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Update posted by Daisy Tee On Jul 14, 2016

UPDATE on Sweet Brave:

Our sweet little Brave has crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.. Truly is a sad day for all of us.. She fought a good fight and we're sure she gave her best!

No more pain now, baby.. Just happiness, laughter, and strong barks for you! We are so proud of you!

Please keep her in your thoughts. And please still consider donating. We have more rescued animals who still need treatments, medications, and love.

Brave was found lying on a busy street in Antipolo. She had wounds all over her body. The lady who saw her took pity on her and took her home. She tried to clean her wounds but she'd cry from too much pain..and that's why she asked for help to have Brave rescued so she could be seen by a vet and she could have better chances.

The rescue team came and took Brave to the nearest vet where he was found to be positive with Distemper. She will need all the prayers and support we can give her. She's only 2-3 mos old..and she's already seen and experienced so much. Let's try to give hee better memories and a better chance for a much better life..

Please consider donating for her vet bills.. She is currently confined to have medical care 24/7.

Here are her video and pictures:


If you are for animal rights and welfare as I am, as this group is, please consider donating to their group and their cause. Any amount will be used to fund rescues and most especially help with the vet bills, food, and everything else for our beloved animals.


If you do NOT have a Paypal account and still wish to share what you have, you may also directly make your deposits/wire to the ff:

BDO ACCT 004310124553



***Please post the receipt on the comment section or send a message to Ms Carina Noralyn Suarez when you send your donations thru these channels for complete transparency.***

If you wish to donate pet food (for dogs and cats) instead, you may directly get in touch with Nic on her mobile:


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Update posted by Daisy Tee On Jul 13, 2016

UPDATE on Arce:

He has undergone his first treatment for his Heartworm and his broken leg has been casted. He will still need to have plates for his broken bones and can only undergo the procedure once his heartworm has completely been treated. It's still a long road for him. . Please keep praying for him and please... Please consider donating for his medication, treatments, and upcoming surgery.

Update on Arce, the poor dog who was tied with wires on his neck and legs.

We are starting on his heartworm injection tomorrow then his fractured leg will be on cast to prevent further damage. Treatment for his heartworm will take 6 months. Hopefully we will be able to gather enough funds for him by then so he can undergo an expensive surgery of putting plate/s on his fractured so he can walk again..

Please consider donating for Arce's medical needs.. And please include him in your prayers.

Thank you!

Here are some pictures of when Arce was rescued and his treatment plan:

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Actually we are not an official group but a bunch of housewives, mothers, and LGBT people. We just chat and see reports of abused or sick stray dogs and cats and agree on rescuing as soon as possible, looking for someone or ourselves to contain and rescue. We bring them to vet clinics, some gets confined, with some of us going there to visit and bring cooked food for our rescued patients. We make do of what we have, through some of our friends and contacts we get additional money to pay for transportation if needed and the most crucial vet bills. Some of us share what medicines and supplements we have in our homes used by our own pets. We even ask for leftovers in restaurants to chop and recook mixed with rice and veggies. We ask for scrap and old cages/fences, even scrap wood or GI sheets to use for our makeshift shelter to make sure they are covered from the elements. Despite the not so good financial situation we get to talk and discuss, laugh and cry, and do our virtual group hug. We are blessed to have some people who trusts us, so we can be able to bring a sick or abused dog to a vet clinic. Their generosity is beyond compare. For without them we are at a loss. We have mastered the art of thinking of ways to save money and make use of what we have, releasing our patients when declared stable and do home remedy, treatment and rahabilitation. Some friends with animal shelters and sanctuary opened their doors to some of our strays and rescues nd tears fill my eyes when I am sent updates of their development. Rather than focus on rescuing, we aim to make sure they find a good place to stay, not rescued to be like prisoners in small cages. We will share whatever we have to make sure they are fed. We will continue to build and improvise from the meager resources we have. We are not just a group but a bunch of ordinary folks with our arms always ready to cradle the next abused or sick stray. This is where they are loved and taken cared of, their cradle, their home. -Carina Noralyn Suarez

Daisy Tee

Posted On Jul 12, 2016

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