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The changing climate has affected the well-being of different animal and non-animal species in Ilula. Over 75% of the area is covered by shrubs after the trees were cut down. IOP will engage the school students to plant 10,000 trees in Ilula in response to the 2017 International Environmental Day's theme "connecting people to nature". The purpose is to restore the degraded environment and the biodiversity.


The Tanzania National Environmental Policy, 1997 has identified six major environmental challenges including land degradation, deforestation, degradation of aquatic ecosystems, lack of clean drinking water and sanitation, and loss of wildlife habitats and biodiversity. Those challenges will only be handled through joint environmental conservation strategies and tree plantation in order to prevent further damages. Ilula faces the challenges to a wide range and manifested the daily life of people.


Funds obtained will be used to buy tree seedlings and plant them in selected villages in Ilula Township. The project will restore the forestry resources, reduce erosion, educate children on afforestation and environmental protection, restore land fertility and create a conducive and a safe "home" for the wildlife habitats and biodiversity. Students from kindergarten to secondary school will be involved in planting trees.

Long-Term Impact

The young generation will be empowered to love and positively interact with the environment as they will be responsible for planting trees. The empowered children/students, will be responsible to the protection of the environment. The community, the wildlife, the land fertility and other biodiversity will have a safe environment. Land fertility and the land itself will be restored and degradation will no more be a problem. Environmental protection in one area, affects the entire population


IOP would like to make the area green. It is only possible if the entire global community partners with the environment to donate for the project. The start of the project will give a green light to the inhabitants. The need for planting trees can not be over-emphasized. It is a thing that brings and binds all the generation which loves the World. Thanks for your useful donation. It will be spent usefully




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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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