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Update posted by Jean Dee On Apr 08, 2018

Jerome has been discharged. But we made a payment on credit through the help of a colleague whose credit card was used to settle the hospital bill. We thought that this was a wiser decision than having him stay to incur unnecessary hospital expenses.

Because it was paid on credit, we still have roughly 20 days to generate funds for its final payment. We still need to raise P55,000 to cover Jerome’s final NKTI bill.

Sir Carlito Amalla volunteered to assist Jerome during his discharge and transport home. Jerome left the hospital around midnight. His housemate, Sir Pads Padilla awaited and assisted him during his arrival. Sir Carlito stayed with Jerome until 2:30am. We thank Sir Carlito and Sir Pads for taking care of Jerome during this time.

Jerome relies on the generosity and benevolence of individuals. Our collective effort has been crucial in his recovery during this challenging time. We thank you for continuously sending your love, prayers and support to our dear friend.

We continue to knock on your door and implore you to open your hearts to a teacher who has selflessly offered his best abilities to the education and betterment of the youth.

You may easily donate any amount through this site by clicking here.
*Note that donations made online get a deduction of 8-10%. This covers the gogetfunding fees and paypal fees.

Or if you wish to course it through one of his friends, you will find their details here.
*This option is still the best. All amount goes to Jerome.

Should you have alternative means of contributing, leave us a message in the comments section. Your suggestions are most welcome.

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Update posted by Jean Dee On Apr 07, 2018

Jerome’s Health Condition:

It is with a happy heart that we share to you the progress of Jerome's treatment. Since our last update, Jerome's condition has improved. He is now eating better. He has been sleeping well since his transfer to NKTI. He is more lively, talkative and cheerful and seemed to have recovered some of his energy compared to the first time he was seen in the hospital. The physicians and nurses attending to Jerome's needs had been excellent.

Jerome’s Support System:

During the rooming in of Jerome in NKTI during the wee hours of the morning, Sir Martin Cruz, his MA classmate in UP arrived and helped Sir Tim transfer Jerome from the Charity ward to a private room. He also watched over Jerome. He provided helpful advice on what to do in the next few days.

On the same day, after Martin's visit in the morning, we thank Sir Emil Santos stayed and took care of Jerome and relieved Sir Tim. We are equally grateful to Ms. Bia Macasaet who went to NKTI on the night of the same day to initially settle the downpayment required by the hospital and for sending her staff to do imporant errands for Jerome.

After Easter, we are thankful to the care and attention given by Sir Carlito Amalla, who have been dedicating his time and energy in sourcing Jerome's medicine that are not available in the NKTI. We also extend our thanks to Sir Carlito's friends and contacts who helped him achieve this task.

We also thank Ms. Hershey and Ms. Lara for subbing Jerome’s classes. We are counting on Ms. Veronica Solano to ask additional support from the Faculty Association.

And we are especially thankful to Jerome's other friends and colleagues whom Jerome treats as his family in the absence of blood relatives. Thank you for visiting him and sharing with us the progress of his recovery that brought his friends peace of mind.

Funds Needed:

Based on today’s billing statement, Jerome’s bill at NKTI for the 9 days is at around P52,000. The Philhealth and SSS benefits has already been deducted from this total.

This covers for his room, treatments, medicine, dialysis and other miscellaneous fees.

In addition to this, professional fees amount to around P40,000. This covers the physicians and readers fees.

So the total breakdown are as follows:

NKTI Bill as of April 7, 2018 52,000
(Less Philhealth and SSS Benefits)

Professional Fees 40,000

Total NKTI Hospital Bill 92,000

Less: Remaining Funds Available 37,000

Amount still needed P55,000

Message from Jerome

(Look, he's recovering, thanks to everyone!)

View short clip here

Listen to short message here

We sincerely thank everyone who have extended financial and moral support to Jerome. We are grateful we managed to focus all efforts despite the holidays.

Sir Jason Moss, another colleague and friend, is with Jerome today and we were just informed that Jerome is scheduled to be discharged today late afternoon. We still need about P55,000 to pay the hospital so he can be discharged.

We are finding ways to settle the said amount so he can finally go home.

But after he is discharged, he will still need to undergo regular dialysis and take maintenance meds for his condition.

