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1 st swallows newspaper article. 2010

Armed with a passion for football and love for the kids and no cent to his name, Hermanus Naobeb, launched the Swallows Soccer Academy in Katutura in 2007. Naobeb, a former football player who holds a CAF license and a youth license, took it upon his responsibility to start a football club after realizing that many children in his hood had talent and passion for football but had no place for practice or anyone to guide them. Although he did not have any money, sponsor or partner to start up the club, Naobeb did not get discouraged nor dropped the idea. “In 2007, I started the club on my own. I did not have much money but I still went ahead. When it came to attending tournaments, I would dig into my pockets to pay for my team’s transport and other expenses. Some kids would bring in whatever they could either N$10 or food. We would share anything we had together,” Naobeb says. The club started training with children of over 10 years of age, but quickly realized that even younger ones needed to play and had skills. Naobeb explains, “I took in those under nine years as well because they were always hanging around the playground. They were also brothers to the players or from the neighborhood. So, instead of them engaging in mischievous activities, I decided to train them.” The club is divided into different groups according to age. There are children under nine, U/11, U/13 and U/17. Naobeb says since 2008, the children attended various youth tournaments either organized by the Ramblers group or Sport Klub Windhoek. One such tournament was the Sport Klub Windhoek tournament in March 2008 “We asked to be part of the SKW tournament where my under nine team played and beat youth Ramblers club (1-0), lost against Swakopmund Football Club, but won against Sport Klub Windhoek(A) and Swakopmund Klub Windhoek (B). We eventually won the tournament,” he talks proudly. He was then advised, in 2009, to register his team into the street house youth league but did not have the funds to do so but managed later with help from Nampower. Naobeb is happy that his club now accommodates girls. “We were the first to have a female player. Clemencia Endjala joined us when she was nine. I can say proudly that she is now one of our best players. In a mini world cup competition organized last year, she was voted the best player of the season, after scoring nine goals.” He also said one of the girls; Rosaline Gawanas is currently playing in the national team (U/13) and will travel to Lesotho soon for a game. Three years after the beginning of the first Katutura based team; the number of children coming for practice has reached 100 children. “Every day, we get a new kid wanting to join. Although, we still struggle financially, it never comes to my mind to stop or chase away the kids because they cannot contribute. “I would not like to hear that something has happened to one of the kids because I could not accept him in the team. I would rather keep them here and make do with whatever we have. Everybody contributes with what they can.” Naobeb says. He adds, “Almost every second house in Katutura is a shebeen so I want to avoid the fact that the kids might be tempted into unhealthy and useless habit. I want them to choose a better path in life. “With such a huge number of children to attend to, Naobeb has since gotten the help of her sister; Aletha Naobes, holder of a certificate in sport medicine from Namibian Football Association (NFA). Lazarus Xoagub and Nattu Endjala have also joined the coaching team. They offer four times a week football practice sessions for children. The kids share less than 10 balls and practice on a pitch where sharp rocks and broken bottles lie around. “Besides football training, we also help them with their homework especially Aletha is good with math’s. She always tutors them. We have given them a condition of working hard at school if they want to stay in the teams,” Naobeb points out. In regards to the future of the Swallows FC, Naobeb plans to ‘take part in more tournaments, try to get sponsors and start up an all-girls team’. “I intend on taking the children further and would love to see one of my players in the top league.” Recently, a pleasant surprise came knocking on the Swallows FC door when they heard that Gerth Botha, a passionate football player together with Klaas Woller, a youth coordinator at the Ramblers Club had fundraised for them raising N$20 000. The money will allow the Swallows FC to take part in the annual youth soccer tournament taking place in Swakopmund at the beginning of October. Naobeb and his boys are over the moon as they never thought their dreams to go to Swakopmund would come true. Most children have never put a foot outside Windhoek or even Katutura. “The first of October will be the highlight of all my players. To all of us, it actually feels as if we will be travelling not just to Swakopmund but somewhere abroad like Spain,” Naobeb says. “A special thanks to the Ramblers Club and parents. When I got the news, I almost cried with joy because they have put a smile on my boys’ faces. I am thankful for the work and help the Ramblers Club has always done in organizing the youth tournaments over the years.”

