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We are a non-profit organisation (OMFI AMKE-Non Profit) and with this campaign we are trying to raise funds in order to start a pilot dovecotes scheme that will offer sustainable, humane, non-lethal solution to the problem urban cities are facing with pigeons overpopulation, at the same time enhancing their quality of life and contributing to their harmonious co-habitation with other species within a natural thriving environment.

The project involves building a series of dovecote constructions within the framework of which a flexible, monitored program of birth control of pigeons will be applied under welfare provisions, in order to line up with and promote holistic, humane, sustainable solutions that ensure biodiversity and the well being of the species.The proposal comes as a response to the growing demand for finding sustainable and humane solutions to deal with 'parasitic' birds and especially pigeons within the context of contemporary urban cities, without disturbing the ecosystem and the welfare of the species. Under that perspective, it attempts to accommodate and introduce new ways that are aligned with the respect for biodiversity, while at the same time enhances the quality of life of the birds and promotes a harmonious coexistence among the species, including humans.

In that context, the project is ambitious, aiming to start as a pilot scheme collaborating initially locally with the municipality of Kaisariani (Athens, Greece) and later on, if proven successful, it can develop and expand to localities/cities across Greece and even internationally. It aims to solve sanitation and hygiene issues posed by pigeons living and having their nests within the city's open spaces, like squares, restaurants, abandoned buildings and other areas where human activity and social interaction is present, in ways that are compatible to the respect to nature, the environment as well as the species welfare and well being.

The approach is controlling pigeons population, whilst enhancing the quality of their life employing a flexible birth control approach by adopting a program that involves creating installation facilities(dovecotes), where it can be implemented. Our main focus is: Biodiversity - Sustainability – Holistic approach. We endeavour to achieve this by promoting a holistic environmental framework where all species are able to exert their full potential alongside each other, thriving within an organic, sustainable, productive inter-relation.

Primarily, the creation of specifically assigned spaces for the purpose of the gradual long-term relocation of pigeons aims at the gradual albeit stable decongestion of the problem, while providing favourable conditions for their reintegration to a natural environment, thus creating a new base for a harmonious integrative coexisting relationship and interaction with humans.

Secondly, provision will be taken for the treatment of the sick or injured birds, which could be coordinated with existing animal welfare organisations or with other such bodies operating locally.

We initially aim to create 6-8 large dovecotes , housing 120 pigeons each, within the municipality of Kaisariani (Athens) for the implementation of the above program in order to achieve both key direct as well as secondary indirect objectives, which are expected to be long-term and can be outlined as follows:

  1. Gradual removal of pigeons from residential areas, such as squares, churches, terraces, restaurants, etc. and their long-term relocation in the natural environment ( park of Kaisariani/ areas with trees). Cleaning and sanitising the respective areas.
  2. Reduction of pigeon overpopulation through the application of a birth control program that entails collecting their eggs from the dovecotes and replacing them with dummies(plastic), so that their population can be controlled, their quality and span of life enhanced and their well being sustained.
  3. Biodiversity - Sustainability – A Holistic approach. Promoting a holistic environmental framework where all species exert their full potential alongside each other, thriving within an organic, sustainable, productive inter- relation.
  4. Educational benefits mainly for children, but also for adults, through exemplary development, support and promotion of programs that benefit and promote creative expression, balance and protection of nature, the environment and the interpersonal relationship among species. Promoting awareness of the vital role of the interconnection and the mutual interdependence of humans with other species within nature.
  5. Aesthetics and functionality. The facilities will be aesthetically pleasing, in order to blend holistically with the natural environment and 'enhance' its beauty, since they will be made of corresponding organic materials, e.g. wood, solar lighting, etc. They can become a pole of attraction that motivates other municipalities to take action towards achieving the above goals across the board, locally or internationally.

Within this context, a team of volunteers of the municipality will be allocated and assigned with duties over the project, that will be performed on a weekly basis. Their responsibilities will include cleaning the dovecotes, caring for food and water supply as well as medicines based on what is required. They will also oversee and partake to the collection and replacement of eggs, etc. The group will liaise and coordinate activities with a local veterinarian and various animal welfare bodies. They will supervise the process taking care of anything that may arise regarding the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the whole endeavour.

The funds will go towards building the dovecotes(facilities), in order for the program to begin implementation.

This is an example of the facilities we are trying to build.


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OMFI AMKE Non Profit Organisation

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