In this regard, we continue to ask for financial support, no matter how little, to help Jerome settle his current and future expenses to aid his complete recovery.

We had wanted to process the PCSO request for assistance but unfortunately Jerome’s colleagues cannot process this on his behalf. But should you have other means of getting additional financial assistance for Jerome, please let us know.

Again, on behalf of Jerome and who care for him, please accept our sincerest thanks for your generosity and support. He has yet to fully recover, but rest assured with the support and love you give, he will continue to fight. We all look forward to seeing Jerome again soon.

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Update posted by Jean Dee On Mar 30, 2018

Jerome's condition:

As of this morning, Jerome has already been transferred to NKTI. He feels more comfortable and relaxed in the hospital's quiet and serene atmosphere.

"Nanunuot ang klima... my soul is at peace... ang sarap dito..." words from Jerome about staying in NKTI.

His new environment is slowly helping him revitalize his energy. His kidney treatment are still our main concern which is further complicated by diabetes type 2. He had dialysis again today. He is still expected to remain in the hospital for a few weeks.

Visitors and attending friends:

As of the moment, we were adviced not to allow visitors except attending friends who are able to assist in the hospital for his dialy needs. Rest and recovery are his utmost priority. Excessive talking and loud activities may cause stress to Jerome and can hamper his recovery.

However, as an alternative means of communicating and expressing your sympathies, you may leave your messages on the comments section below. Or if you prefer to send a more personal message to Jerome, you may send it to [email protected]. Please know that Jerome is still not able to read very well so we will occassionally ask trusted friends to read your letters to him on your behalf. Should you prefer to send a video or audio message, you may send us a link instead. Please limit audio and videos to a maximum of 2 mins and no more than 5mb in size. Make sure the content is calming, and inspiring or encouraging. Jerome is undergoing a very challenging experience in his life and we hope to keep an environment that is loving and optimistic.

Today, a couple of friends relieved Sir Tim in accompanying Jerome. Sir Tim has been attending Jerome's needs since Monday. We are thankful to them for quickly responding to our call for assistance.

Medical Expenses and Contributions:

As of today, Jerome has received the total amount of P168,698 offline and online is. He is very thankful to the generosity of the people who gave their support unconditionally. And without hesitation. We are still computing for the estimated daily costs of his medicines, treatments and other hospital expenses in the next weeks. We have to face the reality that his HMO can no longer cover his medical expenses because its limits has been reached. We are going to request support from PCSO after the holidays to ensure there will be enough funding for Jerome's treatments. So for the mean time, we are still asking for your continuous support by sharing this page to those who may want to contribute.

Please keep him in your prayers tonight including the people who have been by his side during this trying times. His battle is still ongoing and we are relying on everyone's kindness and generosity so we may strengthen our faith and continue the fight!


hello sir jerome, pagaling ka po agad madami pa tayong laban at rally na pupuntahan at pagsasamahan. Palakas ka mabuti miss ka na namin sa CSA. We love you sir. We pray for your fast recovery sir!

anna lyn bandagosa

Update posted by Apr 04


good luck with your treatment sir! we’ll wait for you!

Frances Gabrielle Lerio

Update posted by Mar 30

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Update posted by Jean Dee On Mar 29, 2018

Jerome was successfuly transferred to National Kidney & Transplant Institute (NKTI) in Diliman, Quezon City.

He is currently staying in a private room.

Thank you Sir Tim for taking care of Jerome's transfer among other things.

We are calling friends to help and relieve Sir Tim so he may find time to rest as he has been by Jerome's side for the past few days making sure Jerome's needs are taken care of.

We are especially reaching out to Jerome's friends living in Quezon City area.

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Update posted by Jean Dee On Mar 29, 2018


Online and offline collection has already amounted to P162,000. On behalf of Jerome, we thank all friends, relatives, colleagues, students and anonymous donors. We have collected enough money to pay his bills so he is now ready to be transferred.

Hospital Transfer:

The remaining hospital bills have been paid the aid of Ms. Jennifer Go. Dr. Vincent and Sir Tim are already working on Jerome's transfer tonight. He is expected to be transferred by midnight to early morning. Please pray for a smooth transfer.

