In Memory of Taco

Update posted by Phil M On Apr 30, 2017

Have been to see Taco again today. He is more alert than Friday and was very keen to have his head stroked. Wouldn't eat any food but was washing his paw so his jaw must feel reasonably comfortable. He is still on strong painkillers and not able to stand properly but is shuffling around.

Thank you for all the pawsome messages of support and well wishes!

Update posted by Phil M On Apr 29, 2017

Taco had another good night. The vets are slowly reducing his pain killers and trying to tempt him with food. He is a lot more comfortable today.

Going to see him again tomorrow :-)

Keep those healing purrs coming! Thank you all so much!

Update posted by Phil M On Apr 28, 2017

Taco has had another stable night. We are going to see him later on today so will be able to talk more with the vets who have been treating him and get a better idea of how he is doing

We've been to see Taco and he is very sleepy. Still on painkillers and not yet standing up or able to eat food with his mouth.

We sat with him for about an hour which was lovely. It was so good to see our little ginger boy again. He certainly looked a lot better than when we saw him on Monday and the vet was pleased with his progress. Will still be a while before he can come home but hopefully we can see him again over the weekend.

The vets and nurses have been fantastic both at the hospital and the vets where he was taken to initially we are so thankful for all they have done for Taco and are so grateful to everyone who has sent us messages of support and pawsitivity.

Update posted by Phil M On Apr 27, 2017

Taco has remained stable overnight. The vet will call us later today with a further update.

Thank you so much for all your kind messages and healing purrs!


Taco has tried standing today and has been fed through the tube. He has got an infection which is being treated with anibiotics.

We get to go and see him tomorrow afternoon!

Update posted by Phil M On Apr 26, 2017

Taco has had another stable night and is still scheduled for surgery later this morning.

We will hear from the vet again later today after the surgery.


Surgery to wire up Taco's jaw has gone well and Taco has come round from the anaesthetic. The vets are pleased with his progress and they will be feeding him later through the tube they have inserted into his oesophagus. They will slowly reduce his pain medication and will see if he will eat through his mouth over the next few days.

The wire which is holding his jaw in place whilst the fracture repairs will need to be removed in about 6 weeks.

Hopefully we will be able to go to see him on Friday

Thank you all for your kind messages. We are overwhelmed with the support Taco has received!

Update posted by Phil M On Apr 26, 2017

Taco had a good night and has shown an improvement with his brain and is acting more like a normal cat. He has been both friendly and angry towards the vets which is a good sign (and certainly sounds like the Taco we know) he has also shown an interest in food but they are having to feed him with a syringe due to his broken jaw.

More rest required today and if he has a good night they are looking to operate on his jaw tomorrow. They also plan to put a feeding tube in him whilst under the anaesthetic which will help them/us to feed him whilst his jaw fracture heals.

He is now off the oxygen and the drug to reduce swelling on the brain and is only on pain reducing medicine.

Update posted by Phil M On Apr 26, 2017

Taco was found in the middle of the road by a member of the public who phoned the local vets for help. A nurse quickly came out to collect Taco and he was taken back to the veterinary practice. The vet acted immediately to keep Taco alive he was in a very bad way but they did a fantastic job keeping him stable, warm and comfortable.

He was later transferred to an animal hospital who could provide the 24 hour care he would need.

Taco's jaw is broken and he has some damage around his left eye. His internal organs look ok but there is swelling on his brain and there are concerns about his cognitive function.

He will be kept comfortable overnight with various drugs and oxygen and will be assessed again in the morning.


#RIP Taco x

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Heal quickly little guy.

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We are praying for a full recovery for Taco! Go Taco Go!

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