Teen Dream- Help rehabilitate street children

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Dear reader

I believe that you clicked on this tab to find out more information about my campaign but sadly I do not have good news hence I plead for your assistance.

Statistics South Africa reported in 2015 that one in every two South Africans are living in extreme poverty, which translates to 30,4 million South Africans are finding it hard to make ends meet. Poverty is not something new as it is an ongoing cycle that South Africans are finding hard to break out of because the cost of living is too high.

This is evident in a small suburb in Gauteng, South Africa named Hillbrow which is labelled as the most notorious place in South Africa crippled by crime, drug dealers and homeless individuals. Hillbow was once an up market residential area but today it is one of the most feared areas in the country. However, it holds a rich cultural aspect due to the diversity of people staying there as it is seen as the arrival point for every African person coming into the country. Every person residing here has a story to tell and it is unfortunate that most of these foreigners coming into Hillbrow are seeking for greener pastures but due to difficulties they end up on the streets, committing crimes and taking drugs. These social issues are also affecting the youth who today in Hillbrow make up half the number of homeless people. These youths have nowhere else to go as most shelters cannot accommodate them if they are over the age of 18, some are on the streets due to violence in their homes or child headed homes and rehab centers are costly so if they try to change their lives there isn't any form of assistance.

As a resident of Hillbrow, it breaks my heart to walk past these children or young adults sleeping on the streets, begging for food on the side of the road or committing petty crimes to feed their drug addiction. All these issues are a direct product of poverty and if we can help solve these social issues, poverty can be overcome. Through this fundraiser we want to build a place of safety for homeless children and young adults and once they are through with high schools we hope to help them get funding for university so they secure their futures and one day give back to their community. The place of safety will not only be a home for them but also a skills center where they can learn arts and crafts, dance, music and they will be surrounded by mentors that will guide them through their rehabilitation journey to reassure that they are not alone. The center also aims to grow into a learning center to help children to read and write hence we will be taking donations in the forms of books, canned food, blankets, toys, clothing and money. I know you are probably reading this and thinking why bother help a drug addict or a homeless person that doesn't want to take responsibility of their life, but its simple because humanity begins when we disregard society perceptions and class ranks of rich and poor and see the human in each other which is what makes us human.

Poverty cannot be solved in one day but I believe that through the little that you and I can do, we can make a difference.

Yours sincerely

Mitchell Malovha


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  • A very good campaign, let us help these children.


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  • A very good campaign, let us help these children.



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