Instead of transferring to PGH, Jerome will be moved to the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) in Diliman, Quezon City. After checking other options in terms of facilities, expert opinions and coordination with doctors and hospital staff, we believe NKTI can offer the best care for his condition. The rates are also more reasonable and and the room he will be staying in will be more comfortable.


Some of Jerome's relatives have already visited him and offered a generous contribution for his hospital bills. We hope his other relatives might find time to visit him as well.

Jerome's Health Condition:

Jerome is now able to sleep soundly. His diet remains to be mostly liquified food and some fruits. He is still regaining his appetite.

His skin color has improved and the dark circles around his eyes are no longer visible unlike yesterday. This are good indicators that he is receiving the care he needs.

So generally, his health is continuously improving.

Next Steps:

We are still continously collecting financial contributions to fund Jerome's treatments. We still have yet to find out the nature of his condition and we hope to learn more about this in the next few days.

Some friends and colleagues will also be filing request to PCSO so he might receive additional assistance.

As we wait for his succesful transfer to NKTI, we are also reaching out to friends in Diliman, QC area who may take shifts to accompany Jerome during his hospital stay. So if you would personally like to volunteer, please get in touch with us.

We hope once he has settled and his condition continuous to become more stable, we can start scheduling and welcoming visitors.

We will provide an update again tomorrow.

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Update posted by Jean Dee On Mar 28, 2018


We are thankful for the generous and outpouring support for Jerome. So far we have collected the following:

Online: P30,120

Offline: P27,500

Total: P57,620

Preparations for Hospital Transfer:

Dr. Vincent Tan, another colleague and friend, has started preparing for Jerome’s transfer to PGH. They have found an available room where he can be transfered. However, due to water interruption scheduled in PGH, they were advised not to transfer Jerome yet. The expected date of transfer is on March 31.

Dr. Vincent and Tim are already coordinating with PGH and Manila Doctors in facilitating Jerome’s transfer.

Dr. Sunita is also keeping Jerome company, and is also helping with bill-related concerns.

Jerome’s Relatives:

There are already some leads as how to get in touch with some of Jerome’s distant relatives and they might be visiting him really soon. We are thankful for the quick response of friends for sharing this information until it reached them.

Jerome’s health condition:

According to Dr. Vincent and Ms. Sharon who visited Jerome this afternoon, Jerome is showing signs of improvement. He is already able to talk more. His body is less bloated than yesterday.Even if he gets tired easily and falls asleep in between conversations, it was obvious that his spirits are also up. He can only consume drinks for now. Hopefully, there will be more signs of improvement in the next few days.

Upon learning of the outpouring support and love everyone has sent, he showed signs of relief.

**We are gathering feedback from friends who have visited for updates. Kindly share yours so we can officially keep all his friends posted regarding his condition.

Next steps:

Jerome’s hospital bill so far is around P256k. Around P160k is expected to be covered by the HMO and Philhealth. The college HR is working tirelessly in doing the paperworks for this despite the holidays.

We have collected around P57,620. We will still need to raise P60,000 to P70,000 so that Jerome can be transferred to PGH on March 31. This estimate includes the room deposit required to secure him a room in PGH.

We are praying that we reach this target soon, so please continue to share and contribute in your own little way to support the fast recovery of Jerome’s health.

We will try to provide official updates again tomorrow. We are making sure all your messages reach him through friends who are taking turns in keeping him company.

Please continue to send good vibes and positive energy for his fast recovery. Please include him in your prayers tonight and in the next days.

On behalf of Jerome, we thank everyone for your love and support.


As of noon March 29, we have garnered PHP 113,348.00 inclusive of this crowdfunding, bank transfers and cash. Indeed, more will come in when classes and banks open on Easter Monday. This outpouring of kindness warms the heart!

Sunita Mukhi

Update posted by Mar 29


Hi Frances, It’s a little too early to determine this as of the moment since there are currently no relatives receiving guests for Sir Jerome. But will definitely work out this concern later on. Will post an update here again soon.

Jean Dee

Update posted by Mar 28


hi po, will there be a window available to visit sir jerome after his transfer to PGH?

Frances Gabrielle Lerio

Update posted by Mar 28

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