Team Humanity: Hope & Peace Center

Hope & Peace Center, Lesvos, Greece Team Humanity 150 meters away from Moria Camp, there is a place called the Hope and Peace center. And this is what the center provides to the 1200 children and women who visit six days a week. Hope: stuck in limbo for months at a time with nothing to do, and with no control of oneĀ“s future, the center gives children hope for gaining some normal childhood memories and hope that there are people who care to give them a chance at those. Peace: no matter the background, color, language, reason for fleeing, the center is a place where everyone is welcome. For a few hours every day, children can be just that: children. Moria camp is a reception and identification center and was never intended to be a place where people stay for months at a time. But the reality is that families do live here for months, and meanwhile children are deprived of their right to education. In lack of educational opportunities, the center gives children the structure they need and miss in their life: Here they are getting accustomed to playing together, waiting in line, ask for things instead of claiming them with violence. Fighting is not tolerated. The center gives children the comfort and support they need and miss in their life: with the help of 50 resident helpers, volunteers chosen from the community inside the camp, communication and familiar language is made possible. Here children receive the love and … Continue reading Team Humanity: Hope & Peace Center