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Take a deep breath, slowly inhaling through your nose, expanding your diaphragm. Hold that breath for a second or two and feel the air filter through your lungs delivering precious Oxygen to your cells, keeping them and you alive. Our Breath is not just our supply of air, it's also our Life Force....the energy that animates and sustains us.

Keep that in mind as you read on….

Let me just start by saying:

Breathing is something we all take for granted. We just have faith that the fresh air we need will just be there. Why shouldn't we, of course? It's our right as living beings to breathe fresh air to sustain our lives. As such, breathing is something I never thought twice about until the day I realized the air in my apartment was slowly killing my children and me. For almost an entire year, we unknowingly lived with toxic black mold hiding in the walls. "How could that possibly happen?", you ask. I think a better question might be: "How is this being ALLOWED to happen?".

In September of 2023, several months after moving into this apartment, I suddenly developed chronic heartburn and nausea, assuming it was just the stress of being a single mom of two little ones. Over the next couple of months vision problems, memory lapses, mood changes, hair loss, nerve problems, and more arose. Like a frog in water that's gradually heated to boiling, I never made a connection between them. Luckily, the girls had not had the extent of exposure that I have and were far better off, in comparison.

Finally, the culprit became evident, and upon realizing that there was toxic mold in the walls, I contacted the landlord and maintenance. It didn't take long to realize that the mold was no surprise to them and that they were well aware of its presence. The maintenance man lied and said mold tests were negative. But, I knew the walls were filled with it. I was unnerved by what that lie concluded. It couldn't have been more clear that they rented us an apartment full of toxic black mold, knowing full well it was there. Not only in the walls, but, although I am not %100 positive I have good reason to believe it has made its way into the water system, as well.
After getting only lies and run-arounds from the complex staff, I reached out to the health department and code enforcement, thinking that they would certainly help me. But, to my bewilderment, no...not so much. The Health Department was generous enough to offer me cleaning supplies! "You're kidding, right?" was my exact response. Code enforcement offered to "Visually" inspect my apartment and then complain to the same people that I had gotten lies from already. I was dumbfounded by the fact that no one seemed to care that me and my children were slowly being killed in our own home. At my wit's end, I cut a hole in my bedroom wall in an attempt to prove what there was no question about in my mind, what I knew was there. After cutting the hole, and upon re-entering my bedroom 15 minutes later to see if perhaps the smell had increased, I may just have well walked into an Egyptian tomb by the clouds of Mycotoxins I walked into. Well, I thought maybe that would get someone's attention. Oh, it got some attention, alright…just not the kind I wanted.

My unrelenting complaints and efforts to expose the mold only got us evicted. The message was loud and clear: Our lives aren't worth the money it would take to remove the mold from the building. We have until March 31st to be out, as of right now.
When we are gone, they'll patch things up as good as new, and move someone else in on top of it. If that happens to be someone with a compromised immune system or an unestablished, let's say, an infant...they will not fare so well. I can't stand the thought of what could and probably would have happened if either of my children had been a newborn when we moved in here, especially my youngest, who started life as a Premie. The Mycotoxins that toxic mold emits ravage the body causing an immune response in any living thing in the vicinity. It is now believed that many cases of SIDS were, and are, caused by toxic mold lurking just out of sight from unknown structural defects, water damage, or any other number of things that can lead to toxic mold growing in places that can't be readily seen. It's much more prevalent than anyone would think and the nightmare that ensues is all-consuming. With long-term exposure in even someone with a healthy immune system, Cancer is not an uncommon result years down the road.

But all of that, as devastating as it already is, is just scratching the surface. my research continues to uncover one horror after another:

No, it is not as harmless as the more common information would have you believe. It's a tad more serious than "AH-CHOO!" and a wicked case of the sniffles. Make no mistake...TOXIC MOLD KILLS PEOPLE! That being said and a known fact, why is it that there are NO federal regulations at all on it? Even GOOGLE wouldn't give me any straight answers to that question. But, I, and many others, want answers that we are not getting. Something is not right here and I wouldn't be the first one with that exact thought:

It is a story about how scientists were hired to prepare two reports designed to prove that long-term indoor mold exposure does not harm human health, and how judicial corruption has protected that faulty science from being discredited. It is the story of how the legal system has been used as a weapon to try to silence Sharon Kramer for telling the truth about judicial corruption in California and for talking about the practice of toxicology being misused by experts who testify for the defense in mold trials."

...I think it is safe to assume the reasons for the cover-up go far beyond just courtroom corruption.

(I'm uncovering more and more as time goes on, so I will continue to update this as needed.)

So, here we are. We have nowhere to move nor do we currently have the money to do so. But that aside, I feel an obligation to stay here until certain things take place. If I don't, nothing is stopping them from getting away with this further. Throughout this situation, I have discovered that in this building alone(one of 6, in total), which holds about 30 apartments, many other people are ill and had no idea why until I told them. Lives will eventually be lost here if they haven't been already. Lives ARE being lost. The problem is not just here, it's EVERYWHERE!! TOXIC MOLD KILLS AND IT WILL KEEP KILLING UNTIL THE LAW REFLECTS ITS SEVERITY! This will continue until someone does something to stop it.

What choice do I have when the alternative is to allow people to die? I would be no better than those who have done just that for seemingly so long now. I want an answer as to why this is being allowed to go on at the cost of people's (and animals!) lives.

I hope that my efforts, however small they may seem, will be seen as a crucial step toward a day when we can all breathe easy knowing that human life is seen as valuable and no longer as a disposable commodity.



There is testing that needs to be done that can only be done while we are here. Mycotoxin testing is not covered by any kind of insurance. The test runs anywhere from $400 - $700 per test. The lab testing of the mold itself runs anywhere from $500 -$1,500. Those are the important costs currently, but that isn't even touching upon the costs of litigation when we get to that point. I'm praying that with the evidence in hand from the testing, I will find a lawyer who will work on contingency, but it's more than likely a stretch to have that hope.

I have made the goal $5,000. This will cover the cost of testing, Attorney fees, and/or any other surprises that always seem to arise. As much as I would love to rely on a Lawyer working on contingency, I realistically know that I can't count on that and need to be prepared. The personal costs that have mounted and continue to, I am less concerned with right now, but may become more of a factor at a later time.

The pictures are of me and the loves of my life, my girls Kira and Kaia. They are my biggest reasons for doing this and the reasons for my very being...

I will also be adding a video soon that will give a more detailed account of the situation and how it arose.

Thank you for your interest.


Photo editing of choice

Since I'm a graphic designer, I am more than happy to offer my services as such. As much as I would love to offer a full composite for every reward, I\'m afraid that might put me beyond my means, time-wise. I can offer an edit on a photo of your choosing, though. Editing includes basic color, brightness, exposure editing, etc..., object/subject removal or addition, retouching, adding text, and many other things. If you have anything specific in mind, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate. Below is a sample of my artwork....

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My name's Jen. I'm a single mom and a graphic designer. I aspire to do what I can to make this world a better place for all of us.

My name's Jen. I'm a single mom and a graphic designer. I aspire to do what I can to make this world a better place for all of us.


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  • Here's to you and your family breathing a little easier. Lots of love.


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  • Here's to you and your family breathing a little easier. Lots of love.



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