The homeland of three wise men had been descovered. Help protect an unique cultural inheritance and promote a new cultural tourism destination.

Update posted by Buruiana Andrei On Mar 13, 2018

My name is Andrei Buruiana. I am a researcher in theology and history of religions. I come with a great news mostly for that part of humanity which consider love and compassion are the only way of living and main formula for a happy future. After many years of research I succeeded in finding and locating the homeland of three wise kings. The number and variety of the confirmations and facts from local history, folk, customs and traditions are numerous and varied. After a detailed analysis I realized that this cultural treasure represents a priceless patrimony not only for the locals but for the entire humanity.

Purpose of my fundraising campaign:

-Saving and removing from anonymity of a unique cultural patrimony.

-Launchinga new cultural tourism destination project( The Magi’s homeland) which will create a self-sufficient environment for its future existence.

But before this will happen a lot of work is need to be done. First thing that I will spend money on will be:

-Travel and tourism consultancy

- A website

-I need to involve specialists in translation. A large amount of historical documents, folkloric works and spiritual visions need to be translated before first tourists will have a chance to know and face this unique culture. Also involvement of historians and folklorists in categorizing and selection of the material who reflects that particular event is crucial.

-I want to create a number of short films and animated films which will be demonstrated widescreen along with subtitles to support local artists live performance during concerts.Will ensure a special atmosphere and it will render successfully the artistic message.

-Need to create new touristic routes. (travel expenses)

It’s a work that will involve a lot of communication. I will have to meet, talk, convince and motivate a lot of people: simple villagers, local artists, small producers with entrepreneurs...and according to my plans in two years time I will have all things set up.

When having this done I hope via social media to find few persons who will want to be first tourists in history to visit The Magi’s homeland. Then, using their feedbacks want to spread the word and gradually get more and more tourists and guests.

Why should you donate?

Well, first of all it would be a shame for us to leave in anonymity one of most important pages in our history: Birth of Jesus, the most influential personality of all time. The One who encouraged us to live in love and forgiveness . Those qualities who make us be human in real sense of this word meaning.

It’s a once in a life time opportunity to do some magic. Just imagine how many people will have a unique experience contemplating that ancient wisdom and spirituality. So many people can find solutions and answers .

All contributor’s names will be registered in a special book for local museum. Also after the project launching every contributor who donated more than 100 eur will receive a honorary guest certificate and 30% discount to all services every time they will visit that destination.

If you feel close to this story please contribute! Let’s make magic happen!

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good luck for your endeavors

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Backed with €150.00 On Mar 14, 2018

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