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Update posted by kreng huy On Jun 19, 2019

We presently in need to build a new classroom and fix the bathroom for children. It has broken many months. So, everybody and volunteer can contribute with your PayPal. Even small amount of donation. We need to do it. Thank you

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Update posted by kreng huy On May 29, 2019


My name is Kreng Huy. I am 25 years old. I am an instructor at IFLS. And I am from Cambodia. This is a place where I live and born. Cambodia is a small country in the South Asia. However, it across the war before. IFLS located in a small village. It called Prey Phkoam village. The school has been helping the children more than one thousand in three years ago. And we have three local Cambodian teachers to manage the classes with foreign teachers. But children do not have money to pay to learn English at somewhere. So, they came here to learn for free. We raised less than ten thousand dollars to have IFLS. Beside the school, in the village has two thousand people are living here. They work as the farmer. Some of them have a local business. They live with a big family. And they do not send their children to school. They do not have sponsor to support their study. But the IFLS open to help them learn and practice. Especially, we have local foreigners are volunteering to help in a short time.

Why are you undertaking the project?

To inspire education in the rural area and learn the same city. Most of children are happy when the IFLS get them to study. Education in the rural area is much more difficult to spend time to them. They could not understand well of grammatical and conversational. We need to be patient on them. And correct them faster.

Why is the school need?

The school need donations to support them. And divided into children for spending thing or materials.

Aims and objectives

The IFLS aims to improve their English, improve their future and our country based in rural area. The children can be the next people for the country. We want our children here have a better in English. The four skills are important for them and their future.

According to our school need, we prepare a plan to build the room for volunteer to have a comfortable and long time. For nowadays, we have a small room for two volunteers. It is not easy to have a wide room. Because we need to spend lot of cost to build it. And also roof for classroom and fan need for school. We already built the classroom from wood. The two rooms are hot sometimes. So, we need to fix it and decorate it when you give us donation. Your help will expand our school need. We have maximum of students attend to school in IFLS. So, we need to build the room for volunteer which divided in three beds. And one more class for children. The main role of our project is to help children and school run better.

Why have you decided upon your project?

We already registered our school as a none profit school. So, we don’t have the salary and government does not support yet. Our school established in a poor condition. That why we are doing this project to help children. Even we do not have much money. But we make them happy and have a better future and career. We understand it is poor condition. But we still continue our project for children. We believe that another school work for business and not appropriate. We need to be calm and run our project to get your donation or contribute to us. And we collect all donations to start our plan and finish it. Our consideration is not to expect to get your donation. We just need help from you with us.

We are launching this campaign for two months. After end this campaign and completed full. We are going to take it and build the room as soon as possible. We hope our volunteer family and people around the world understand us. And happy to help us and support whatever you can. We are in appreciated for your support and share this campaign link to everywhere.

Survey Timetable



25 May- 15 June

15 June- 30 June

30 June- 15 July

15 July- 31 July

Buy the materiel for construction

Rent construction workers

Write a report to construction

End the campaign and start building

We need to build our project better. It is likely to cost about 3000 USD. It is the right amount of money and are not left out of pocket. And we expect more money than we are going to use. We understand you are on limited budget you will have to think about this when deciding upon your donation to our school. We receive and do it.




Materiel for building (tiles, cement, roof, bricks, door, window, sand and color.

Rent construction workers

5 fan

Table and chair

Wall, roof, cement, sand and color






Total Expenditure

$3000 (to be notified)

We are not expecting to do with the results of our campaign. We are going to give you a specific detail for building plan. I would like to say thank to all donors of donation who help and support our school need. We wish you and your family get happiness. Thank you- Orkun.

Kreng Huy

Support IFLS to save children

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Update posted by kreng huy On Mar 26, 2019

We are fencing in front of playground for kids. I and my father work very hard by ourselves. And we don’t have much money to hire a constructers to build. So, we are in need your hand to support us from a little money or more in appreciation. Read our info. And share us to your friends, family members and people you know. It is a great thing you do in Cambodia. Thank you

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Thank to Veronica Smolkova for your help.

kreng huy

Posted On Mar 29, 2019


Veronika Smolkova

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IFLS appreciated to Valentina Cerrutti for your great donation to support kids. She is the an honest volunteer in Cambodia. I really thank to her.

kreng huy

Posted On Mar 29, 2019


Valentina Cerutti

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I would like to to say thank for your donation of Mr. Theis Dynnesen. I wish get happiness in the present and future.

kreng huy

Posted On Mar 28, 2019


Keep up the fantastic work Kreng! From Theis

Theis Dynnesen

Backed with $20.00 On Mar 28, 2019


Thank to Claudia for your donation today and last time. I would like to give warmly welcome to next backers to help now.

kreng huy

Posted On Mar 26, 2019

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