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Hi, I am an high honour electrical and electronic engineering student from Turkey. After getting high honour award in İstanbul Technical University which is the best engineering university in Turkey; I am accepted to study in the UK fully funded in my first year at John Moores University, selected as one among all students at university. Based on my successful education, background, success, certifications and awards, I am accepted by many UK university to complete my Bachelor's degree with international Merit success scholarship for the rest of my Bachelor's degree, including University of Southampton, Manchester Metropolian University, University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, University of London, ...

The less fee out of scholarship that I need to pay to carry on my education being the woman engineer of the future is on the universities; the London South Bank University, University of Brighton, John Moores University. Despite which I can't afford to pay the rest of my fees and accommodation price as my family financial affair is under threshold and my country currency value is much less than pounds. I am willing to work as well as my studies to cover my other basic living costs.

We created opportunities with beautiful people that came across, If I am in this point thanks to beautiful people came across supporting my belief and potential sensed ones who support my success and belief in my challenging times. I used these opportunities, becoming a conscious, constructive and hard-working student. With those help I proved my persistency many times. Now I am in this new challenge. I am ready to complete my degree in the UK and improve myself by adapting international work life. I believe my potential and ability became a successful engineer and leader of the future with your supports. This education adapted with Industry 4.0 modern engineering in the UK is crucial for my innovation and projects, with well-prepared supportive electronic labs and a wide range of resources and tools. I kindly request your funding support as my family financial situation much less than the hunger threshold affected by COVID-19.

I need £40,000 which is for;
The remained tuition fee out of scholarship of 2 years; £13,000+£13,000= £ 26,000,
2 years of student accommodation ; £6000+£6000= £ 12,000 ,
My visa and flight tickets during my education ; £2,000.
For my other living costs I will work during my studies to finance myself as much as my student visa allow me.

My first abroad experience, whose study in the UK came across the covid-19 pandemic times, contributed to me a lot I appreciated how I am resilient and cope with anything in the life. I realised my full-potential. I know that leaders of the future will become from brilliant people cope with anything. I believe my potential to contribute to my country developed further and reduce dependency.

Also, I have a personal goal for the future. I want to clear the way of successful girl students in developing countries and be a role model for them. I have promise for children and youngs who can't access education with equal opportunities caused by finance, early marriage, labour, or any other reason. Education should be right, not privilege. I will work for equality of opportunity in education to the best of my ability.


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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities