in the back of Sherry's Adventure book so she can see all the people who have been a part of the project. I will not be writing the amounts contributed, however I have indicated for Sherry who she will be sending postcards to.

So, if you want your name in the back of the Adventure book before Sherry opens it tomorrow, go to the link below and donate so she can be wowed by the show of people who love her so much!!!! Me and Kara are going to video her opening it and we'll send you some pictures of her face very soon!

Thank you again for your excitement and support, we could never have done this without each and every one of you.

Dani and Kara

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Update posted by Danielle LaRose On Mar 15, 2013


Well, I've arrived safe and sound from the UK and hopefully I'll be able to shake this pesky jet lag soon. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm in the country again, so if you have any donations you would prefer to give in person rather than using the website, you can email me and we can sort something out.
Right away, I just wanted to reiterate that this is a very secret fundraiser and Sherry mustn't know a thing about it, so if there's someone on Facebook that you think might be interested in the project, please either send them a private message or, ideally, ask for their email so you can send them the link. Please do not post it on your wall or in your status where she can see it; she can be very nosy and she might pick up our scent!
We are getting ever closer to Sherry's big day, so after the second week of the project, I just wanted to let you all know where we stand. So far, we have raised an incredible $925. That means, if she decides to visit at expensive peak tourist times like May or June, she will have enough for a five nights stay at this amazing cottage that I've been in contact with in Tuscany, plus all the meals and wine and vineyard tours and sightseeing and cooking classes her little heart desires!
Old Stone Cottage
If you got to the link above, you can see  photos, videos, and information about the place. It's absolutely stunning. It's amazing that we've all come together to give her this kind of getaway, but I think we can raise a lot more this week so we can send her to even more beautiful places and  give her the chance to live all the European dreams she has for herself.
Much love,
Dani and Kara


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Update posted by Danielle LaRose On Mar 09, 2013

Hello everyone! I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who's donated in this first week of the fundraiser. I am so thrilled that so many of you have come on board and showed your excitement and support, not only by contributing, but also by spreading the word and giving me such positive feedback. 

A few of you have expressed interest in giving Sherry a card with spending money for her trip, which I think is fantastic. Just remember that this will be a secret until I tell her about the trip on her actual birthday, March 31st, so if you could give her a card AFTER her birthday so as not to ruin the surprise, it would be much appreciated. Also, Deedee had a fantastic idea of giving it to her in Euros. Whether you want to give her Euros or pounds, either is fine, but do try not to give her Canadian dollars. I've tried this with her before and the money just ends up getting spent on gas and groceries. We mustn't give her the chance to squander her money on daily things, since it is meant for special European treats.
Also, I wanted to address an issue we had with trying to donate whilst operating Windows XP using Explorer 8. I've contacted the company that runs the site and they have said you need to either use another computer or upgrade your program so you're operating on Explorer 9. That should allow you to donate without issues.
So, after our first week of fundraising we have amassed $775!! Absolutely amazing. Let's keep the ball rolling and spread the word! I'm very excited to be flying home and joining mum this Wednesday, so I'll be easier to contact once I've arrived in Canada.
Love Dani and Kara
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Donate $50.00 Or More

In honor of her 50th birthday, donate $50 or more and Sherry will send you a personalized post card from her travels, showing you what you were able to treat her to! Don't forget to leave your address when you leave your donation!

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Happy Birthday Sis! You are only 50 once! Enjoy! Hugs and much love, Your little sis, Trace

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wishing you a wonderful birthday. I know you will have the most fantastic vacation ever!!!

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Have a great holiday. Love ya

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Welcome to the over 50 club!!!! It's really not so bad.....although the body sometimes complains a whole lot more! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Sherry, Happy Birthday to you....and many more!!!!!!

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