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AN underfunded Swallows Football Club won four medals at the SFC Youth Tournament in Swakopmund over the weekend, but due to diminishing sponsorship, this could be their last participation at the tournament.

Swallows won three silver medals in the under 9, u15 and u17 categories and a bronze medal in the u13 category, but club chairman Hermanus Naobeb said they struggled financially and will have to end their participation if things don't change.

“We asked each parent to contribute N$600, but less than half paid, while some only paid half the amount.

“We struggled financially and some of our coaches had to take out overdrafts to cover our trip. So we have decided that if we don't reach a certain amount at a fixed date next year, then we won't go on the tour,” he said.

“We will ask our parents to start saving up now already for next year by depositing a bit of money each month,” he added.

Hermanus said he had approached several companies and individuals, but except for Oasis First Aid, he didn't receive any support.

“I don't know why private companies don't sponsor these boys - there are some excellent players out there. One kid's father paid for one of our under 11 players, whose an orphan, Samuel Amseb, - he is a great talent,” he said.

Swallows reached the u17 final after winning their group matches 2-0 against SKW and 1-0 against Delta, and then beating Teenagers from Walvis Bay 2-0 in the semifinals.

In the final they came up against a powerful Swakopmund Football Club side that had two national players in their squad in Godwin Awaseb and Lubeni Haukongo, while Swallows' national representatives were PitsI Amseb, Immanuel Hamuyela,Denzil Narib and Dean Stefano.

In a tough match of few chances, Awaseb scored the winner for SFC after 11 minutes, with a great shot from the edge of the box.

The u15 final against Young United from Walvis Bay also delivered top class football, with Young United winning the match 3-1.

Swallows took an early lead when Murphy Naobeb headed in a cross by John Paul Beukes, but Young United soon equalised through Prince Tjiueza.

Tjiueza, who was the player of the tournament at the Scorpion Zinc Cup a fortnight ago, scored a second goal after the break as did Steven Damaseb to give Young United a 3-1 victory.

The tournament has been growing steadily and took place for the tenth year last weekend. About 70 teams from the coast, Windhoek and Otjiwarongo took part as did a South African club side from Pretoria.

The other category winners were SKW (u7 and u13), Atlantic Football Academy (u9) and Ramblers (u11).

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Posted on April 12, 2018

Posted on April 12, 2018
Growing Swallows Youth development Academy struggle with training space
Sport - Football | 2018-04-12
THE rapid progress of Swallows Youth development Academy, a youth academy and Auas Primary School in the center of Katutura, is being hampered by a lack of facilities and space.
Swallows Youth development Academy has grown by leaps and bounds since it was launched in 2008 and now caters for more than 160 children from under 7 to under 17 age group level. They have become one of the strongest youth clubs in Windhoek, winning numerous age group titles over the years, and most recently won the under 17 category at the Sport Klub Windhoek Youth Tournament last month.
This year they have also entered the senior Khomas Second Division for the first time, competing mostly with young boys, and won the Khomas leg of the Dedmarine Namibia Cup before being eliminated by Omaheke Nampol.
Over the years they had been training on a gravel field next to Auas Primary School, but it became overgrown and dilapidated, after being used as a dump site several years ago.
The club's founders and coaches Mr Xoagub and Naobeb managed to get permission from Auas Primary School to train on their gravel field, but the space is limited, while they also had to make use of two concrete netball courts to squeeze all their teams in.
Furthermore, the school fields are locked up and not available for training during school holidays, making it even more difficult to train, and now the coaches has appealed to Namibia's business community and worldwide to the community and the School redevelop their gravel into an artificial turfs inside and out the school this is a massive project in Katutura they (Coaches) say where there is a Will there is Always a way

“We always used to clear and clean up the field at the beginning of the year, but about four years ago some construction trucks started dumping their waste their and since then we couldn't use it anymore and this is very unsafe as there are big trees and grass growing and it not safe.
“But we have grown a lot and now we are looking for sponsors to help us to build a artificial turfs in Katutura.
Several players who went on to represent the country national team(Brave Warriors) used to train an play on the field as youngsters and some of them have now also added their voices to Naobeb cleanup campaign.

Players like Jerome Louis, Lazarus Xoagub,Skelo Hoaseb,Jacobus Stien,Michael Pienaar, Riaan Cloete and Arnold Subeb all played there in their youth and Pienaar, who went on to captain the Brave Warriors at the 2008 African Cup of Nations finals in Ghana, is also fully supportive of the initiative.

“I started my football career there, and a lot of Brave Warriors used to play there. We used to play for location teams and the matches were very popular, the place was jam-packed over weekends,” he said.
“I fully support this initiative because Swallows' academy is growing, but the
kids don't have an opportunity to play the game anymore. So we are looking for support, for anyone who can help us clear the gravel field,” he said.
Naobeb can be contacted at 0812230960 and Lazarus Xoagub 0812345643

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Swallows youth development academy dominate Khomas youth leagues

This Academy is really talented and helps this kids off the street.

by Helge Schutz

SWALLOWS Football Club dominated the Khomas Youth Football leagues, most of which were completed in Windhoek over the weekend.

Swallows have won three of the four age group categories which have already been completed, while they are certain to add a fourth title next weekend.

Swallows won the under 9, under 11 and under 17 titles over the weekend, while they cannot be caught in the under 15 league which will be completed next weekend.

The only other teams to win titles this season were Invincible FC who won the under 19 league a month ago, and Ramblers who are certain to be crowned the under 13 champions next weekend.

Swallows' under 17 team had a fantastic season and easily won the under 17 title after going through the season unbeaten.

They won all 11 their matches to finish on 33 points, while they scored 44 goals and only conceded five goals.

Ramblers finished second on 25 points, while the Home of Good Hope team finished third on 19 points.

On Sunday, Swallows beat Ramblers 2-1 in their final match of the season.

The match had barely started before they took a 1-0 lead through Ben Gariseb who turned on the pace to latch onto a through-ball and beat Ramblers' keeper from close range.

Their midfield general Pitsi Ameb also hit the post with a shot early on, and they went 2-0 ahead after 10 minutes when Gariseb was fouled in the box and Mastriano Kohima scored from the spot.

More chances came their way as Ameb and Clifton Dreyer came close to scoring, but Ramblers' defense managed to keep them at bay.

Ramblers came more into the game in the second half and after Ray Linus Shikale and Duncan Kasika came close to scoring, Nicko Haikali finally opened their account when he volleyed in an up field clearance midway through the second half.

But Ramblers didn't threaten much after that and Swallows held on for the win which ensured that they won the title after winning all 11 of their matches.

On Saturday, Swallows won the under 9 league after being pushed all the way by Ramblers. Swallows won 14 of their 16 matches, losing one and drawing one to win the title with 43 points.

Ramblers A finished second just two points behind on 41 points, while SKW A came third on 30 points.

In the under 11 league, Swallows A remained unbeaten throughout the season, winning 14 and drawing two of their 16 matches, to win the title with 44 points.

SKW A came second on 38 points and Ramblers A third on 34 points.

Swallows have also won the under 15 league which will only be completed next weekend, but they cannot be caught anymore.

They have remained unbeaten throughout the season, winning 13 and drawing two of their 15 matches and lead the log with 41 points, while Java Academy are second on 32 and SKW A third on 28 points.

The under 13 league will only be completed next weekend, but at this stage, Ramblers A are the hot favorites to win the title.

They have won all 10 their matches to date, scoring 67 goals and conceding 16, and lead the log on 30 points, while Swallows A are second on 16 points from seven matches.

The under 19 league was completed a month ago, with Invincible beating Kaizen Football Academy 2-1 in the final.

The Khomas Youth leagues were run by the Khomas Football Association for the first time, after taking over the responsibility from the NFA, and according to their chairman David Morgan, it was well organised.

“We had to postpone the league a few times through the season due to exams, but it went smoothly and we will complete the final age group categories next weekend. We have a lot of talent, especially among st the under 9 and under 11's, while we are also the current under 17 Cosafa Cup champions. The only challenge now will be to try to keep those teams intact and not to lose the players as they grow older,” he said

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