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Update posted by Iris Shalev On Apr 06, 2019

Just after the first three kittens were succesfully raised and places into new homes, I found four more today... they had been dropped off in a box by the pet zoo. They are probably only ten days old or so - their eyes are just starting to open. I am taking care of them at home and hoping they will make it. It makes me sad that people do this, but I will do what I can do save the kittens and to show people that dumping pets is not a solution.

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Update posted by Iris Shalev On Apr 04, 2019

The Bethlehem puppies were with us for three months in total! We were able to get them vaccinated, chipped and adopted out. It was definitely an experience and I'm very glad we were able to help dogs and at the same time help the only animal shelter in the Westbank. On the other hand, it caused some stress and fear in our other animals, so I decided to focus only on rescuing small farm animals and kittens.

Speaking of kittens, three motherless babies were found in a box right next to our pet zoo. They were only a few weeks old and needed bottle feeding. Fortunately, all went well and they were all adopted out as soon as they started eating cat kibble! The kitten season has only just started so I'm pretty sure there will be more this year. But these three cuties are safe!

We have also taken in some chickens from a market that were destined for slaughter. A visitor took pity on them, bought them and brought them to us instead. Sadly, they were not in good shape - they all seemed to have a respiratory infection and one of them had fowl pox. One of the birds, a lovely Brahma cockerel, recovered quickly and is now freeranging with the flock:

The other chickens were in worse shape. Broiler chickens are designed for harvest at one or two months of age - they are not made to live much longer than that. They simply get too heavy and their legs and internal organs can't support their abnormal growth. Sadly, they all passed away in the last month. It's a very sad thing to have to watch, but at least I was able to give them a comfortable place in their last weeks.

Also, a little bunny was dropped off at our door! He is adorable and much smaller than my other rabbits. He is however an adult male and he will be staying in a locked cage until he can be neutered - rabbits will do absolutely anything to get to each other and breed!

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Update posted by Iris Shalev On Jan 14, 2019

Great big thanks to my dear friends Samantha and James Anderson who raised 250 GBP in support of our campaign! Sam and James are great animal lovers with a special connection to our kibbutz. They run two vegan restaurants in Southend, UK: The Oak Tree and The Acorn. Also UK-based, Frocks for Freedom also donated generously! Thank you very much to my UK supporters! We have special plans for this year that are possible thanks to this support! Update soon! 馃挌

Our sweet Rhode Island hen Roni with her two chicks from this year

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Update posted by Iris Shalev On Dec 30, 2018


I usually don't allow dogs in the pet zoo, for obvious reasons, but... I made an exception for these poor babies! I am now fostering a litter of homeless, motherless puppies, to help out a shelter in Bethlehem. The shelter is being threatened with closure and they are desperate to adopt or foster out all their animals, so they won't end up back on the streets.

The six puppies arrived here a week ago and already two have been adopted! At first, some of them had diarrea, weren't eating well and lost weight, but thanks to the help of our fabulous vet they have now fully recovered. They are a big hit with the children and I hope the remaining four will be adopted soon! A cage in the pet zoo is better than the street, but a puppy needs a real home...

Thank you to all those who have helped, donated and supported!! Thanks to you, I am able to do this 馃挌

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