The Charlie Maher Challenge – Turning Back our Clocks -Pro Tennis at 60

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The Charlie Maher Challenge

Turning Our Clocks Back
Pushing the boundaries for you !! What’s possible at Age 60 ??

The goal:

Earn a world ranking on the Men’s International Pro Tennis Circuit -

the ATP Tour

Not the Senior Circuit - the regular Pro Tour you see on TV :)


60 is the new 40

50 is the new 35

And 30 ? Ha - well they’re really 21 year olds now I guess !!


I’m going to show you how to do it !!

6 days a week I’m pushing the boundaries of what’s considered possible and the goal is to get a pro ranking at age 60.

I’ve studied the training and the progressions extensively and have gone and played a few pro qualifiers to see where the game is nowadays and where I’m at.

I’ve increased the intensity of training and playing, to match that of these decades younger players.

And it’s working !!

I’m currently training every day with college players and working extensively in the gym - doing some really cool, simple stuff, which I’ll be passing on to you.

Everything I’m doing - you will be able to do - maybe not the volume….unless you also have a massive goal as well - which is great.

I’ve also tweaked things - simply - in the kitchen and in the recovery room - and the results have been amazing so I’ll pass all that along as well

I’ve kept up with all the latest amazing research and applied most of it to see what sticks and what doesn’t so I’ll be sharing what’s working.

I want to be able to answer your questions and write to you and provide video which will all be on my website, youtube and social media shortly.

Think of an Olympian training to peak in 4 years and this is the scenario here.
Training with lots of off court practice, on court practice and competing worldwide for the next 4 years or so - so we get to really get a could picture of what an older modern player can do !!
It will be interesting to find out what we discover and learn from all this.


My clock is moving backwards and so will yours ….

Thank You for your support

Let’s work together on this




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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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